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  1. ORtrail

    Headlights, roads and road maps in the 1920s

    Let me add my thanks for all the research that went into this this thread. I can see where automobile accidents while driving along narrow roads with inferior headlights would be more common. Driving down a freeway at night, during a rainstorm, can be nerve wracking in 2018, I can only imagine how much worse it would be (even if at lower speeds) in 1928.
  2. ORtrail

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Yeah, you don't get billed for your pledge UNTIL the Kickstarter is actually funded, so if it doesn't meet the goal, it costs you nothing. In fact, the only one I've backed that failed to fund still left me with a rough draft PDF copy of the game for (in effect) FREE. That said, yes there are plenty of horror stories of people that have been waiting for 7+ years for a successfully funded Kickstarter to complete so they can get their rewards. Far West being one of the more infamous examples I've read about. If the Kickstarter has a PDF copy ready enough to send out to backers that is a good sign that at least most of the writing has been done and they need the funds for art, editing, hard cover versions and so on.
  3. It has been a decade or more since I watched Monster Squad. Back in the day, I would have thought of this in terms of a group of kids acting as Bureau 13 agents/Stalking the Night Fantastic. I don't recall this movie being mentioned when influences for Tales From the Loop are listed (Goonies, E.T. and Strange Things are your top three there) and probably because Monster Squad veers heavily into the fantasy side of things. Not that werewolves are not hinted at in TFtL, but odds are they would turn out to be genetic experiments gone wrong.
  4. ORtrail

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    The Jorune: Sholari Guide and the Jorune: Player Manual. Probably need to combine these into one large book versus two separate ones. Later add a 'Jorune: World Book' to explore all the other areas not covered initially.
  5. I think use of the Resistance Table is worth looking into. One quick roll to resolve the situation in most cases. To maintain the spirit of the genre, the kids need to be able to survive even dinosaur attacks. Actually one of the included adventures in the Tales From the Loop rulebook features some dinosaurs -and they fit into the weird science vibe or time travel accident quite well. Turning to adults for help is actively discouraged. The parents never accept the facts staring them in the face, or dismiss what the kids claim they saw as hysteria or some prank. Running away is always a legit option, whether on foot or by bike. Those with experience running a Doctor Who campaign already have the right ideas for how things should play out with a group of Stranger Things kids. The kids need to outwit, outrun, use stealth, or even turn foes against each other as needed -not resort to typical BRP combat.
  6. ORtrail

    Original BRP

    Oh man, I had forgotten I picked this up, a decade or so ago? At some used book store I think. It reads like a school workbook about RPGs. Read about all those funny dice and then take an 11 question quiz on how to use them. It is MUCH more in-depth than the 16 pg BRP booklet with a setting called Wundervale. It was written to allow a group to learn how to play an RPG without anyone in the group ever having done so before.
  7. ORtrail

    Future World

    He refuses to use the gates since they shouldn't work, just like bumble bees can't fly. In other news, I took my first real look at the map of the city of Wonder from the WoW box set and now I want to use it in an adventure with a time/dimension hopping group of cats.
  8. Harsh, but fair I'm sure. Soltakiss, I'd be curious how you would handle combat. Bullies are certainly a thing in these games, along with guard dogs and being chased by various things like dinosaurs or Permian Age insects.
  9. Why not both? I had that situation when I ran a Tales From the Loop adventure during Free RPG Day this year. Three kids (ages 10 to 12) and three adults, one around 40 the other two late 20's. In the game, you play as kids, 10-15 years old (the pregen characters I created were mostly 13 with one 12 and one 14 yr old). I could certainly see a decent list of things that could be turned into weapons by the kids. Baseball bats, slingshots, lawn darts (banned in the USA in December of 1988), a variety of fireworks and the old can of hairspray and a lighter for example. I could totally see a scene where a country kid has to use his favorite fishing pole and lure to hook and drag some small object out of the bed of a truck parked behind a security fence. Nobody would object to a kid with a 85% Casting skill, right?
  10. ORtrail

    Original BRP

    I just checked my Worlds of Wonder boxed set and it was included as standard (I also noticed the map of a small portion of Wonder, which I really need to include in an adventure someday). It was not included in the Superworld boxed set or the Hawkmoon boxed set.
  11. That would be an interesting take on the BRP game system. Tales From the Loop is the RPG written to replicate those 80's kids, but it is VERY rules light and part of the premise is that the kids can not die. Sure, that leaves room for maiming and trauma, but BRP is good at inflicting death for bad decisions/rolls. The kids are not going to be all that skilled either, compared to even young adults. Stats? Well, most should be below average human level, right? Until they actually finish growing? I'd like to see an adaption though, just to see how someone modifies BRP to replicate this genre.
  12. ORtrail

    Future World

    I have, both with my normal group (ongoing campaign) and a one-shot adventure (strangers) during Free RPG Day 2018. Regular group is based in Sweden, the single adventure was set in the Columbia River Gorge. The 'kids can't die' thing came up during the single adventure, as the player was thinking they could try or do anything and not die. "True", I pointed out, "But you can wake up in the hospital having missed the adventure." so he understood there were still consequences to actions. I don't want to derail this thread though, so if you want to read about TFtL, there is a Google+ group. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105484572679963357289?hl=en_US
  13. ORtrail

    Future World

    I would be running it much like a Fringeworthy campaign then. Future World needs another element, maybe the players are rebels against a corrupt empire that is not even bothering to hide the increased exploitation of the Frontier worlds. Or a specialized trouble shooting team sent to resolve issues as they come up (which could play out much like a Star Trek 'planet of the week' campaign). Or a galactic civil war with two successors to the galactic throne, and every planet is going to have to pick a side. A Cold war with any or all of the alien empires is also an option. @clarnence: Hey, you are in Sweden? What are the odds you are playing Tales From the Loop?
  14. Yeah, this is a move for late 2019 or 2020, but it helps to know that Chaosium is working to 'fill in the gaps' in their RPG lineup.
  15. An expanded and updated Future World would be awesome. The gates made the setting stand out to me over games like Traveler, and I think you need to do SOMETHING different to make a setting more interesting to the players. I also understand that being able to say, "It's the BRP version of Traveler" would hold a lot of appeal to some groups.