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  1. no, you're right, a penalty is better, but the chart says "one Consequence". (even if the text below says "Penalty") ok, I won't mention pages anymore, I only thought it would help. But I mentioned the sections as well. "Diseases and Illness" -> "Wounds & Infection": the last sentence is cut.
  2. Do you want to start an errata thread ? I've already seen 2 : - p.11 language table: any French shall speak any Occitan with a penalty (not a consequence) - p. 35, Corn Dollies: a page reference is missing "see also p.xx"
  3. it looks like the calculation are ok, but if you modify a characteristics, the attributes and skills do not change.
  4. 6th century steppes nomads, of course (although it slowed down a bit these last times)
  5. An "Astral Struggles" supplement ?
  6. p.175 : "Normally, each pre-activated power occupies Channelling points equal to the number of Life Points it would cost in Advanced Combat, but the relevant Power System description may include specific rules, instead" p. 198: "The invocation of a Blessing in Combat takes one Concentration action, and costs no Life Points" (and p. 173: "Some powers like Divine Blessings do not require an Activation roll or the expenditure of Life Points") p. 199: "With Narrator approval, you can use Ritual casting to extend and improve a Blessing," So I suppose that extending a Blessing can only be done with a ritual, not with pre-activating otherwise it would cost no channeling. But p. 196: "As already explained, Holiness has the same function as Channelling, that is it limits the number of multi-use powers that a believer can pre-activate or sustain with extended duration." Shall this sentence be removed ? Or does Or did I miss a point ?
  7. I think you mean 10km, which is close range for Narrative Time and Downtime. According to the chart on page 178 "power duration summary", the extended range comes with the extended duration only if the power has been ritually extended, that is with a conflict: "If ritually cast, range may increase to kilometres.". This would mean that when extended with the pre-activation procedure (no ritual), the range remains in meters. Right ?
  8. So how do you find the Value of the improved power for the Conflict setting if freeforming ? You still need to refer to the attributes, don't you ? ?? I haven't seen this. And I don't see the point here p.176, extended range: "...when a skilled power user unleashes his or her paranormal abilities with an extended Activation procedure, this line of sight limitation is broken" What is this "extended Activation" ? Pre-activation or ritual casting (conflict) ? If I extend the duration using pre-activation, does it extend the range ?
  9. Please tell me if I understood well: Improving means augmenting the power attributes except duration, even if the attributes are not manipulate Extending means augmenting the effect duration If I want to only improve a power, I need to win a Conflict vs. value If I want to only extend a power, I just need to pre-activate it and multiply the cost (Life Points or whatever the system requires) by the Time Scale. When extending + improving, only a conflict (improvement with possible consequences) is required with the value multiplied by the time scale. No pre-activation is required, leaving the channeling free. Question about Extending Blessings, p. 199 : "With Narrator approval, you can use Ritual casting to extend and improve a Blessing". Even if only extending it ? This would contradict the side note on page 176, where pre-activation should be used when only extending a power.
  10. Not in Glorantha but in France : herdmen do exist ! https://fr.yahoo.com/news/reims-homme-arrĂȘtĂ©-alors-quil-broutait-lherbe-nu-105709912.html
  11. don't tell me ! I wanted to go there and play this game but the battery of my car died.
  12. isn't it what previews are made for ?
  13. If we have time, we shall work on an occitan fin amor companion with Gianni
  14. The headers of the character profession chart (first preview page) are shifted.
  15. Beside the rules, what are the main differences with The Age of Eleanor ?