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  1. I’m not sure about bringing Gorakiki into this, as the elves and trolls in the Elder Wilds have a pretty rough history of basically continual genocide for quite a while now. Besides, I shudder to even consider the concept of a fertility ritual with an Uz Gorakiki Rune Priestess. I just...I don’t think I can go there. I’ll stick with the Oread for the time being, even if it does mean that I’m being speciesist or something. Probably body shaming too... I wonder how they do it in Apple Lane?
  2. And so it turns out that there’s not much on Shanassee either. While frustrating, this is good as it gives me room to craft the the story. The general gist, then, is that an NPC Djonni Pomsemeur was a Balazaring mercenary for a while and did some traveling. He had a short stay in Apple Lane where he enjoyed the apple cider and Uleria temple. Perhaps a bit too much, but he’s convinced that Uleria spoke to him in an incidered vision and said “If you love apples so much, find Shanassee’s first and make your own golden apples of the Sun”. That’s probably not what the priestess said, but t
  3. The full description is: ”Treetop Mountains: It is the peak where Shanassee was first planted, before he walked down slope and resettled himself and began his forest uncounted ages before.” So I’m thinking that the Great Tree of Eston would be a subsequent manifestation. Besides, the location, at the confluence of the Dwerrow and Bilini Rivers, would only be a couple of days from any of the citadels, and for it to be a Quest it has to be a great journey fraught with peril. Which a hex crawl up through the Troll Hills and Er’oring Wilds would definitely be.
  4. Right! My first thought was that it might be something from Griffin Island that got dropped into the PoD, but no, there it is in my original edition copy. Now I’m thinking it might be something that Mr. Stafford was considering during the fusion of the Griffin Mountain materials into Glorantha (Shanassee doesn’t sound very Gateway), but then got lost in the forest of details and it just kinda stayed there as a Point of Interest without any further development. When I was looking at the AAA the Sky King Mountains were my first thought, but I think I would want to keep it on the original
  5. Over in the Runequest forum in the Heroquesting thread I suggested that one could always make up one’s own hero quests to challenge players. I use a Johnny Appleseed type scenario as an example, but now realize that it might be even more doable than I first thought. In Griffin Mountain, in the section describing Points of Interest in the Elder Wilds, there is a note of the Treetop Mountains, where Shanassee was first planted. Looking over all the maps I don’t see a location cited (though hey, there’s Vivamort’s Castle!). Looking at AAA I don’t see anything either. Actually, the Treeto
  6. Imther? None of those chaos apples, thank you very much. Probably taste like Broo crotch drippings. And why is it that Lunars think that everything red belongs to them? What if we’re looking for, say, Golden Apples of the Sun? (which was, now that I think about it, a hero quest story) Probably have to go talk to Yelm about those, but rumor has it they’re golden delicious. Or maybe Granny Smiths. Hearth Mother might be able to point us in the right direction for those. Probably too tart for cider, though. From a Balazaring perspective, I’ve always thought that the movie Alpha
  7. Meh, just make up your own. I’ve got an NPC, Djonni Pomsemeur, who wants to bring apples to Balazar to create new trade opportunities. Given that Balazar is generally agriculture-poor, he’s going to need to undertake a quest to find the source of apples and bring them back to Balazar. So... Find source of apples. Some dangerous travel required. Get blessings of source of apples. Promises and POW will be required. Bring seeds back to Balazar. Obstacles to overcome; trolls, dwarves and others opposed to goal to get through. Get blessings of local Oread Fertility ri
  8. I seem to recall something about blue-moon stones which have control of water levels (I.e. tides). Let’s see, my Balazaring Booty Notes (for the book of scenarios I’m putting together for Jonstown Compendium) just mention that pieces of the Blue Moon fell into the Elf Sea, lost ever since (monsters there). Imbued with power to control tides. Doesn’t note where the idea comes from, but I know I got the idea from a reference which noted that pieces of the Blue Moon which fell into water and spent a long time there gained power over water. But which scroll...?
  9. For young juvenile fiction I would suggest “The Weirdstone of Brisingamen” by Alan Garner. Two youths are chased across the countryside by what could effectively be trollkin, as one is unknowingly in possession of a powerful magical object. The sequel, “The Moon of Gomrath”, is good also. While the author does have other good books, such as Elidor or The Owl Service, the first two are solid kids adventure tales. Colin getting stuck during the cave crawl haunts me to this day.
  10. Don’t forget there was a whole thread on movies over at:
  11. In Balazar, the dwarves gather up a group of hunters periodically to, hold on, hunt for particular game over the next two weeks. In return, they get a bronze dagger OR two bronze spearheads OR eight bronze arrowheads. The king of Dykene trades leather goods, meats and furs. The trader Joh Mith trades Mostali-related goods back to them. According to the Griffin Mountain PoD.
  12. The map for the Balazar region features an isometric line representing a terrain elevation of 1500 meters, or just shy of a mile up. Is this relative to the Elf Sea? The reason I ask is that if you look at the outcrop with Elder’s Rock, it is as close as 16 km to the Elf Sea. Thinking in Texas terms, I’m trying to picture Denver where Houston is right next to the Gulf of Mexico and it’s messing with my sense of perspective. Tall buttes? Really, really steep terrain? Is there any kind of canon on this?
  13. And it’s already at Copper. Congrats! Got my PoD copy of Griffin Mountain and I must say I like the updates. They do help to flesh out what is already the best fantasy RPG sandbox supplement ever (IMHO). Some of the stuff from Griffin Island threw me for a minute (people of Nidik wha?), and what is it with the cellars of inns? (q.v. Highwall Inn) Coupled with other goodies like the Glorantha Bestiary and I’m getting all kinds of new scenario ideas. For example, I never knew that Tusk Riders ranged far north of the Elf Sea, but there it is on p. 15. So now I’ve got a new bad guy
  14. My local game store finally got in the Glorantha Bestiary I had ordered way back when and I’ve been looking for some good water beasties. I do like the Giant Snapping Turtle and the Giant Eels (Monsterstop, what’s that?). But the entry on Elasmosauri leaves me a bit confused. Most (but not all) of the other dinosaurs get bad-dragonewt backgrounds, but not the elasmosauri, who seem to be confined to just the Elf Sea. Which just serves to deepen the mystery of their origin and why they chased the elves out of the Elf Sea. Having considered the bathymetry of the Elf Sea, My Glorantha
  15. I tend to think of Balazar as the more “Native American” culture spot. Stone spears, arrows and throwing axes. Strong hunting culture. Deerskin clothes. Pair bonded with dogs, not riding animals. That sort of thing.
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