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Epic Fight Scene

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So I'm running the River of Cradles for a party of mostly new RQ players, using RQ: RIG rules, and I just had a really amazing fight. (So if you haven't played that and don't want to see a spoiler, stop reading now.)

They tracked Toadface's gang back to his cave on the edge of Eyes Rise and did a fairly good job of fighting the broo because they had the help of both Lunar settlers. After several rounds of casting spells at them, Toadface decided he needed to get out of the cave. He jumped past the group's two best fighters, one of whom got a really good hit on him, but he was able to jump up onto the plateau above the cave and just started jumping westward to get away. I really want to use him as a recurring villain.

But the group's Ernalda cultist summoned an Earth element that grabbed him by the legs when he landed. He eventually managed to get away from it, but by that time, the Ernaldan and two characters with slings had managed to get up to the plateau. 

Toadface jumps 15 meters. The two slingers miss (which wasn't too surprising because they had mostly been missing with their slings up to that point), but the Ernaldan scores a special hit with a thrown dagger in his leg, incapacitating the leg so he couldn't jump.

Toadface heals his leg and jumps. One of the slingers scores a special hit on his other leg and incapacitates it. They run to close the distance.

Toadface heals his leg again and jumps. The other slingers scores a special hit on his head and takes him down. They run to close the distance.

Toadface's fetch heals him up to consciousness. He jumps away. Both slings score a hit and take him down to 0 HP. They run to close the distance.

Toadface's fetch heals him up to consciousness again, but now he's basically tapped out of magic points. He jumps. One of the slings scores a hit on him that takes him down to the edge of unconsciousness but not quite. They run to close the distance.

Toadface jumps again, but one of the slings hits him and does just enough damage to knock him unconscious. The fetch can't heal him, so he stays down. 

The players hold their breath for three rounds to catch up, each round expecting he's going to get up again. But they get to his body and basically slaughter him. Goodbye recurring villain... 

Except that they don't realize that his fetch can eventually bring him back to life unless they burn his body. They burn all the other broo bodies but not his....

The players are mostly college age guys, so they're really competitive. It was great watching them hold their collective breath over whether they could kill him or not, and how much they hooted over their victory.

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