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Now in Beta: Alliance, a Galactic Game of Heists and Rebellion

Stan Shinn

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Taking a look, like the classic style.

p.9 "rolling lower natural 20" - to be honest, I have no idea how a natural 20 could be rolling lower than the opposite roll. Does this mean rolling nat 20 ad having fewer successes than the opposition?  Or should these be "higher natural d20"?


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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There's probably a better way to phrase it, but what I'm getting at is if you roll a 12 with a +3 modifier (from a benefit or augment) to your 'Weaponmaster 13' ability,  your 'natural roll' is a 12, so that's what you would use to adjudicate ties if you got the same number of successes as the opposition. Basically I was trying to clear up that you use the result of the d20 roll (a 12 in this case), and ignore modifiers (which should logically be applied to your ability, not the roll, but I know I've seen times where people use that +3 to subtract from the roll instead of adding to the ability).

Anyway, your question means I need to reword this. Thanks for your feedback!

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Here's a rewrite -- does this wording make sense?

"If the result is a Tie, look at the number on your dice roll compared to the opposition. Ignore any modifiers since those are applied to your ability target number, not the roll itself. The higher roll gains +1 success to break the tie. Ties don’t earn XP.

  1. Player roll is higher = Victory at a Price, (1 success, but suffer a consequence)
  2. Player roll is lower = Defeat with a Boon (0 successes, opposition gains +1 success, choose either 1 benefit to self or 1 consequence to the enemy)
  3. Rolls are tied = Inconclusive Standoff (0 successes, neither side gets what they want)."


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