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  1. May be using the Treasure Factor as in RQ2 could help ?
  2. I guess that when the rules for heroquesting are available, there will be plenty of chances to gain magical abilities. It is actually more or less the standard way in Glorantha to acquire such powers.
  3. Thanks. BTW, my grand father was a zouave during WW1. If you want to know his background for a pc or npc, tell me, I'll PM you his story (hat of a pacific humanist school teacher born in Algiers and sent to the "butchery" in northern France).
  4. That the French Foreign Legion was full of Germans is a fact, and since the beginning. But do these Germans have really been sent to the front against other Germans ? Anyway, it is a game, you can decide that they did. Still nowadays !
  5. I learned something today ! Are there any sources about that on the Internet ? Did they really fight ? He published many graphic novels about this period and this war, as well as well as the weird adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec, a kind of Belle Époque Pulp.
  6. You could make the French an Alsacian instead, who left the -at this time German- Alsace because he is for a French Alsace (a "French from Outside" as they used to call themselves, and they were a lot). Alsace was one of the main reason why France declared war to Germany. It is more credible I think than a Bavarian in the French army, which is a bit weird. And of course, there is plenty of material to raise zombies... If you can read French or find them in English, you may find inspiration in the comics made by Jacques Tardi.
  7. I would do this, indeed. My question comes from a remark of Paolo in a private exchange : "You are not supposed to use Wealth at all when characters live in a society with its specific Status Traits. In this way, each player would have TWO status traits. Instead, the social class is the Status and we add a table that provides an equivalent in Wealth for when the character wishes to purchase something." That's my problem. There is not always one single wealth available for a status. I don't see how to mark the wealth level of a character without having a wealth trait, which must not be a status trait. Or to have the wealth in brackets, like a kind of Status stunt ? Like Bourgeois (average) or Bourgeois (affluent) ?
  8. How shall we manage the status traits when the social status is not completely related to the wealth ? For instance, in middle ages, there where rich and poor barons, rich and medium bourgeois and so on. How do you differentiate a poor baron from a rich one ? What if a PC finds a treasure ? In some countries, there have even been slaves as ministers. It looks that there shall be either one status trait or one wealth trait, and I'm a bit annoyed by that.
  9. The Alephtar web site is indeed missing info. You may start with completing it.
  10. I may help for a French version of Wind on the Steppes. 🤪 For the untranslated books, a glossary of the terms used in the rules may be useful. May be a downloadable excel file including English, Italian, Spanish and French ?
  11. "Perfection is when there is nothing left to remove" (Saint-Exupéry)
  12. I must admit that I skipped the Making Armour Rules 😬
  13. 91% is correct. You can increase a characteristic only every 5th slot.
  14. I haven't seen it in the new description of rituals. Don't forget it in the new version. It is also not clear (or not written at all) in the Create Scroll description. Or I may have missed something.
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