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Out now. Islands of the Lost - Vol 3


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Islands of the Lost is now out. Volume 3 in the Hero Wars in the East Isles series.

It has 140 pages and includes ships, six new cults, a new martial arts school, two detailed new Korolan Islands and new full adventures. 

Go get yours. 




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So happy for this kind kind review in DTRPG!!

"This is really really good and builds on the other 2 books (which are also great too!). The series brings the Korolan Isles to life. Before this series I basically had zero interest in the East Isles. Just some far away dots on the other side of the lozenge. These books really bring the place to life with so much careful thought and detail….so much so that I can now taste the salt in the air and long to become a pirate aboard The Sea Parrot….lash myself to the rigging , laugh in the face of a tropical storm…,buckle me swash and set sail for adventure…ooh super art and maps too …love the style…top job! Can’t wait for Book 4!"
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"After reading the prior volumes, I must admit I was intrigued by Hero Wars in the East Isles but not enthralled. Fires of Mingai has solid adventures, but subjectively they didn’t grab my imagination in the way of Chaosium’s “The Pairing Stones” or Gauthier & Dyer’s The White Upon the Hills.


In contrast, Islands of the Lost provides a grand narrative which demands to be played. It’s a classic “save the princess” narrative like an old-fashioned adventure flick. There’s a great mix of compelling villains with true, remorseless monsters, strange environments—like the boiling-hot Bezarngay current or a giant crab’s lair—and desperate heroics. It could be played as a frightening deathtrap for newer adventurers, or a daring expedition for veterans.


On my “armchair or kitchen table” spectrum, Islands of the Lost is 100% a kitchen table book. I love that."

- Akhelas

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