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  1. Zit

    What changes to include in a second edition?

    1- explicitly allow multiple traits for rolling (at least you get one support), once in the Conflict per additional Trait ? It is like allowing one support but obliging to use it immediately. The available supports are also limited, you'll need your friends. If you want a standard support which you can use whenever you like and without limitation, then you can't roll 2- leave it to the narrator's decision, which players do anyway.
  2. Zit

    What changes to include in a second edition?

    Another question : during a Conflict, you must chose between gaining a support or rolling for effect. Why shouldn't you do both, at least in other time scales than combat ? It is especially frustrating during a one-to-one conflict. I don't see the point here, but there may be some balance reason.
  3. Zit

    Social Combat Styles

    like this one http://kadnax.pagesperso-orange.fr/pagly4.htm ? (I haven't read it).
  4. Zit

    What changes to include in a second edition?

    Just a detail : in the Blessing Invoke Lesser Cantrip, Invoke Cantrip and Smite With Cantrip, you mention "offensive cantrips": I'm not sure to have seen any definition of what an offensive spell is.
  5. Zit

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    same for Sengoku Jidai please
  6. Zit

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    is it downloadable from another source than he BRP forum, which requires to sign in ?
  7. Zit

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    What about the creatures ? So I actually already shared a Mesopotamian package on D100.fr 😄. I'm close to share a second one for the Sarmates. They are unfortunately both in French. I shall adapt them to the template, although they are already rather close to it.
  8. Zit

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    For more clarity, I'd rename "Power types for [belief system]" as "Standard Power systems for [belief system]" or "Power systems from the core rules for [belief system]" and [Power System] as [Specific Power System] If I understand properly the template...
  9. ok, I did it, without stirrups and with a fitness ribbon. I'm untrained (I already shoot a little bit with the bow -I even have a self-built one- but I'm far away from being a true bowman), I am not a great rider, I have an estimated STR of 08 (*) and my horse was staying (I didn't want to take a risk). I was able to aim my ribbon at 180°, so I guess it is not a problem for a trained horse archer, even at gallop which is a rather comfortable pace. I noticed that, while when turning left your right leg applies a pressure on the right flank as expected, you push at the same time on the left leg to help the rotation (which explains why you can rotate so much), which seems to compensate the pressure from the right, and helps holding the horse. My conclusion is that the Parthian shot is highly plausible - with all the limitations such an experiment may have. (*) I estimate the draw at at least 50lbs, which, considering my ridiculous muscular mass, should correspond to 80lbs for a trained warrior
  10. I like the idea as well. But for doing this they must wear light armour, unless they can use magic to help. Like trying to get the Jump spell from the Trolls in the rubble. Or may be a strength spell.
  11. I guess they needed some help to get on the horse (which may be considered as a shame for a nomad ), which is quite annoying if you have to change your wounded mount during the battle, which probably happened often. So back to Glorantha, if we consider that Praxians do not have stirrups, any heavy armoured Praxian player character should take this into account. Except if the beast (e.g high llama and may be bison) is trained to lay down to allow its rider to get on its back, like camels IRW. But if the neighbours (Sartar, Lunar Antilopes...) have stirrups, I bet the Praxians would have adopted them as well.
  12. This is what I read about steppe nomads, but it may be true (or not) only for them because of their way of life, but I wont't argue on this. And I meant the rigid saddle, not the art of cushion saddle used before. Which kind of saddles and armours did these older cataphracts have ? You're right. I actually used it has a limit for horse archery at all. I've read it and I got it confirmed by an horse archer (he mentioned about max 80-90 lbs). Nomads brought at least 2 bows at war. The second (or 3rd) bow was most probably a spare one, but sometime was much stronger and supposedly to be used only on foot. When you see how a foot archer has to draw a >120lbs long bow, you can imagine it is not possible at all on horseback. It is here not about taking time shooting tens of arrows right in the middle of the target, or during a full battle, but about fast shooting of only a few arrows during a tactical move, so even if uncomfortable, uneasy, less efficient and tiring, it may have been used. All our discussions are anyway suppositions only, and even YRWWV. For a fantasy world, you can actually chose whatever you prefer. For instance, state that in Glorantha, Impala riders are can turn at 180°. Or even humans. After all, they can magic.
  13. ok, I'll try it again tomorrow on my icelandic pony (which is much like ancient horses and steppe ponies). I may not find a bow, though. I may also not dare doing it at gallop either, since neither my horse nor myself are trained for that. I don't see any reason not to believe the old pictures and sculptures depicting a Parthian shot. You probably can train a horse to move forward while you shoot backward. Horse can learn a lot of tricks. You can probably train our body to turn : much of us are probably unable to, but what about people having been trained to it since their childhood (although I just tried on my chair and I was able with bare hands to aim an imaginary bow at a target 180° behind me) ? It is anyway possible to do it without holding the stance for a long time. This implies "instinctive shooting" without aiming, like hunters often do. Nomads had several bows of different strengths, probably one for horse archery and one for foot archery. Note also that using the thumb to draw the bow seems to allow to keep a small angle between the shoulders and the arrow, which helps further. I wrote rules for steppe nomads and my proposals were: Any archer can do a Parthian shot while mounted if he has stirrups but with a penalty, and not at all without stirrups. A trained horse archer (here some special skill, trait or stunt has to be introduced) can do the Parthian shot at normal score with stirrups, and with a penalty without stirrups. No aiming is allowed. Bow strength as well as size have to be limited. Speaking about stirrups, one thing they made possible was probably heavy cavalry: jumping onto a horse while wearing an armor may prove difficult, and Praxians have no cranes. The introduction of stirrups is also probably related to that of saddle (and especially wooden ones).
  14. Zit

    Red Moon Rising

    RosenMcstern is a passionate game designer whom I had the chance to work with, so you can count on him to work on the product and to have it been released. He only has a much higher score in Knowledge [Game Design] than in Communication [Stroke Customer], but this is what matters, isn't it ?