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  1. By using Revolution D100's stunt and consequences and inspired by Merrie England, you may : - suffer a permanent Consequence due to a specific asceticism (i.e. a 30% penalty on any relevant action or a vow), which allows to: - gain an aspect of the religion in the form of a Trait/Allgiance and - learn related powers in the form of Stunts of this Trait
  2. because of the special effects which compensate this, AFAI.
  3. That's actually quite a good image. A shaman is someone who sees and can interact with what others don't. But even this has to be trained: as long as you don't control these visions, you're only mentally ill. In many (most ? all ?) cultures, you also acknowledge as a shaman only once you have proven your abilities and your usefulness for your community. Sometimes even the paraphernalia is provided by the community. And the status may not be permanent and can be lost. So, in very short, what makes a shaman are his special skills and his community (which includes his ancestors).
  4. if you want to escape a hopeless spirit combat, can't you just kill yourself and hope for a resurection, since killing sends your spirit to the Hell, far away from the attacking spirit or ghost ?
  5. Zit

    Winter in Dragon Pass

    By the way, does it makes sense that when staying enough time under very cold temperatures (e.g. during the Great Winter), zombis freeze and cannot move anymore ?
  6. If they all buy Dynamic D100, I'm sure Alephtar Games is fine with it 😁
  7. did you consider the German tv-movie "Winetou", where -supposedly- Apaches are keeping the hidden treasure of the great spirit "Cthulhu" 😮 ?
  8. many years ago a French guy invented food boxes with 2 compartments containing some chemical stuff. You just had to fold it, it broke the separation between these two compartments and both products mixed and reacted together, producing enough heat to warm up the food at about 70° (Joerg can probably give some details as a chemister). Get your warm cassoulet in space ! It had to be invented by a French. But I'm not sure it has been at last implemented.
  9. Bienvenue au club France. I didn't either have any clue about Go Nagai. This would be a minimum if you want the series to live. And I believe that scenarios would also help understanding how to roleplay this game. I see it well as a tactical battle game, but I hardly imagine how does a rpg scenario for it look like, and may not be the only one. A Quickstart may be useful.
  10. Are there some supplements or scenarios scheduled ?
  11. You can get some ideas from the Balastor's Barack or other supplements : (spoiler) A bag full of inflamable liquid hanging on the ceiling on which an ignite spell is cast (somebody must be able to cast the spell). A cockatrice behind a curtain / door / whatever an adventurer would have to remove, or simply hidden in a dark corner But also... The flaming guardian in Griffin Mountain. Latrines or any other place infested with disease spitrits (spirits are typical RQ guardians). Hornets nests belonging to a Gorakiki initiate A bag holding a one or several whirlwishes with the treasure (or ripping off when opening something) Undead can trigger traps, like pushing a rock, opening a valve, etc.
  12. Just curious: is there any Japanese version scheduled ?
  13. Great move. I'm just wodering about the name, which works more like that of a generic system. Do you intend to keep it or do you want to find a more explicit (and salable) one ? Idealy, you should know what the game is about just by seeing the name.
  14. I agree. You still can cast defensive spells on your sword.
  15. So, what is the next hint ?
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