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  1. RD100 Settings

    if you can read French (or even if you can't) : https://d100.fr/point-sur-la-gamme-revolution-d100/ That's a summary of what has been officially edited or announced (if i didn't forget anything).
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    I would agree with you on Dragonewts.
  3. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Gold is the best weapon
  4. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Mostali, Aldryamis and Dragonewts. I don't know how to play them. Too weird for my laziness. I leave them go their way.
  5. Can Warding be abused this way?

    It's a point of view and there is no point here arguing about who's right or who's wrong. I consider myself that you protect the room inside the hoop and that the spell is bound to the space delimited by the wands. Speaking about RAW, these say that the Ward "protects an area" and the "air space above" it. Period. There is no mention of a condition of intending to protect anything else. And also "The Detect Enemies component will then detect anyone wishing to assault the area, steal an object, or whatever is appropriate to the manner of casting the spell". So I don't see here anything forbidding the Warding Hoop, but if you believe it should be, that's fine -but it is not RAW. YGWV
  6. The Revolution D100 rules use Traits. The Martial art is a Trait which allows a list of stunts, each one being a Trait as well. Pretty easy.
  7. I made a much less sophisticated one for testing purposes (I wanted to create different characters). If I had knew there already was one available...
  8. Errata for revolution d100

    p. 36, learning new Traits : "Trait must be taught by a teacher (see below)." But I think you removed any reference to teachers (or it is well hidden).
  9. Suggest a change or correction

    In an opposed roll, there are actually 4 levels of success: two for each.
  10. Suggest a change or correction

    did you ever consider Disadvantages, just as there are Advantages ? Like when the roll is a failure and the unit dice bigger than the ten die ?
  11. Suggest a change or correction

    oops. wouldn't be better to have the 2H mounted spear as a Stunt ?
  12. Suggest a change or correction

    what about using 2H weapons on horseback (*) ? The rules don't say anything about it (or I missed something), but I would at least expect a stunt to allow it, at least for some of them. (*) ex. sarmatian konthos, hooked lance, or 2H-maces used by Mongols as depicted in some pictures. But no 2H sword or axe.
  13. New RQ Designer Notes - Part 4

    but only spirits can initiate spirit combat. And only shamans can perceive spirits. So the humakti can actually not use his rune, except may on a spirit possessing himself.
  14. Suggest a change or correction

    I know it may be too late, but for Mounted Combat, I would limit the skill with the ride skill, as in the BRP. Or is that not in accordance with the spirit of the rules ?
  15. Can Warding be abused this way?

    I just wanted to say it ! To be found only on this forum !