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  1. Interesting, it reminded me of playing No Man's Sky with the zoom and rotation.
  2. At some point, there will be a POD version of the RoH Companion on DrivethruRPG and/or Lulu? Shipping to the States would no doubt be expensive so those seem to be my best options.
  3. It's 7th edition that uses a D100 rating for characteristics? In which case, Cathulhu: Velvet Paws on Cthulhu's Trail uses an older edition. Cathulhu is not to be confused with Call of Catthulhu, another cat RPG with Mythos elements. If you want an RPG with cats, but less tied to the Mythos, there is The Cat RPG by John Wick, The Secrets of Cats, or even Strays (which includes dogs and other common pet animals).
  4. There was an unofficial Runequest Star wars PDF a couple years back, have you read that? I'm not sure how far you can go to blend BRP and a D6 pool system before you have your own game system. I agree that a BRP type system Star Wars game with lots of Jedi characters might be best run with Superworld. Every blaster and light saber is treated as a super power with different levels of power (2D6, 3D6, etc.). All the force powers become super powers. You would need to boost the Dodge rolls for the characters (Heroic Dodge at Dex *3?) or they need to wear some Armor, plus maybe a 'Force Blessed' hit point bonus? Spend 1 creation point to get a 3 extra hit points? Max of 2 creation points for extra hit points?
  5. I need to catch up on my reading of this. Running a WoA campaign is on my long list of RPG gaming I want to do someday, and I like seeing how someone else does. it.
  6. There was a D&D edition of this? Also, is it pronounced 'Ky Khan-guh'? "Ky Khan-gay'? While I've been burned out on fantasy games for a long time, I do like to see unconventional settings.
  7. I wonder if he's a fan of the movies?
  8. I've been using a tweaked version of River of Heaven, which is based on OpenQuest. I like to start with a simple base and add on some complexity as I feel it's needed. My focus with this is mostly for one-shot and convention games, where no one has to worry about mastering a new rule system. For a regular group campaign, I might go with with something more complex, but probably only if a lot of granular combat was needed to match the tone of the setting.
  9. Well, it has been about 25 years since the Ultraverse comics were a thing. Most of them were fairly good. I was matching up the Utraverse characters with their closest counterparts in the Marvel or DC universe. The Freex for example were runaway mutant teens, Mantra was the primary magic-user in the Ultraverse, Firearm was a former British secret operative, etc. Actually, Prime should be matched up with Shazam! as both are young teenagers who have an adult super hero form.
  10. I'd bring back the Ultraverse comic characters, to team up with the big Marvel and DC heroes. Night Man and Batman. Firearm and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Prototype and Iron Man. Mantra and Doctor Strange. The Freex and the New Mutants. The Strangers and The West Coast Avengers. I'd include Ultra Force and The Avengers/Justice League but many of those characters strain the BRP system. Honestly, except for the mostly human-level heroes which Superworld would do well, I'd use another system designed just for super heroes. Hmm, the Action Lab, Actionverse heroes would make for a fun crossover too. Stray and Batman, Midnight Tiger and Spider-Man, Molly Danger and Wonder Woman.
  11. I mentioned this to my local comic store owner by saying, "Chaosium needs to do the official John Wick RPG, written by John Wick."
  12. Looking forward to the River of Heaven updates.
  13. Mental fatigue, shell shock, not that hard to sell the idea that some people are going to snap under the pressure. Never thought about the contaminated water issue, but the problem growing worse the longer they stay works really well in your scenario.
  14. Checking the Big Gold Book, a rapier does 1D6+1 +DB compared to the sword cane at 1D6 + DB. You could modify the parry chance of the sword cane (say -10%) due to lacking the hilt or pommel or just cap the parry at 90% to reflect a less effective parry? I would make Sword Cane its own weapon skill, given the little but important differences it has with a more standard sword type. Or maybe require a character to practice for a couple days if they have the Rapier skill to get used to using a Sword Cane?
  15. Damage to the building by both sides? Storage of munitions on sacred ground? Killing with all these ranged weapons is dishonorable, especially the snipers!
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