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  1. Speaking of Storm Bull, I was just working on a Balazar myth of Why There Are Tornados in Balazar, or, How the Three Little Giant Mountains Helped Save the World: When Storm Bull was battling Wakboth the devil, a massive chunk of truestone came flying towards the battleground. Seeing that this could help Storm Bull, the Three Little Giant Mountains all helped catch it when it landed and then yeeted it up over the Rockwood Mountains into Prax. Where this happened is now the Bald Hill in High Wood. All the energy from the deepest mountain roots was put into lobbing the chunk of truestone
  2. Yeah, but the players tended to need that money to pay for all of the skill training from the various guilds. Associating with the Alchemist’s Guild to learn Blade Venom 20 is going to run you 25,000 guilders. That’s a lot of Treasure Factor right there, but I hear there’s an old grave everyone’s afraid of that has a boatload of money in it, or so I’ve been told by those in the know...
  3. Oh, he’s a goner. Storm Bulls gonna be hunting him down. He might want to try the Chaos Underground Railroad (CUR) to the Lunar Empire, where for some mind-boggling reason they are more tolerant of that sort of devilry. It doesn’t run on time, and you may or may not get there, but that’s chaos for you. Or perhaps a dash for Dorastor, where they could probably make a name for themselves in that foul den of depravity. Don’t forget a pilgrimage to the Snakepipe Hollow. They might be able to pick up a few NPCs for their posse. Strength in numbers, you know...
  4. I’m not sure that Balazarings are especially known for their secret caches of Moon Stones. Or raid-worthy hoards of them, for that matter. Nor that Twinstars are particularly associated with the Elder Wilds. I did dig up a copy of the “Lair of the White Wyrm” scenario, though, and that does give me a nice plausible explanation - the Morokanths were also looking for their sacred scroll that the White Wyrm had stolen before it got captured and imprisoned by Dragonewts. ”Oh, you want your cousin back? We want our scroll back. What sort of arrangement do you think we can come to?”
  5. The more I look into it, the more the idea of a Morokanth raid into Balazar for potential herd-men seems to fit the facts at hand. Morokanth have a natural affinity with the Darkness rune, making them a bit more palatable (in the non-cuisine sense) to the trolls of Dagori Inkarth. Raiding Balazar for slaves seems to be a well-established practice for just about everyone, why shouldn’t the Praxians get in on the fun? Human bodies are basically the only thing of value in Balazar. What are the Sable Riders going to go raiding for? Furs? Hoards of stone tools? Clay pots? Fancy breechcloths
  6. I’m one of those print-only bad guys. So far from DriveThruRPG I’ve picked up: -Duel at Dangerford -Legion -Sandheart: Tales of the Sun County Militia -Sandheart: The Corn Dolls -Sandheart: Traditions -Six Seasons in Sartar -Treasures of Glorantha Vol. 1: Dragon Pass -Valley of Plenty and The Last Barrow. Waiting for Book of Doom next. I’ve also picked up a number of titles from lulu and Chaosium’s own PoD. It’s what got me ambitious to put together my own title to add to the collection. My initial assumption is to publish through Jonstown
  7. Interestingly, a RAW reading of the original Griffin Mountain Foundchild cult reveals that it is only at the Initiate level that it is specifically indicated that they must hunt alone. Lay members may participate in the hunt, and it could be inferred that they might work together to make sure everyone got some prey. They’re still in the learning stage, and it’s a chance to see how their teamwork skills are developing. Master Hunter (Rune Lord) applicants “must also be a permanent initiate, and in the most recent great hunt have captured the beast with the highest treasure factor (T.F.)
  8. Okay, getting a bit into the weeds here... I’m collating a comprehensive historical timeline for Balazar and the Elder Wilds, and note that in Wyrm’s Footnotes #15, p. 53 there is a table showing Army Activity by Homeland. It shows four raids into Balazar over the period 1602 to 1625 ST. Three are from the Stinkwood Forest, obviously Tusker Raiders looking for the 3 S: Slaves, Sacrifices and Succulents. My default assumption is that they travel to the Tarsh gap before turning north at Travelling Stone to go looking for goodies. This leads to my scenario write-up where a warband heads
  9. Looking at the big fold-out map from the ScreenPak, and the map on the inside cover, it appears that Snakepipe Hollow has grown to 50 km in length, putting the scale in the GM book at just under 20 km per cm, and the big fold-out map at just under 10 km per cm. Since my brain won’t let me assume that the map on page 105 is to the same scale as on the inside cover, I double checked with a ruler. On page 105 I get a measure of about 17.5 km per cm, so the map is slightly enlarged from the one on the inside cover. On page 136 of the GM Book, which I assume to be the Core Rulebook that Mons
  10. Well, you know, kids these days... They reject your patriarchal need to impose limits and measurements on everything, because the world is more than that, man... It’s about peace, and love, and redefining boundaries for a fuller expression of the self. Man this is good hazia. So you see, wait, where was I? Oh yeah, It’s the Lunars’ fault. They don’t want you to know how far it is to freedom from their rule.
  11. My guess is about 12.25 km per cm. Derived from the 35km distance from Highwater Falls to Dwarf Ford as shown in the 1979 Snakepipe Hollow. Since you showed that portion of the map in your post. I’m guessing that someone will use the Argan Argar Atlas to refine that.
  12. This kind of drama is generally why I’ve avoided things Lunar. Messing with them leads to nothing but trouble. Sure they make a good boogeyman for Orlanthi, but I’m perfectly okay with Chaos being the baddie everyone gets to gang up on and kill at will. Sort of like wild hogs here in Texas. You’re basically free to hunt as many as you can bag. Please. They’re tearing things up down here, and at least for the moment there are no moral qualms about killing them. Like chaos beasts. Lunars? Buncha drama queens...
  13. I still have my fingers crossed for the three adventures noted in Sea Cave. Otherwise I’ve pretty much filled out my collection with the PoD stuff, Jonstown Compendium and lulu, at least everything that I’m currently interested in. Just waiting for my FLGS to give me a call about the Red Book of Magic pre-order, when I’ll put in my pre-order for the Starter Set. I’m okay with the generally slow pace of releases, as I’m focused on the Neolithic potential of Balazar right now, and the newer stuff is only giving me bits and pieces to work with in that regard, so this is fine. I do
  14. I guess I’m one of the bad guys, as I don’t do pdf. Accuse me of Aldryamicide if you like, but my OCD says printed books, so like with the Book of Doom I’m just going to have to wait. Besides, just ordered a PoD of Six Seasons in Sartar, so I do kind of want to see what that looks like before deciding further. I do have to say I’ve generally enjoyed everything I’ve ordered off of DriveThruRPG and lulu. Question: is there a second-hand market for used PDFs?
  15. My understanding is that mounted (Kuschile) archery is the ability to hit a target while the horse (or unicorn for Yelornans) is moving and the rider is bouncing around on the moving horse. It’s a particular set of muscle memory that wouldn’t work not-mounted. There I would apply the base archery skill plus bonus, unless of course they’ve been practicing and training. Think of Calamity Jane - she was a sharpshooter on horseback, but also a sharpshooter on the ground. Both skills had to be trained. I’m decent with a handgun or rifle. I’m decent at horseback riding. I have zero expectatio
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