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  1. Forgot, also from the Locaem Map (page 29): It's not clear what are 2nd roads/trails or if any are boundaries. dashed - roads, dots - tribal boundaries/trails? Hillsedge looping past Raven, and round to Gold Torch Inn looks like a boundary, but the other dotted lines look like trails, e.g. Bend to Two Top. They'd be room on the legend removing the key for Large City (none on map), and places of interest (as these are all labelled on the map anyway, which applied to ruins as well I suppose)
  2. Also missing from the Locaem Map, page 29: Old tombs (presumably tumuli outside Famegrave, hence the name!) Slate ridge Also the clans aren't marked (but probably intentionally, not to overcrowd the map) Lastly the map legend swaps the key for bridges and waterfalls.
  3. Hmm, Night + Life on its side. The hangover rune? Sadly prosaic, but very plausible.
  4. Many thanks for a rather splendid sketch.
  5. Not to mention that it comes with side order of a rather splendid soup!
  6. Thanks, a rather splendid looking piece. I was finding it difficult to visualise something that's just a list of ingredients...
  7. Turtleshell Cuirass I thought my skill in armour of the ancients was pretty good, but what is a Turtleshell Cuirass? And does anyone have any links to pictures? Thanks, Stephen.
  8. Couldn't see the official answer of Tolat up there... War is unfortunately as prominent in Solar life as any other culture. Yelmalio is an obscure god on the margins of culture, on the edge of things, only important when everyone’s gone away to the underworld, or locked themselves away in the heavens beyond the sky, i.e. on the barbarian borderlands where they don’t know proper solar ways… Or for players who LOVE ROLLING FOR GIFTS AND GEASES. Is it just that I’m immature, but do you know how much fun it is rolling for the Gift and Geas? Who cares about the rubbish rune spells *footnote*? It’s that moment of tension rolling for the gifts and geases, wondering what those fickle gods will provide… For me it’s an awesome moment of character creation. I know I’m being immature. My youngest player is 7, who is a Humakti duck (oh my word, is he good at it, he was born for it), and his expression when he rolled “eat no vegetables” as a geas. That is a moment of pure joy that roleplaying can bring… *Footnote* I really don’t care about Yelmalio’s rune spells, my beef earlier in the thread is that I’d like a proper image of Yelmalio that’s mythically correct. In my Glorantha, High King Elf gave Yelmalio a spear, shield and armour, because he didn’t really need his. That’s why Yemalio looks so miserable in all the pictures, because his armour doesn’t really fit, and his spear has splinters in it…
  9. I'm pretty sure you are missing something. I’m afraid my RQiii is up in the loft, and my planned weekend trip didn’t materialise. I haven’t played RQiii for ages (a solid system, but lacked the *inspiration* of RQinG. Really buy it, play it, tell everyone one you meet about it, and that's from an RQiii fan), but my recollection was that the knock back rules were quite clearly stated… And one of the strengths of RQiii. I remember it was a real killer, because of all the penalties (in addition to no damage bonus), and bonuses for your opponents. Getting up was one of your possible actions (so you could only parry, otherwise you’d be mad, your attack's worthless). Needed some sort of Dex roll in a combat situation? Also, given you’re not much a threat on the ground, your opponents are probably all out attack, so I remember once you’re down repeatedly getting knocked down round after round. I definitely remember just going all out defence and calling for help! Whilst we’re on nostalgia for RQiii, in general the Fatigue rules were a faff, and not worth the effort (in the end, as the GM, I’d just count the number of combat rounds and only refer if rolls were close) But once I ran an adventure where the players were perused by Broo across the Plains of Prax. The broo were no match for the players, but had numbers, and continually skirmished. The players couldn’t rest, so weren’t recuperating fatigue, and the numbers got ridiculous, I can’t remember, but something like 75% penalties. It was amazing how resourceful the players were, functioning when you’d think it was all over. But the feeling of tiredness as we played was visceral…
  10. But *all* the images of Yelmalio have a Spear and Shield. If he lost them, if I were a Yelmalian, I'd be removing all the spear and shield from every image I saw, as they'd be mythically *incorrect* and it would worry me. Well, actually, I'd probably just tut...
  11. I'm not so sure it's just people in positions of power... A character in my campaign rolled up someone who was a natural Yinkin worshipper. Looking at the rules, it wasn’t clear whether she’d be a Yinkin worshipper, or whether she was an Orlanth worshiper with a particular devotion to Yinkin, the line seemed very grey. We left it intentionally grey. At the moment they are Yinkin, they worship at Yinkin shrines at Orlanth temples. As time goes on, and their character develops, I can see she’d gradually become more Orlanth, and it would be natural her to sacrifice the odd Pow for rune points for Orlanth. I can see MGF for my campaign is for worship as an initiate is a devotion to a god in a pantheon, but it’s fairly flexible to spread that worship across a number of (compatible) gods in that pantheon. It means that someone whose character is strongly drawn to “one deity” doesn’t worry that they get rubbish runespells because they’ll be able to easily develop a devotion to another aspect/God of that pantheon when they’re outgrowing pure Yinkin… However, my players are the antithesis of mini-maxing, they don’t care about (or even, I suspect, understand) the rules. And I can see such an approach could be open to abuse if they were… I'll end with p228 of the core rules, when Vasana persuades the herd priestess to allow her to join the Eritha rites at the Paps... Seemingly satisfied, Varaneena allowed me to join with the other lay members gathering outside the sacred caves. The sacred caves were forbidden to all not initiated into the Earth’s mysteries and all guarded by copper-clad Axe Maidens, sworn to kill any trespassers. We all stayed a respectful distance away. All except my sister, that is. Yanioth strode to the sacred caves like a goddess. The Herd Priestesses shouted that this place is forbidden to outsiders, but as proud as any queen my sister said, “I am no outsider. You may serve the Herd Mother, but she is the daughter of the Earth Mother. And I am privy to Her secrets.” And with that, she marched past the Axe Maidens into the Inner Womb of the goddess.
  12. I think the problem isn't with Criticals (which as you say are Specials), it's with Specials that aren't Criticals.
  13. Unless you use the convention that 01-05 always succeeds, in which case: 1 Success/Special/Crit = Crit 2-5 Success = Special 6-95 Fail = Success 96-00 Fumble = Fail Which is the values I assumed. I admit, it's largely prejudice, but I've never felt the urge to explore HQ as a system!
  14. RuneMasters: that is one of the *very* few RQii supplements I don't have (when I've remembered to whom I lent my trollpak...). But Fangs, Militia and Mercenaries, Trolls and Trollkin, Creatures of Chaos, I did have and I did use a lot. My vote isn't to clutter main rules with stats, but a series of cheap supplements. I also like stats to be in a separate block (best even a separate book) than the rest of the adventure, since they do break up the read... I've roleplayed RQ from the early 80s, and I've always kept track of full damage for NPCs and their weapons - as its often the cumulative effect that brings them down, not a killer blow. But mainly, if I didn't I wouldn't have a clue what's going on! The first thing that get's scribbled down on the NPC writeup is who they're fighting. And when an NPC is dead I write it in very big letters, because it's embarrassing when the players point out (very kindly; they're a nice bunch) that they've already offed that one... I surprised that not everyone does it, and am feeling a little inadequate now! (Who did fatigue in RQiii?) As I've mentioned, I've developed a program to generate stuff. It's for my own use, but it takes about an hour or so to set up a data file defining a few distributions, and then it will go away and generate as much as I want without user input. The outputs in the downloads section, here: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/833-npc-squads-txtzip-npc-squads-pdfzip/ I'm very time limited (hence the program, such things are very quick to code), but would be more than happy to team up with someone to produce something more professional for the Jonstown Compendium?
  15. (damn this new keyboard - hitting submit again in error!) For non combat skills above 100%, I'm tending to Rules as Written (if that's the acronym RAW?), but ruled on a case by case basis, by what feels right for the moment (my players really don't care about rules, so they, fortunately, don't worry about consistency)
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