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Estali vs. Helby (Ralios)


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Hello, my players have happily wandered to Helby county in Ralios (from Pralorela) and I am totally unprepared for Helby, as I expected them to go to Estal(i). Which makes it fun for me to learn about now! From the bits in the Guide (there's precious little elsewhere) I can't see what differentiates it sociopolitically from Estal. Except for its lake and the road via Drom. They're both matrilineal Galanini, with putative rulers who are men (but we know who holds the reins), and a syncretic mix of religious practices. What would you suggest as differences to note or present as interesting tibits, people or adventure seeds, for Helby as opposed to Estali?

Who the heck is this Forester Prince (or who might he be, speculating), I can find nothing about him?

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The chief point is that the Trader Princes set out from Drom and it's still important in trade between Ralios and Maniria.  So you really have a large proportion of Manirians and Holy Country people visiting.   Hence a notable Esrolian influence is possible.  

According to the Historical Maps, Drom seems to have been outside Estali control as of 1450 ST at a time when Castelain's route had been active for almost 300 years.  Even in 1220, the New Dangim Alliance didn't control it.  The area was controlled by the Middle Sea Empire so the Forester Prince might have had its foundations in that time.  Perhaps he was just looking after the local Forest for the Emperor.  Doesn't matter which Emperor, the title could have even been created by short-lived Slontan Empire.

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