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The Spirit of the White Wyvern: Basic RP conversion


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I am running the adventure at the moment actually. It's a simple short adventure that takes place at a wayside inn named White Wyvern. It's perfect to insert in any ongoing fantasy campaigns. Considering the low price I sure think it's worth it. There is loads of roleplaying opportunities that ends with everyone defending the inn from an attack. I will not reveal to much but so far I have liked it a lot. I think the adventure will take about 2 sessions for us with the second session still to go.

So to sum it up. It's probably not the best adventure around but it's cheap and easy to incorporate into any fantasy campaign and has some interesting mysteries for the players to solve (a ghost musician for one) and roleplaying opportunities. Hope that helps?

BTW If you like running it with miniatures I recommend getting it together with the Black & White map White Wyvern Inn or the Game Pack that contains both the adventure and the maps, then you can print tiles ready to use for miniatures. But it's not needed if you don't want to use miniatures.

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