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  1. when do you expect the pdf to be ready ?
  2. Zit

    1652 Great Flood

    and Glorantha is not following physics but myth, so there may even be a mythical reason for the block to float away.
  3. Zit

    New description of Rituals

    I love it as well. Actually I like both rules and we could make then setting-dependant. If you allow rituals, you don't need to introduce channeling, but if you don't use rituals or are not a fan of free-form spells, channeling is an elegant and simple way to increase the powers duration.
  4. Zit

    New description of Rituals

    Smiths are magicians in many cultures. But I understand that this is not about making things better, but about making them in a special way which requires a long and intense attention, so Concentration makes sense. I'm sure you can desecrate a place even faster 😛. Does this also mean that you cannot efficiently protect the place in a narrative time scale, except against actions carried on the narrative time scale, since the conflict has to be run in this time scale ? What about enchantments ? At which Time scale the effects are effective ? If it is a question of balance, ok, but one can see the Channeling as a simplification of what could be mechanically solved with a ritual casting. I see here two ways to do the same, one of them being arbitrary forbidden by the game designer for game balance. Couldn't you bypass the Channeling anyway just by modifying one effect, even possibly decreasing it, just to be able to cast the spell beyond your channeling limit ? Just trying to twist and dig into the mechanics to make them perfect and remove anything not clear.
  5. Zit

    New description of Rituals

    duration : what if you don't want to increase it but only increase the effect ? Is there any effect rules wise or is it just left to the caster ? It still do not understand why you discourage using ritual casting for extending the duration. range & Targets : This could be understand as "either a group or an area". And if becoming an area effect, does it affect anyone coming into the area , which is in contradiction with the example in the Target section ? Enhance range table : you mention range and then radius. Range is one dimensional, radius refers to an area or volume. Clarify. Range : the first example shows a power cast on an area. The second looks like a power cast directly on 3 targets, but you mention the radius, which implies an area. When the enemies enter the protected area, they must make a conflict in the same time scale than the spell (every 5 minutes in the example). This leave them enough time to desecrate the place. And if the power had been cast in narrative time, they would have hours before they are demoralized. Shouldn't it be a Conflict in Combat time ? How can you chose it ? The conflict is against the caster's WIL using his Power rating, as if directly casting it ? (BTW : you should write WIL instead of Will - I know, this is Word's autocorrection)
  6. Zit

    New description of Rituals

    It seems much better and structured. I have a couple of questions before I read the second half : - why do you impose Concentration for the ritual ? Religious magic may require Allegiance. Magic considered as a "science" could use a knowledge skill. A smith enchanting a blade could use his craft skill. A Morris dancer his dance skill. -... " and the Power itself is always considered an appropriate Trait ". I don't understand this sentence. - challenge rating 80 % if the Value of the power is more than double the power user’s starting Resolution Points : isn't it a "double punishment" ?
  7. Zit

    Original BRP

    It would be very nice from Chaosium if they removed the copyright on it and allowed the free reproduction and diffusion of this booklet, which I fortunately have. It is part of role playing story now.
  8. Zit

    1980s RQ Soloquest

    if they are not to be reedited at some time, it would be nice from Chaosium to release them as free pdf, or to allow someone to do it.
  9. Zit

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Are Durulz mammals ? I'm asking because of the breast armour the duck is wearing.
  10. Zit

    What changes to include in a second edition?

    When reading the extended powers rule, I thought it was basically a default rule for any power system (even if it is clearly written that it is not the case), and the divine magic the exception (I haven't read the weird science). That may be because my English is not sufficient, or there may be so much info that I missed it. As a consequence, there was for me 2 ways of extending all the powers : the extended casting and the ritual casting. You may try to find a way to make it clear for stupid people like me what is a core rule (e.g. pre-activation or rituals) and what is an option (e.g. extended duration). That's the difficulty with a toolkit like RD100. A side bar comment seems not correct to me, p. 178 beside the enchantment section: The ritual is missing. As it is written, the extended duration looks like a standard default rule. A question : does the rules for dissipating long duration power works for extended powers (with channeling) as well ?
  11. Zit

    Really high skills (skills over 100%)

    Not exactly, if I recall well. The higher skill skill was not reduced down to 100%, you just removed the part over 100 from the opponent's skill. Actually the case with both opponents above 100% was not clearly stated in RQ2, but you could just deduce that for instance 150 vs 120 -> 150-20 vs 120-50 = 130 vs 70. The new rule makes it 100 vs 70. Both work, the old way keeps higher chances for crits (+1.5% in our example) and specials (+6%) and advantages the highest skilled, but gets complicated when more than 2 opponents are fighting. The new rule makes it easier with less maths. Since it does not fundamentally changes things but simplifies, I'm ok with it.
  12. Zit

    What changes to include in a second edition?

    I had some difficulties with the power extensions and ritual castings. Page 176, improved and ritual use of powers. The first sentence is about improved power, but in the second sentence a "ritual" pops up from nowhere. Or do you mean : "To activate an improved version of a power, you have to use a Ritual ? This paragraph is actually about improving a power which is basically not a ritual, by using a conflict. It seems that a ritual is also a power which simply requires some time to activate (ex. summon [entity]). If this is the case, explain it in the section about power activation (p. 172). After all, as soon as you take some time to activate a power, you are stricto sensu conducting a ritual. May be reserve the term "ritual" for powers actually requiring a ritual, and stay by "improved activation" or even "improvement ritual" (always both terms together) for powers modified through a conflict,. The next section "Extended Range and Area Effect" is not clear. You start with : And then the chart. So it looks like the range is automatically extended with the duration. In this case, the whole paragraph shall be next to the "extended power duration" page 175. But later comes : you finish with : And then here is the Manipulation. At this point I'm lost. Extension, ritual, manipulate...please clarify and simplify. The chart page 177 (in the middle of the enchantments, wrong place, move it) explains it a bit more : if you want to use the extended range, you have to make a ritual, that is a conflict. So the extended ranges on the chart are how the powers are POTENTIALY extendible with a conflict vs. value x time scale. Why don't you use the same rule as for duration scale, that is simply multiply the channeling point by the range scale, without any conflict, and keep the conflict for the range score only -as per other attributes ? It looks like the rules are unable to chose between two -nice- procedures : using channeling or using conflicts. So to improve an attribute of a power on a higher time scale, I must : 1- extend the power with an extended activation procedure (which is also called "extended power duration") using the channeling, and 2.- improve the attributes using the ritual activation (also called ritual use, which brings some confusion with the ritual powers) with a conflict. Except if you have a manipulation stunt. Am I correct ? Or don't I need an extended activation as soon as I made a ritual in a higher time scale ? Which would mean that there is no limit, I can activate as many powers as i want in a high time scale, as long as I win my conflicts. Well, this post is a bit confuse because the rules are confusing (for me at least).
  13. The rules state, p. 190 : "The summoning must take place at least in Narrative time, and the creature will stay on the mundane plane for a period determined by normal Conflict rules." What do you mean ? How do the "normal Conflict rules" determine the period ?
  14. Zit

    RuneQuest roleplaying in Glorantha yes or no?

    I second. My very first rpg was RQ2. I started with a friend, none of us having played any rpg before. Our English was awful. We played the BRP a couple of times and then jumped into RQ, and we understood the rules without any trouble. They were really intuitive and consistent. A soon as you get the easy logic behind then, everything goes fluent. And RQG is more or less RQ2 + what was missing in RQ2. So no worries with RQG, despite the number of pages.
  15. Zit

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    "Heroes" ?