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  1. I finally got around to getting a print copy of the RoH Companion. It looks nice.
  2. Yeah... no. Your mom secretly threw those out years ago. 😉
  3. I'd prefer a more gradual increase in damage bonus, as adding a 1D6 is a big leap. Going from say a 1D8 to a 1D10 then up to 2D6 for example, so you'd have smaller but more frequent damage bonus increases.
  4. Yeah, I have no doubt that playing an RPG with the author would be a really cool experience.
  5. I am convinced you'll have this completed before Far West sees the light of day.
  6. We'll all base our campaigns around exploring the Trappist-1 system and those seven exoplanets, so does it really matter? 😀
  7. Its seems to be CoC meets Stalking the Night Fantastic/Bureau 13 for the most part. Government agents who job it is to investigate strange situations.
  8. You'll need to steal his notes then, but it's for the greater good! 😃
  9. Once again, thanks for sharing these adventures.
  10. To paraphrase the expression "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail." for a party of Kzinti, it would be, "When you have claws, everything looks like prey." or something like that. I've got no concerns the players won't be able to act like young aggressive Kzinti. I own a copy of the fourth edition of Pendragon, though I've never played it (or any edition for that matter). The idea of traits and passions always seemed like an interesting game mechanic. I think the conflict for playing Kzinti would be holding back your aggression to avoid harming your puppeteer or human servant, to hold back attacking when negotiation is the better option, to do your part in a coordinated attack versus a 'scream and leap' and so on. Though after all the Man-Kzin Wars only the more mellow Kzinti are still alive....
  11. Ringworld has a nice write-up of the Kzin race, but I don't remember any specific rules that would push, or punish, the players for a certain play style. Keep in mind these are the equivalent of 15-16 yr old teenagers out on a family hunting trip. They'll need to cooperate to get the bigger game animals, but will want to stand out if possible too. Like trying out for a sports team if you will. You need teamwork, with chances to shine for individual performance. Any PC puppeteer or human will be a family servant -which are VERY difficult to come by these days and a point of family pride. Father won't be happy if something happens to them. No point in playing a Kzin if you DON'T get to scream-and-leap on occasion though. There will be plenty of conflict when all is said and done, but mostly along the lines of 'Us vs Them'.
  12. That Guns of Olympus Mons adventure sounds awesome! Only 'Invading the face on Mars' might be slightly better as an adventure setup, but maybe not even then. I'm getting a bit of a Halo ODST videogame vibe. Please let us know how it goes and whether we might see this as another published adventure for RoH? Or maybe offered as a convention adventure for anyone who'd like to run RoH during a convention or Free RPG Day 2020?
  13. I've made good progress on my Known Space/Ringworld adventure idea. I'm thinking most or all of the players will want to play as Kzinti, but there will be options to play as a Puppeteer or human. Keep in mind the millions of aliens from various races captured by the Kzinti and mostly freed during the Man-Kzin Wars. Space is a big place and deep enough into Patriarchy space there are no doubt original captives and descendants of captives being used as servants/pets. Stockholm Syndrome isn't just for humans. Also, I checked my local used bookstore and found a handful of Niven books to add to my collection. Ringworld's Children, The Man-Kzin Wars, Protector, and Neutron Star. Oh, and Star King by Jack Vance (I'm finally getting around to reading his Demon Prince novels). Here's what I wrote up for the convention adventure description: RPG 1. Chaosium Ringworld RPG 2. 2-5 players 3. Pregen characters 4. Rite of Passage: A Kzinti Story 5. A trip to the Kzinti hunting preserve planet of Banden is a family tradition. You’ll need to work with your Kzinti cub siblings to stalk and kill prey out on the savanna plains of this tidally locked world. However, you may not be the only hunters in search of prey….
  14. I've ran a couple Superworld campaigns over the decades, and even though I've moved onto a different game system (Supers! Revised) for my super hero gaming, I'm fairly certain I'm mentally incapable of resisting the purchase of a new Superworld RPG. I'd prefer to see a fairly generic setting, as there are PLENTY of super hero settings that one could choose to set a campaign in either from setting supplements or other super hero RPGs. For example, if you remember Enforcers A Super-Powered Science Fiction Role-Playing Game from the late 80's, was set in the year 2046. Why? To my mind it added more work for the GM to figure out what had changed from the present day of 1987. Or you could run with Godsend Agenda, where there are several powerful factions of mostly aliens who posed as gods back in the old days. Or maybe you want to try the Rotted Capes setting, where a zombie apocalypse and super zombies make life tough for the remaining heroes. In other words, just give people a set of rules and let them worry about the setting details. Optional rules for specific settings would be fine too.
  15. Oh, that's a very cool animation of Ringworld in that link. I have yet to read any any of the Fleet of Worlds books, but the premise is perfect for an RPG campaign. The PCs would be the scouts looking for safe passage or creating it as needed. That said, I have some notes regarding an idea for a one-shot (convention game) Ringworld adventure. A Kzin father is ready to take his teenage cubs on the traditional hunting trip/rite of passage. It's a long journey to the out-of-the-way hunting preserve planet he has in mind, and the navigation system seems to be acting up, but that's all part of the challenge, right? Ringworld is a more crunchy version of the Chaosium system than most, so I might go with the more simplified version used in River of Heaven (based on OpenQuest). I made a few changes to the character sheet for RoH just to see how it would look. Which also reminds me that the art in Ringworld was good, but there wasn't a lot of it. Anyway, here is the first page of that sheet I threw together.
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