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OpenQuest Supplements & Links

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OpenQuest 2nd Edition is a complete and easy to play D100 Roleplaying game published by D101 Games under the Open Gaming Licence. Supplements, settings and games published with this system so far:

D101 Games


The Savage North

Life and Death - A Saga of the Shattered Lands

Crucible of the Dragons

OpenQuest Adventures
The Company - A Roleplaying Game about Modern Warfare
River of Heaven - Science Fiction Roleplaying in the 28th Century

Reunion - An Adventure for River of Heaven

The Last Witness - An Adventure for River of Heaven

Crooked Staff Publishing
The Age of Shadows - Roleplaying Game
Campaign Guide

Edited by Trifletraxor
OpenQuest Adventures and The Last Witness added to the list
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Its currently not available via the site. It was on its own subdomain/blog (openquest.d101games.com) but I recently deleted it as part of a site reorgnaisation.

I'm sorting out what I'm doing with OpenQuest, in short its probably heading towards a 'refresh' later this year, so until I've sorted that out re-publishing the OQ SRD is very low on my to-do list.  In the mean time you can get most of the SRD material from OQ Basics which is a free pdf at DriveThruRPG.com.

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I was able to download the SRD (or at least an SRD) a couple of times last week while I was working on my module.

Open games are crawling out of the woodwork these days There are so darn many of them.

Still, this page could use a good update.

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