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  1. My local gaming store just got my copy of Pegasus Plateau, so maybe some spoilers in this discussion for those who don’t have it. Looking over the scenario, my guess would be yes. And looking at it more closely I might guess that some of the content has been ported directly in but updated. Kind of like with the new Apple Lane scenario, where stuff from the original round of stuff in the 70s/80s shows up as history in the current round of scenarios. In which case I’m even more curious to see the original scenario that led to a chunk of the upper tower getting blown out like Helm’s Deep
  2. Pretty much filled out the collection with Apple Lane, RQ Companion, and Trollpak, which has proven quite useful for a scenario I’m putting together of a long lost 2nd Age Zorak Zoran raiding outpost in Balazar. May have to get a new copy of Griffin Mountain to preserve the original one I have which is falling to pieces. Any chance we could see the scenarios mentioned in the prefix of Sea Cave as part of the POD lineup? Don’t worry, I’m picking up the new stuff as well. When my local gaming store can get it from their supplier, who doesn’t really seem to have any RQ s
  3. GMKen

    The Sea Cave

    Sorry to bring up Judges Guild material as an aside. For the POD I meant Howling Tower, Expedition to Miskander’s Tower, and Illyssia’s Grove, the original subjects of this thread.
  4. GMKen

    The Sea Cave

    I know I’d be interested in them, especially in the same format as Sea Cave. But then I was a GM back in the early 80s and am totally fine with the old school format; don’t need gloss and fluff, just the core content. FWIW I’m going to transfer the Sea Cave to the Elf Sea and use it as part of the characters’ journey up into the Elder Wilds. As far as the Howling Tower goes, weren’t there rumors of a vampire presence up in the Gork Hills? I plan to put the Hellpits of Nightfang near there, but perhaps there might be more to the rumors... Why not make them part of the new POD
  5. Old school GM here who is putting together a campaign in Balazar & the Elder Wilds which will culminate in participation in a hero quest to destroy the Festering Island. So I’ve also been looking for movies that could help new players get a feel for the stone/Bronze Age world of Glorantha. A few that I’ve found: Quest for Fire/Alpha double-feature. Both are nice examples of a hero quest returning gifts to the tribe. The addition of Windwalker would make for a great triple-feature. 10,000 B.C./Red Sonja. Equal servings of cheese, just in different flavors. Mmm... Warrior
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