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  1. isn't it what previews are made for ?
  2. If we have time, we shall work on an occitan fin amor companion with Gianni
  3. The headers of the character profession chart (first preview page) are shifted.
  4. Beside the rules, what are the main differences with The Age of Eleanor ?
  5. Thank you. Yes, I forgot HQ:G which I have.
  6. Where can I find Heroquest examples ? To date I only have RQ supplements and the the GTG, so any recommendation would be helpful.
  7. counts, kings, emperors... I think a republic like Venice or Rome, or a kind of Athenian-like democracy, or why not fractions turning over in an preset order would better fit to Pavis. Glorantha is a place where any kind of governments could be imagined.
  8. It seems that the Fatigue threshold is not used in this example. Is that correct ? And I still haven't understood the free actions.
  9. This is propaganda of Praxian Humans who want to deny our deserved place in the Covenant and pretend us to have cheated ! The next one who pretends that we are veggies like herd beasts will be turned into a herdman and devoured on the spot ! [Isn't it indeed a break of the canon's claimed neutrality and relativity ?]
  10. Wouldn't make it a great temple, goal for pilgrimage, while it is supposed to be a minor one only ?
  11. Yes! So it shall be the Moon rune! It seems that every cult has actually its own answer
  12. How do you manage situations where the adventurer's action is in contradiction with one of his motivations, or at least makes the goal of the motivation more difficult to reach? What if the action complies at the same time with another motivation ? How do you manage opposing motivations (it may not be obvious at the time the motivations are chosen, but later on in the game)? In which condition can one give-up one motivation, even if the goal -if any- is not reached ?
  13. same for me.
  14. If disruption were working on non-living items, it would not by-pass armor but break it instead.
  15. In a future edition, you may write it in the powers Chapter, "overcoming an unwilling target", p.174