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  1. ORtrail

    BRP Pulp Adventure Generator

    I love these kind of things. Either from the challenge of putting all the random elements into a semi-cohesive plot, or just getting inspired when you see the pieces you want to lift and add to another adventure you've been contemplating. Nice work, jagerfury.
  2. ORtrail

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    An iconic RPG talent. I've got no doubt that his work and influence will continue on for decades to come. As was said above, the best way to remember him is to play some of the games he helped create/influence.
  3. ORtrail

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    That was a really well done take on a slightly later Martian invasion. Of course, they don't have to be actual Martians, just an invading force that used Mars as a staging area for the attack on Earth. The Martian name, once used, would never go away.
  4. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Stretch goals = scope creep. Anything after the first 2-3 anyway. Is the plan to have a series of RoH Companion books? New rules, more background material, and adventures in one book is a powerful combination, IMHO.
  5. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Okay, my next suggestion was going to be that you ask Marcus Bone about using his fan adventure. Plus throw in that demo adventure you talked about. The discount helps, I don't mind seeing PDF adventures in quality print form, and I get the concern for fulfilling all the Kickstarter stretch goals. Being in software development, I was taught that you get two out of Time/Money/Features, but never ALL THREE. Of course, I was also taught that deadlines make a cool noise as they pass by.
  6. ORtrail

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Would pushing things back another 6 months be enough to finish the Binary Deep adventures? I'd rather have all new material versus paying for printed versions of two adventures I already have on PDF.
  7. ORtrail

    A Superman Surprise

    Yeah, given all the ways to track people in big cities now, or gather even minute DNA samples? It would be a matter of weeks to work out a short list of suspects. Maybe if you could teleport and lived in Oregon while fighting crime in NYC you could hide your secret ID for some time.
  8. Having read through the printed copy of Cathulhu: Velvet Paws on Cthulhu's Trail I bought recently, it seems like you should be able to run a game with kids in the 10-15 year range easier than a group of cats. Maybe. The cats are going to be really good with stealth and climbing, for example. The kids won't reach that level of competence in physical tasks (although running/biking/skateboarding should be decent), but they have access to tools and some knowledge on how to use them. By way of comparison, the suggested stats for cats are: STR 1D3 CON 2D6 SIZ 1 INT 2D6+6 DEX 2D6+14 EDU 3D6+3 APP 3D6 POW 2D6+6 Sentience (Sanity): POW x 5 Know: EDU x 5 Idea: INT x 5 Luck: POW x 5 Movement rate: 12 I'd probably tweak the APP for cats to 2D6+6, as you seldom see an ugly cat unless they have had a rough life and been in a number of fights. So, for kids, what about: STR 1D3+ (Age/2) CON 2D6+2 SIZ 1D6+ (Age/2) INT 2D6+6 DEX 2D6+4 EDU 2D6+ (Age/3) APP 3D6 POW 2D6+4 Sentience (Sanity): POW x 5 Know: EDU x 5 Idea: INT x 5 Luck: POW x 5 Movement rate: 9
  9. ORtrail

    The big list of D100 settings

    A fringe D100 setting would be the Pax Draconis RPG. It gets more crunchy every time I go back and look through the rulebook, but the included sci-fi setting was interesting for not having humans at the top.
  10. ORtrail

    Where I'm up to with OpenQuest

    Sounds good Newt. You obviously had a vision for what you wanted from OpenQuest, but being human we are usually pretty sensitive to feedback and then the doubts creep in.
  11. Yeah, I like your idea, as long as the kids have a dog with them.
  12. ORtrail

    Headlights, roads and road maps in the 1920s

    Let me add my thanks for all the research that went into this this thread. I can see where automobile accidents while driving along narrow roads with inferior headlights would be more common. Driving down a freeway at night, during a rainstorm, can be nerve wracking in 2018, I can only imagine how much worse it would be (even if at lower speeds) in 1928.
  13. ORtrail

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Yeah, you don't get billed for your pledge UNTIL the Kickstarter is actually funded, so if it doesn't meet the goal, it costs you nothing. In fact, the only one I've backed that failed to fund still left me with a rough draft PDF copy of the game for (in effect) FREE. That said, yes there are plenty of horror stories of people that have been waiting for 7+ years for a successfully funded Kickstarter to complete so they can get their rewards. Far West being one of the more infamous examples I've read about. If the Kickstarter has a PDF copy ready enough to send out to backers that is a good sign that at least most of the writing has been done and they need the funds for art, editing, hard cover versions and so on.
  14. It has been a decade or more since I watched Monster Squad. Back in the day, I would have thought of this in terms of a group of kids acting as Bureau 13 agents/Stalking the Night Fantastic. I don't recall this movie being mentioned when influences for Tales From the Loop are listed (Goonies, E.T. and Strange Things are your top three there) and probably because Monster Squad veers heavily into the fantasy side of things. Not that werewolves are not hinted at in TFtL, but odds are they would turn out to be genetic experiments gone wrong.
  15. ORtrail

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    The Jorune: Sholari Guide and the Jorune: Player Manual. Probably need to combine these into one large book versus two separate ones. Later add a 'Jorune: World Book' to explore all the other areas not covered initially.