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Resistance Table Question

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I am reading through the BRP core rulebook and want to make sure I'm using the Resistance Table correctly. Let's say my character has a STR of 16. With a x5 multiplier that means I usually am successful on any characteristic roll of less than or equal to 80 (16 * 5).

Let's say I want to force open a door with an effective resistance STR of 14, as determined by the GM. I cross reference the passive characteristic (14) with the active one (16) and see that they meet at 60 on the table.

So this means in order for me to be able to force the door open I must roll less than or equal to 60.


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Guest Vile Traveller

Yep, as eric71 pointed out, the resistance tables and the effort roll are two different things. Use the resistance table when there are equivalent opposing forces at work, use the effort roll when it's just down to the character's ability.

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