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  1. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    What is the approximate page count for the RoH Companion? I would prefer a print copy, it's fun to show off books to my players when pitching campaign ideas. Also, I really liked the plot of A Message From Furthermost. A classic Star Trek type of adventure. It was nice to see a planet side adventure after the first two mainly involved the classic 'lost ship exploration'. Overall the quality of the three RoH adventures is good, just a matter of variety.
  2. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    I didn't realize how cheap some of the PDF editors had gotten (under $100 for a few of them) so I picked one up. It was easy enough to edit the background graphic in A Message From Furthermost. I like to have hard copies of my PDF adventures as my old tablet is just too slow when flipping pages. Plus I often add notes to the pages as inspiration strikes. I need to buy yet another binder to create a RoH adventure resource. Which reminds me, is the RoH Companion going to see a print version? Or just PDF?
  3. ORtrail

    Free RPG day?

    I know a big part of the draw of Free RPG Day is the goodies people want to get their hands on, but providing a chance to play an RPG they may have never tried before is also important, right? Expose new people to your RPG? So, maybe provide a short adventure in PDF form for those that want to run a game on Free RPG Day? Offer it through DriveThruRPG with free code for those that offer to run it during Free RPG Day? Of course you need someone to manage those requests, but if you think of it in terms of advertising/promotion it seems worth the time. I ran a Fringeworthy (fairly obscure these days) adventure last year and had no issues getting a table. Most stores just want to fill up their gaming schedule.
  4. ORtrail


    Yes, it was from DW #32 (Ancient Cultures issue). A classic mad scientist/villain doomsday scenario. A bit of evidence gathering, locating the secret base, and a final battle with Nighthaunt and his minions. Stats for both Superworld and Champions. I've never ran it, but it would be just the thing for a convention type adventure or a one-shot adventure for a group. I've wanted to tie Threat of the Nighthaunt into a larger adventure, like a couple mad scientist villains competing to see who can actually end the world with their inventions. If you have a chance to pick up issue 32 with the module intact, spending $8 or less would not be that bad a deal. There is an article about the cliff dweller ruins of Mesa Verde National Park (with some good maps) that is just begging to be used for a pulp or CoC adventure. Or a cool time travel location.
  5. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Looking ahead to Free RPG Day 2019, maybe providing a short RoH scenario (like two hours to run) for eager GMs to run might be a thing? Maybe provide a download a week before on a request basis? Just throwing around ideas, but even a handful of people could generate a fair amount of interest/awareness about RoH. Guardian Games in Portland for example provides a list of the games scheduled to be run for Free RPG Day and hundreds of people will see it. On a somewhat related note, having purchased all the current adventures for RoH? It would be nice to have more printer friendly versions.
  6. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Honestly, I had forgotten about the RoH Companion. Though I have yet to run an adventure in the setting (let alone a campaign) I have no regrets about getting in on the KS for the main book. It looks fantastic sitting on my best bookshelf. Is anyone here planning to get involved in Free RPG Day 2018? Takes place June 16th this year and if any of your local gaming stores are setting up tables for playing? Why not use it as a chance to run a more obscure RPG or two? I ran a Fringeworthy adventure last year, and it went great. None of the players had ever played it before, but loved the setting and exploring the alternate portals (as much as they could in a two hours anyway). I did use a Dice Pool system rather than try and use the 1992 edition game system to keep it quick and easy. If there was an updated Fringeworthy RPG available I think at least one of them would have bought it then and there. I've committed to running an adventure for the Tales From the Loop RPG this year, but maybe next year, RoH? Getting people into a game with active support and them being able to order a copy would be a great way to raise awareness.
  7. ORtrail

    My Old BRP Conversions

    I only played it a handful of times, but I have a soft spot for Star Frontiers. Thanks for sharing your BRP conversion.
  8. I'll second the YouTube video suggestion.
  9. ORtrail

    RoH character sheets?

    I was referencing a request I made in another RoH thread about needing a simple B&W character, but now that I know that Newt didn't have the character sheet file, it makes sense it got lost in the shuffle. No harm, no foul. Just happy to have one now, plus i just learned about the upcoming RoH Companion book which I think I'll want to get my hands on.
  10. ORtrail

    RoH character sheets?

    So, the secret to getting things done is to ask Conrad to ask for them? Seriously though, thanks for this Newt! The B&W sheet is clean, clear, and easy on the ink.
  11. ORtrail

    A Review of Revolution d100

    Always good to get a review from someone who is familiar with the product. Thanks for making the effort to write all that.
  12. ORtrail

    Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 players

    Very cool props to add to an adventure and looks like a fun group to game with.
  13. ORtrail

    River of Heaven now available

    Newt, any progress on that printer friendly character sheet? I didn't see anything in the downloads section, so I though I'd ask. I still owe you guys a solid review of RoH too.
  14. ORtrail


    Thanks for sharing, Chris. Always liked the Warlords of Alexander setting, so I look forward to reading about your campaign.
  15. ORtrail

    I'm going away...

    I managed to finish up the Uncharted Collection (I have not owned a Playstation console since the first one and loved being able to play some games I missed), and now the wife will be owning the PS4 time for the next several weeks as she plays and replays Fallout 4.