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Where on Youtube, in Glorantha?


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I have -- a couple of times -- seen a video here, tagged "Where in Glorantha"
to which the answer is *CLEARLY* "at the Skyfall" -- an isolated rainshower
that looks almost like a waterfall, it's so dense...

Moving over a hillside, & thence to a river/lake.

IIRC -- tho I may not be R'ing C -- the real-world vid was taken somewhere in Europe...?   But I can't find it now!  🫤

Anyone keep better track o' that link?

C'es ne pas un .sig

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31 minutes ago, GMKen said:

Something like this?


Yes!  TYVM.

I think I have seen that + one other; similar enough that I suspect they were taken together, or maybe even the other just a shorter out-take...


C'es ne pas un .sig

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