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  1. I think Dynamic D100 should be available any day now since Paolo is already sharing some views in different versions on Facebook. My text for Wind on the Steppes is 99% ready, only the English correction and a proof reading in French are missing, but I'm in the queue 😜.
  2. I must confess that I did not read everything, it is a bit too much, but my point of view is that making skills which simulate the reality (or one reality) is not the point, but instead to make skills relevant to the game, that is, which are actually used in play and bring something to it. So I think you can details those which may have a chance to be used and remain vague for th others. May be think "are there situations in my game where the player can come himself to the idea to use this skill to pass an obstacle or to gain any advantage ?" (and not used only when the GM decided that that sk
  3. as soon as I understand how Discord works, I may join 😁
  4. Regarding crits, an old French RPG mixing percentiles for proficiency and d20 for "to hit" scores (Légendes) used the following : if you rolled 1 on d20, you rolled again if if you got a success, this was a crit.
  5. In HQ:G, each feat is associated with a rune. Does this mean that it has to be written under this rune, or is it possible to write it under any other rune belonging to the Deity? For instance, can an Orlanthi devotee with 11W in Air but lacking the Mouvement rune gain the Four Magical Weapons feat and write it under his Air rune ?
  6. May be since the Cosmos is a buble of reality in the Void, anything real cannot leave the World. The reality of Time and Distances is contracting at the edge and you just sail endless with the illusion to move, but you actually move slower and slower. Are the edges of the World asymptotic ? And is there any other rpg setting where players can have this kind of debate ? 😄
  7. beyond Sramak's river, isn't it simply the primal Chaos ?
  8. You could have a look at the ritual casting from Revolution d100 as well. Starting from a classical spell à la BRP, you can alter and expend the effects in a free form way. And there is a free form magic system to dowmload here (which I haven't read so far so I cannot comment). The Second Way Draft
  9. I haven't look in details all your alternate rules, but one thing is clear in the RD100 rules : there are tools which you can tweek if you like and adapt to your setting. For instance the Powers chapter begins with ""This chapter includes powers and power systems suitable for many fantasy and sci-fi environment, and the setting you use may integrate or replace them with more detailed subsystems. Whenever your power system or setting rules contradict the core rules, the specific rules take precedence." So if you want to make magic more difficult to cast or acquire, go for it. I think that
  10. I think that the one who can reply is currently having some health problems, so be patient before getting an answer. I haven't seen any mention of gundam in the current projects, but I guess that the rules for dynamic D100 could be easily adapted. My 2 cents.
  11. 4% or 5% or 6%, does it really make a difference in the game ? Would you really even notice it if you had 5 and 5 instead ?
  12. In Balazar, I can well imagine shamanism as central in Foundchild's worship. It wouldn't surprise me if Foundchild was considered as a kind of shaman ancestor. Any link with Blueface ? A new mystery of this wild country.
  13. Considering the probable origin of shamanism in our World, hunter cults should definitely be open to shamanism. OK, Glorantha is not our World, but stil...
  14. Did you watch at the Red Moon Rising package in the download section ?
  15. I think that's the right way to do. Since trained soldiers have a better morale, it shall be related to their skills. But probably also to their own willpower (I'm not sure about INT, since sensible people may run instead of stay fighting - during WW1 soldiers got some alcohol before they charged in order them NOT to think too much). Use a "morale" skill or the main weapon (when you have to "do the job", you better face adversity) to roll. Use some augments (like passions, command, strategy or any situation relevant skill or spell...) or situational bonus/penalties, to increase or de
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