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Parsina Saga (by Stephen Goldin) as BRP Setting


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I know on a couple of threads here there have been comments that BRP could use a good setting to showcase its strengths. I think I found a great fantasy one, The Parsina Saga by Stephen Goldin.

Recently I was poking around a used book shop and stumbled across a fantasy paperback with a cover that looked like it was inspired by a Harryhausen Sinbad movie, The Shrine of the Desert Mage by Stephen Goldin. Turned out it was a really good light fantasy book. I've since picked up the remainder of the series via Amazon's Kindle; The Storyteller and the Jann, Crystals of Air and Water, and Treachery of the Demon King. I read the second book in one day and am well into the third as they are fun-to-read page-turners.

I really love the Arabian Nights-like setting of the Parsina Saga; it is close to Scheherazade but is set in its own interesting world. (For instance, Goldin has provided a nice Zoroastrianist-influenced cosmology for Parsina with good and evil struggling for power through both humans and djinni. Magic is present but it is not something that comes easily.) Goldin also, like Robert E. Howard did with Conan, made Parsina close to but not exactly like our world, which makes for an easy grasp of the various settings.

All these things lead me to think that Parsina would be a great fantasy setting for any fantasy RPG but one that could really work well specifically for BRP, which could handle its style of magic as well as heroic scimitar fights. I don't think Arabian Nights has be done over and over again like some other fantasy settings so it would be something a bit different in terms of setting. I wish I was better with these things as I'd write it up myself. Anyway, I thought it might be of interest to those who are writing things for BRP.

If nothing else, hopefully this will lead some folks to these fun books which would then allow me to give back to this community which has pointed me in the direction of some good reads.

Goldin has a website if interested: http://parsina.com/

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