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  1. they may visit the astral sea to follow a quest for new powers or traits or trigger a particular effect on the mundane world (a bit like the gloranthan heroquest), to ally some creatures (like shamans do with spirits), or to find answers to some mysteries.
  2. I always played (RQ2 rules) that since Multimissile is labelled as temporal, it lasts for 10 MR, so you have 10MR to shoot your missile and get the Multimissile effect. We however never thought about the fact that the missile could be reused and probably be multiplied again as long as it is shot during the said 10MR, which makes it possible for a target to shoot it back against his atttacker and makes the spell somehow uncertain - unless the missile is broken or unusable in some way.
  3. Oh, I had the same idea for spirits, but I did not use it to stick to the core rules. I may reconsider it. To be discussed with Paolo.
  4. I guess that a salamander would become stronger if hit by a Project Fire ! You may try to build a kind of circle where water projection hurts fire elementals, fire projection hurts earth elemental, earth hurst air, air hurts water.
  5. It shall follow the rules for powers, that is, it expires at the end of the next combat or conflict in adventure time. But this is the default rule, I don't see why you should not decide that a partiular object works only for one attack !
  6. In the Action section, some sentences are repeated and some are cut. It looks like you can do two actions in one round, but not more than one main action . You should explain it clearly somewhere (or did I miss it because fo these red corrections ?). I would rewrite the 1st paragraph (no "you'll usually do..." but simply clearly say what is feasible or not). Target reaction : "the defender must declare the first defence before the attack is made." but in Mulriple Reactiosn "must declare that the character is defending against all attacks as soon as he or she rolls the first defence for that round" (that is after the attack roll). Why did you give up the plain 1d6 damage ?
  7. Are there free persons who became semi-free or even unfree to pay their debts (or their parent's debts) ?
  8. I may steal a couple of them for the Horse Nomad supplement ! The Elf, has probably a very high skill level as well, so I'm not sure a tweak is necessary here. BTW, according to the rules, one can imprive skills above 100 only by 1% each tiem, since you always roll under the current skill with a d100. Wouldn't it be fair to consider the imrovement roll as a success for rolls from 96 to 100 ?
  9. Does the "international Edition" covers only the rules NOT in English ? When do you intent to actually publish the new SRD in English ?
  10. I'm vry serious ! It is much fun to find a way to use your abilities, and players are sometimes very imaginative. It is one of the aim of Conflicts. And it reserves some surprises to the Narrator as well.
  11. What is he looking for ? What does he like ? What is he missing ? Does he need something to increase his powers ? What would make the PCs more convincing (a stunt, a power, a feature, an artefact, a knowledge, a positive consequence...). I imagined during a game shamans trying to convince a powerful desert spirit. The PCs used sing (spirits like songs), acting (replay the mythic feats of the spirit), the support of an ancestral dead hero they managed to free (to show how serious they are), a sacrificed horse (to feed the spirit), a regional knowledge (to help finding the right words) and of course Persuade. Some quests in a previous adventure may bring positive consequences (make allies, eliminate ennemy of the necromancer, some secret knowledge showing the necromancer's weaknesses, an item he's been looking for, the grave of his old lover, a secret language to talk with him, a genealogy allowing him to find forgotten dead...). You may find some ideas, but even better, have your players find ideas.
  12. beyond gifts, encourage them to find supports to gain bonus.
  13. This could be a great idea to open a general toppic where everybody could propose his/her Stunts in a predefinite formate (like genre/skill/description/way to acquire it).
  14. The contact with the entity will probably be played as a conflict (should even be), with dangerous consequences if they fail. Instead of collecting things to pay, they may collect or gain different objects, traits, stunts or positive consequences which give them support boni for the ultimate Conflict. A gift may be a required condition, but also a quest. A few ideas beyond the power stones : an old knowledge (about the creature or its weaknesses, which may encourage the PC to learn a new trait), an artefact (could be a software), an altar or a energy field to des/reactivate, a special feature (ex. the entity's language). You may even make a meta-conflict, allowing one round at every Downtime until they win (or loose). Every round they loose, they get a negative consequence (e.g. the chanelling dark pool) until they achieve total victory. They can contact the creature when it is at 0 RP.
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