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Ancient Chinese, Japanese, and/or any other ancient Eastern weapons... stats?


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Does anyone know if there is a supplement of some sort that has a wide range of ancient weapons from the Orient that are statted-out for BRP?

I've checked Chaosium's site and Drive-Thru RPG, but I don't see anything that jumps out at me. I've never played L5R, but my guess is that it has a full-enough list of weapons that I'm interested in. I am assuming that someone has already gone through the trouble to convert them into BRP stats. Is that a false assumption?

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And also "Land of the Samurai", for Runequest, BRP-compatible, the pdf for 1$ on drivethru RPG (I haven't check if this special offer is still going on). With TCE + LotS, you shall get most of the weapons for far East.

And for the weapons of steppe warriors (I dont know what you mean with "Orient"), just wait a bit, my setting about steppe nomads is still only a draft, although very well advanced -just taking this occasion to do some teasing ;)

Wind on the Steppes, role playing among the steppe Nomads. The  running campaign and the blog


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