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  1. Hopefully not completely off topic, but, I've a group of new roleplayers just starting up on a RuneQuest Glorantha campaign. They are quite young, and I'm looking around for resources to show them what the various weapons and armour look like. There's a few pictures dotted around the rules book, but my lot have rolled up an odd assortment. One's a duck who's seemingly robbed random bits armour off various battlefield corpses. (BTW, I'm amazed at the vividness of the characters you get, I'm very impressed with RQinG). I wondered if buying the "Armies of Dragon Pass" is the best place to start...
  2. From the map, the most direct Esrolia / Lunar Tarsh trade route is Direct from Notchet to Rich post, without detouring up the Creek Stream and Beast Valley. (Smoking Ruin does seem enticingly placed for some such route, I'm just going to have to buy that when it's out in paper). Though perhaps a navigable Creek-Stream might make the detour worth it, though there are marshes round Styx Gtotto, how dangerous are those? However, back to the Colymar... Just measuring up the distances (it’s taken me this long to get a ruler, real life, huh). The road from Wilmskirk to Quackford, might be Royal, but it’s still 50km, in not very much the right direction. That’s a full day’s travel, even by horse. Then from Quackford to Clearwine that’s another 30km, but at best that’s a trade path. That path doesn’t appear in full dragon pass map that’s bundled with the GM’s screen pack, which may (or may not) indicate that it’s not major. That’s 2 days' travel by horse. From Clearwine to Wilmskirk is 26km, as a crow flies. Perhaps the terrain is rough enough to make a direct route unappealing (along the side of Seven Falls – there are rapids there after all, which might indicate it’s not easy going), but even swinging north, by Farvine and the northern end of Kjartan’s lake, to follow Chorm’s river is still 40km. That there’re paths to Farvine and also down Chorm’s river might mean the hills there are not too hard going. If there were a decent road, that would be a day’s travel all in all. So, I’m leaning towards the Colymar being very isolationist, otherwise the roads would be there. I love the idea the Colymar have pacts with the wildlands, and preserve the Colymar wilds, I’m stealing that. And Sora primarily focus for being the GoldenTongue for Leika, that’s an aspect I missed and like very much. But, I still see her brain ticking away, opening the markets for Colymar goods, maybe Clear Wine in Wilmskirk, and beyond to Boldhome, but, given her background her vision probably is a market back in Esrolia (rafts of wine barrels down the Creek-Stream). And, probably the problem isn't really the roads. The lack of roads indicates a mind set, and it's the opposition that her sacrilegious ideas that's the source for the adventures... Thanks again, Stephen
  3. Version 1.0.0


    If anyone finds them useful, here are some squads of NPCs I’ve generated. (A second attempt at posting, after the first flooded the site with downloads for all the files individually, rather than a single download of multiple files!) There are: txt files (which print to one side of A4 if font is set to 8, and margins small, 1 cm all round, but right to .5cm. Works best with a fixed font such as Consolas) and PDFs (to A4, I’m afraid I’m UK based). Here are: (3 pages, each with a squad of 6) Orlanthi Warriors – the general muster, so more an armed rabble. Orlanthi Thanes – the leaders or hand-picked guards. I think “Thane” is very much the wrong term here as it seems anachronistically Anglo Saxon and doesn’t tie in with my idea of Orlanthi. Any ideas what I should be calling them? Lunar Irregulars – Bunch of armed Lunars, I use as bandits and such. Lunar Light Infantry Lunar Heavy Infantry (I’ve had to weight towards strength, as the standard armour weights a ton) Mounts – for any of the above. I will add to the above, as required for my campaign. But it’s slow moving (and currently stalled for obvious reasons). I’ve a program that generates them, using a data file that drives it all. Mostly lists of weighted probabilities for stuff. It weights cults/weapons etc. to the NPC’s runes, and it tries to be intelligent with the probabilities for weapons and armour, so the equipment doesn’t look completely random (whilst matching STR DEX and Enc limits). Anyway, what you see are all computer generated, without moderation (or deletion/selection), and the first run sets. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share the code (it’s windows .Net, C#, and driven by XML data files). However, it’s designed for my own use, I’ve made no attempt for it to be user friendly, and input is solely by editing a XML data file, fine for those who’re happy with XML and have a decent editor!
  4. I had wondered about getting the Smoking ruins scenario - there did seem an obvious tie in with the direction the campaign might take. But thanks again all, it's been very helpful turning some ill-considered inklings into some ideas on a far more solid basis. Stephen.
  5. Many thanks both. All very useful stuff. The Issaries point of view is fairly new to our roleplaying milieu, so this really help getting the ideas going. Amusingly we've just started with the kids at roleplaying, something we haven't done for years - and their approach is somewhat more nuanced than ours ever was... The very first thing was we tried the Broken Tower Quick Start to see how they took to it, and, as it got to the climax, there was a little voice saying, "don't hit the stone woman mummy, let find out what it wants." As mummy holds back on her swing, pretending she was just getting ready... Stephen.
  6. Apologies, if I failed my search and started a new topic unnecessarily, but… Looking at the map for the Colymar lands has given me an inkling for a campaign, and I’d like to see if it makes sense or is it all ill-considered madness. The major trade routes in the area seem to be from Jonstown to Runegate, across the wilds to Tarsh (dangerous and controlled by Dragonewt friendly Rungate trade cartel). Also, Wilmskirk to Duckpoint and then South to Esrolia or West to Grazelands (dangerous and controlled by Druluz Undead hating cartels). And Clearwine seems awfully isolated from any of these. There isn’t even an obvious trade path to Runegate, and the routes to Boldhome or Wilmskirk are tortuous. Very curious. Of course, it could all be an oversight, that the oldest continuous major human settlement in Dragon Pass having no easy trade routes, that would be madness. Except that I seem to remember that the king of the Colymar refused Sartar’s idea of a city in Colymar lands. So perhaps some sort of mythic isolation. And there being no road between Runegate and Clearwine, can only mean that the Taraling clans in the north have little truck with Ernaldoring clans in the south (and vice versa), maybe a mythic divide between the Colymar tribes. And the campaign hook: what is Sora Goodseller doing in this trade backwater? The main driver of this rambling post, is that the Player Characters have a quite strong affinity with Sora out of any of the NPCs in Clearwine, so I'm trying to understand her, and I'm struggling! Maybe she has a plan to break Clearwine’s mythic isolation. A trade route to Wilmskirk – perhaps a sleeping giant in the hills who’s been wounded, so he can’t move (poisoned barb in the foot), and the party are hired to help her wake and cure him, making passage across the hills possible again? Wharves on the stream by Clearwine for trade southwards? I don’t know how navigable the stream would be. Possibly not, as it’s probably called the stream for a reason, and would Sartar’s bridge at Quackford be passable. But a water theme would be good for a party with a Duck in it's roll call. But a road north up Nymie Vale to Runegate (safer than the Lismelder route close to Upland Marsh) and breaking into the Runegate/Dragonnewt trade cartel, Sora would definitely need the adventurers help in that. Though going to Apple Lane would open up a quick route between Duckford and Jonstown, maybe that's better. Does it hold water, or have I misunderstood the trade routes for this part of Dragon pass? Are their pointers to said routes? Does all trade between the Lunar Empire and Esrolia go through the Grazelands, or is Tarsh, Dragonewt Wilds, Runegate, Quackford a viable route? How dangerous is the Lismelder route between Quackford and Runegate? Would opening up Colymar route impact on some aspect of the Colymar I’ve not considered – perhaps the secrets of the Clearwine Earth Temple or Tarndisis grove jealously guarded? Most importantly, what are Sora Goodseller's motivations? If she's just interested in opening up Colymar produce to Esrolia, then Clearwine to Duckpoint is an adequate trade route. Thanks for any help. Stephen.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Yet another character sheet... It's very close to the version in the core rules for RuneQuest in Glorantha, Text boxes (in MS word) for filling in electronically I have made the following slight modifications: More room for passions (my players rolled up *very* interesting past history) Room to fit damage bonus in weapon records Removed sorcery section, as none of my players have any. But adding it back in is just typing in the text boxes that are already there. Room for more languages (3 only allowed for native/cult/trade, and some of my characters came from Prax, so needed to speak to the other Sartarite players) An extra ally/mount - a player rolled a noble with a horse and intelligent Hawk side kick... Whilst editing text boxes in MS Word probably isn't that popular - I'm afraid I'm a numpty writing editable PDF. It does mean you can use runes as fonts (downloadable ttf elsewhere on the site), whilst the entry text uses Candara, a font for which I have a penchant. Being from the UK it's in A4. Not sure what happens to all the text boxes if you save in something more American friendly... Hope its of use to someone...
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