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    Published amateur settings for BRP (Uruk - Mesopotamia- and Vent des Steppes).
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  1. Zit


    there should be some rules in RQ2 Borderlands as well I think, in the scenario with the Duck bandits.
  2. You may instead consider every magic type as a Trait. Spells could be simply Stunts of each one. Depending on how easy shall be your magic, these Stunts may or may not fill a slot. Since you are limited by the number of slots, if a Power Stunt fills a slot, it will limit their number. If not, you could limit the number using Chanelling. If the powers have an supernatural origin like gods, demons and the like, you may instead use Divine Magic using one Allegiance for each source of power. Cantrips are the equivalant of folk's magic.
  3. does this have any influence on the release of other products ?
  4. Zit


    no, cooked herdmen, not people.
  5. May be give only guidelines to help those who are not familiar with the system : what level shall have a goon and a moderate important NPC. May be even witout any trait but just an opposition or an expected skill level if you have to create it on the fly ? What the core rules allow may not be obvious for starting players, or may need to understand them a bit more. Note also that not all players will have all the complements, so that it may make sense to gather usefull info spread over these books into the companion. What about including these packages, and more, like typical settings but more targeted that the generic ones presented in the core rules ? More equipment ? More creatures ? Travel events depending on the environement/climate to spice the games ? More poisons and diseases ?
  6. What about the online games you wanted to organize ? Some people are interested but nobody knows how to sign up for a game. Shouldn't you start asap, at least with practtical info about when and how to participate ?
  7. I'm not sure if someone already asked this, but is it possible to create your own hero or MUST you take one of the proposed ones (I mean, you can of course always tweek the rules and do what you want, but is this option explicitely available with the required creation procedure) ?
  8. I was just wondering why you duplicate it here while it is already in the Alastor's Scull Inn.
  9. Are you sure this is the right forum for all these posts ?
  10. How disapointing. I was considering changing my job 😋
  11. I don't think the OP is only about GM's, but about gamers. Would be like professional game testers including GMs and players. Am I wrong ?
  12. I guess that Animal Training remains under Handling. What about cattle breeding ? A Craft or Knowledge Trait ?
  13. how do I manage trained dogs ? Shall I have the dog trait under "ride", even if nobody rides a dog ? Or shall we change "ride" into "Domestic animals" ?
  14. You may consider the other way : as a baby she has been possessed by an evil spirit which restricted her development (because of a curse on her familiy, because her mother did not protect her and used her true name instead of a nickname to deceive spirits, or it could be her twin's spirit who possessed her even before her birth...). This journey released her from it (found a specific shaman able to chase the 2nd soul, our found a body for it ? Or you character IS this twin soul). IRL female shamans are common. In some cultures, shamans are even above gender codes. Why not in your Prax.
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