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  1. Huh, I missed that, assuming it was 1D4 from habit.
  2. As I recall (and I've not read the rules in decades) a PC could buy down the damage Quality to survive otherwise fatal attacks. A plot immunity mechanism that worked well for a James Bond RPG. Some RPGs ask, "How good/powerful is the weapon?" and others ask, "How good are you WITH using the weapon?". A typical D100 system asks BOTH those questions in reverse order with a hit roll, then damage roll. I'm not so sure they should be quite so separate.
  3. I've ran a couple Superworld campaigns and had a decent amount of fun with them. I'm also one of those that says the system breaks down with the more powerful tiers of super heroes. Granted, most super hero games can struggle to deal with the most power Avenger types -it's just that Superworld will show the cracks sooner than a game system designed from the the ground up to deal with supers. Still, a good system for a street level campaign and a couple notches above that in power level. I'm not really familiar with Questworlds, so I'll have to look at how that does things.
  4. It's the years of playing super hero RPGs, but I LOVE having space on a character sheet for character art. I also like what you've done with the landscape orientation. Having options for character sheets is a plus for any RPG.
  5. Jon Hodgson art will always be linked to OQ in my mind, like Jeff Dee and V&V. Looking forward to seeing the end product.
  6. Okay, thanks to both of you for the response.
  7. Hey Newt, any idea when you'll have an OpenQuest SRD for the 3rd edition available?
  8. Great cover, the kind that makes you feel like there is a story there just based on body language and facial expressions. Also, agree that the title needs a size increase.
  9. Tracking Power cost was always a bit of a pain in Superworld, but it was also a cap on a powerful hero not being able to use maximum power every time. The idea of powers being boosted sounds interesting and my obsession with collecting super hero RPGs will probably not be broken with the release of Mythras Supers. 😄
  10. Still no real sign of Far West, so you're still in the lead.
  11. That cover is amazing. Blotting out the sun with arrows, but they'll fight in the shade. 😁
  12. I created a Known Space/Ringworld adventure for RadCon 2020 but didn't get any players for it. The thing about adventuring on Ringworld is the insane size. Giving the players the options to go anywhere on it seemed too daunting to me, so I was always reluctant to run it. Honestly, the crashed ship onto Ringworld is really a nice way to limit how far they can go and see. You could prep a number of different scenarios and use them no matter where they PCs go (visiting the other great ocean for example) but they always have an easy exit with advanced vehicles. Here's a Ringworld character sheet I created from the River of Heaven OpenQuest RPG sheet. One of the more simplified versions of a BRP-type system. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7420fdvpd70vpx8/Ringworld_BRP_Character_Sheet_v2.pdf/file
  13. The mostly blank M Space character sheet, without hit locations. Almost all the % spaces are not fillable right now -they change so much anyway, but I wanted to get something out. http://www.mediafire.com/file/idd321o9m3cg7mq/M_Space_blank_Sheet.pdf/file
  14. Yeah, I can laugh now that it's over. Took a trip to the ER and some sweet, sweet pain shots though. I'll be working on that character sheet tomorrow, that's the plan anyway.
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