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  1. I am shortly running the battle of the queens in my campaign. Digging around old threads, there's quite a bit covered by the community for this. So, in case any else is planning to run it soon, I thought I would reincarnate these threads. And indeed, if I’m missing any nuggets, I’m always grateful for pointers! Or, if Jeff has any updates… Jeff’s post is very helpful: As is Jajagappa’s (the penultimate post): And Arcadiagt5's preparation thread, and lessons learned: And print sources are the Glorantha Sourcebook p.41-42 and in the RQG core rules p.138 (fro
  2. Young Pike wearing a scarf might be a British reference to young Pike in Dad's Army who *always* wore a scarf (normal knitted affair). His mother didn't like him being out at night, and insisted that he wear a scarf so he didn't catch a cold. A link to the wikipedia image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/51/Dadsarmy_1.jpg Pike is the young lad on the left, wearing a scarf.
  3. I think they're more adventurers from the book. From memory: Argrath is Orlanth (at a guess) Vasana is Vinga Yanioth is Ernalda Harmast is Humakt Vishi Dunn is Kolat Vostor is 3 Sorala is 2 I'd have to pull the book out to have a stab at the others...
  4. Having just finished running the Pegasus Plateau, I though I would publish some comments and notes. If you are possible players *STOP READING NOW OR YOU WILL RUIN THE FUN* First off, many grateful thanks. I have a young bunch of players (8, 10 and 11), and a couple of mums. And this was perfect for them, they all very much enjoyed it. I haven’t used many published scenarios (mostly home written ones), but a scenario about bonding with Hippogriffs *had* to be run, as it couldn’t have been more appropriate to my group and their goals. One of the players had already been obsesse
  5. No it's definitely there. Once you've got to the page "Journey to the West Research" just search for: "Investiture of the Gods" And you'll get to a link. However, I would advocate waiting for a publication, rather than downloading captures of out of print material. But that's easy for me to say, given it's not top of my reading list (which is a reflection on the length of my reading list, because it really does look interesting.)
  6. Not to disagree with what Nick says, which makes excellent sense... but rather to give an alternative view from a GM who is challenged in keeping on-top of things, and why I find Stat blocks useful: First, I like my foes to be distinguishable. So, as they close for combat, I like to have a *very* brief description of the foe, (big and beefy, muscly, lithe, commanding...) and their arms/armour (but not too detailed). Visible spells effects are really atmospheric as well. A stat block gives me as a GM the detail I need to provide that flavour to the players. But mainly a stat block
  7. I've just updated for flying critters of all sorts – Griffins, Hippogriffs, Sky Bulls, Wind Children, Wyverns, Wyrms (guess whose campaign is off to Pegasus Plateau). And Unicorns (not sure why I wanted Unicorns). The "there are now" list in the original post is updated for the full list of what's available. I think Tusk Riders will be needed soon. The original link should work, or repeated below: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/851-npc-squads Enjoy.
  8. I’m not much of a movie buff (but, I have at least seen I Claudius…), so, for what it’s worth: Patrick Stewart (Sejanus, I Claudius) for Fazzur Wideread. Though Fazzur might be more honourable... I'd suggest Brigitte Nielsen (from her Red Sonja days) for Kallyr Starbrow, but I've not seen it, and you if you're after acting skills, I'm not sure she got good reviews... Seconded. I'm glad you afford Goosebery Sprig his rightful place in the pantheon of Major NPCs.
  9. It was a major factor when my wife and I decided to have kids, and, 10 years on, it’s seemed to have worked; the campaigns a year-and-a-half old, and going great guns. Our kids (10 and 8 now) love Glorantha, and they love the gods and cults, so that’s worked really well for them. And it works for me as well, because I’ve little spare time, the setting and rules for RuneQuest in Glorantha are so vivid and alive, the scenarios just write themselves, and keeping the campaign ticking over is low effort.
  10. you are not alone 🙂 I believe that congratulations are in order. May your Windchildlets be blessed with many years of roleplaying fun when they come of roleplaying age... Or am I wilfully misreading posts again!
  11. Lore wise, sacred time makes complete sense for the resolving the yearly cycle, because, mythically that’s exactly what sacred time represents. Mythically, it is the death of the old world, and the rebirth of the new. If you don’t muck up the rituals too badly...
  12. Though I too have great nostalgia for the early days of RQ classic, for me, RQinG wins. The inspiration it provides for the GM is quite unbelievable, and the campaign I’m running at the moment is better than *anything* I have ever run before. Last sacred time, the players summoned hippogriffs to ride to heaven’s vault to rescue a star maiden, battling fire daemons to unite her with her true love, Prince Illavarn. I’ve never had inspiration like that before. For me RQinG is visceral, vivid, alive and immediate, whilst RQ classic is a glimpse of something wonderful, vaguely seen
  13. There was Baroshi, a godling devoted to chaos fighting, in the original Snake Pipe hollow. Could that be a reference to him? Though the original post was meant in jest, there are many roleplaying opportunities by which a male Earth warrior might achieve Rune Lord status. Following in the footsteps of an obscure Male Earth Warrior (effectively a sub cult). Finding such a godling as Baroshi, and worshipping him. The player characters are heroes, I'm sure they'll find ways of breaking the rules (or rather making new ones).
  14. A lot of the tuskers in the defending Apple Lane scenario of the GM pack had it. They used it to some effect, but were still skewered by the formidable cavalry skills of the party. One of the more amusing scenes was the lead tusk rider was getting away, and the only way the players could think of stopping him was using a sylph to toss the Humakti duck in his path. The duck offed him in a single blow. I'm regretting the precedent, imaginative ways of tossing the duck places he really shouldn't be has become something of a theme of the campaign...
  15. Of course, you could just play it that he only has to convince the examiners he's a girl. Then it just becomes a roleplaying opportunity.
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