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  1. Not the general reaction to Eurmal in my Glorantha, Eurmal are too random to have anything more than a fleeting agenda. I was more wondering how the alliance of an Eurmali with a bunch of adventurers with unreliable motives (at the very least, if not down right murder hoboes) would go down politically. Let's just say I wouldn't want them as my neighbours...
  2. There are times when Scan and Listen are used actively and some passively. They don’t seem to be different skills if used active/passive. A lot of time, they’ll be an opportunity to hear or see something (from an ambush, rustling in bushes, or an arrow being trained). Generally, unless there’s a reason not to, I assume the players are doing stuff whilst alert, for me it gets too boring to insist on the players to always state, we’re travelling while being alert. (Sorry Runeblogger). So these cases would be passive use of the skill, which I allow at full chance (or an opposed roll for t
  3. Apologies all, for taking up bandwidth, and especially @Atgxtg for taking your quote out of context. But I’ve thought a little about this, and feel it’s important to state that it is unfortunately a historical truth that if you were a member of the Nazi party, you were not good enough not to acquiesce to evil. The propaganda was not subtly stated. Whilst it true that the Nazis did not have a monopoly on evil, they were a good exemplar of evil. It is important to remember, when bringing up the Nazis, that there *will* be people on the forum who are old enough that their immediate fa
  4. Indeed, but that's a problem I have with the Pendragon combat system. There isn't an argument whether Women or Men are stronger (at least I hope not!), rather it should be "are women strong enough to kill a man". I think the answer must be yes to that. As much as I have always loved the Pendragon system, for me it's pretty much the epitome of what a roleplaying system (and game) should be, the combat system always left me a little bit cold (just a little bit). In RuneQuest, the average guy gets a damage bonus, which helps, but you can still be a deadly fighter with out it. Give a
  5. Yes and no. If you're playing Malory High Chivalric knights then yes. If you're playing Romano British, then the Roman continuation of line was often by adoption. Caesar adopting Octavian as his son and heir (which was common amongst the early emperors). I largely agree with you (But I would be sad if someone couldn't easily play, or engage with, a Jean of Arc / Boudicca character, which I don't think anyone is suggesting!) but, I would point out that already it's not too difficult to take Pendragon down two completely different paths, Malory High Chivalric and a more h
  6. But not in an artificial way. Just looking in the world around us makes it abundantly clear that lies and illusions are very, very dangerous (far more so than just in current politics). I'm afraid history is full of horrific examples of what large numbers of people can do if they are made to believe something. And, Eurmal being part of the Orlanthi mythology, this will be very well understood in Glorantha. Now, imagine you've a party, perhaps getting on in the world, perhaps one of them is thane of apple lane. If it gets about that he's got a tame Eurmal, with lie, that's a big th
  7. My original comment was opaque, apologies. The point I was trying to make was, isn't it slightly ironic to be talking about game balance when we're talking about an Eurmal spell?
  8. If it were my campaign, that would have caused the dragon existential angst as it settled down to eat the party. Whilst it might be deeply concerned about its appearance, a meal is a meal... If I were being really generous, I'd have given the players a short respite, whilst it found somewhere to look concernedly at its appearance, before it returned to finish things off.
  9. Always assuming it's the destination that matters, not the journey. It could be that the first to become dragons were rush jobs, and it's not been done properly. Perhaps the Inhuman King is an atonement stage for being hasty, and he's at the "bottom" of the Dragonnewt heap. Or do concepts of hierarchy even help applied to Dragonnewts?
  10. A vote of many thanks for all the people who have generously given up their time that has made the Glorantha has Talent? competition a real blast; to the organisers, the judges, prize providers and competitors. For those who want to hear the outcome of all this activity: Listen at Windwords (https://windwords.fm). As I said, it’s a blast. If no-one else will bite, Oh yes it was (well the walls...)
  11. Isn't the whole point of Eurmal to be ridiculous? It can be used to great effect, and I think enhance a campaign. Whilst there is a danger it could be misused, I'd point out that it's all about the lie uttered. So, it's a bit like a wish, that the interpretation could go horribly wrong. So the listener could interpret the lie very differently to the intent of the one lying. I'm afraid I'm a very slow thinker as a GM, so anytime I can see the scenario going awry, I'm not too proud to call a refreshment break to think about things. And I could see, determining how the listeners
  12. The clue is in the moniker, Blind Hamster.
  13. The rules you suggest are consistent, and look as though they work, and the benefits look good fun. Personally, I don't like rewards systems. I prefer the idea that if there's good roleplaying going on, everyone has fun. It is its own reward. And the idea of marking how well the players have done (or indeed, the player marking each-other) doesn't appeal. However, as I said, I can see that the mechanics of what you've got look fun, so if it floats your (and your group's) boat, go for it!
  14. Which explains why the light-dome presages the return of the sun! Orlanth has form. He stole death... And of course Kallyr Starbrow, with her star connections, discovers the truth on her lightbringer quest! And fails at the end, not by the machinations of some Lunar hero(ine), but by Orlanthi intervention trying to hush the secret! Well, we are after dumb theories...
  15. I can’t help thinking there’s all kinds of roleplaying potential here, beyond just spending some ready cash and a stockade appears… As many have mentioned, the problem here is labour. Sartar has been through a lot recently, famine, uprising, and a lot of people dying in many varied ways, not least being eaten. Labour is in short supply, and is needed across the board. But Sartar is preparing for massive invasion, so fortification sound justifiable. Perhaps the first step is wining an argument for taking people out of the fields and onto fortification works. This could be
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