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Balazar travel

Stephen L

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So I’ve had a look at the movement rules presented in Griffin Mountain, and cross checked against the distance travelled in the Core Rules, and come up with the following table:

  Balazar Movement Table        
  Terrain Travel (move 8 walking) (move 5 walking)  
  Type km/day miles/day Hex/day km/day miles/day Hex/day
  Clear 16 10 2 10 6 1.2
  Hills 10 6.25 1.25 6.25 4 0.8
  Mountains 4 2.5 0.5 2.5 1.5 0.3
  Forest 10 6.25 1.25 6.25 4 0.8
  River (crossing)  -3          
  Along path  x2          
  Searching  x1/2          
  Pursuit x2          
  Mounted x1 1/2          

(River crossing is a penalty to km/day)

Given a Balazaring campaign, the adventurers aren’t in general, weary very heavy armour, so I’m not too worried about journeying in armour.  But, I wonder what other people do for the dos and don’ts of wearing armour on the trail… Reduce the distance travelled? Ride rolls (Con rolls for those on foot) otherwise sore – penalties applied to Agility skill rolls. Insist on wearing light armour, and what is light, 3-4 points, or half usual Enc limit? Or does that all just get in the way of the fun, and don't really worry about it. Which is probably what I’m tending towards.

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As movement points are based on the slowest member of the group. For heavily armed and armoured adventurers on foot we had a -1 penalty. We always assumed that no one wore a full helmet. As most groups moved at 8 (mules and guards), it was never an issue, as most were lightly armed and armoured. 

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