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  1. Augments in Quickstart

    The question may already have been addressed somewhere else, I'm sorry if it is the case. The rules for augments on page 2 are not the same as later for Runes and Passions, although it is said on page 2 that "Where appropriate, abilities—whether Runes, skills, or passions— may be combined to augment one another". Page 2: • Failure: Subtract –20% from the desired ability. • Fumble: Subtract –50% from the desired ability. Page 8 & 10 • Failure: Subtract –10% from all rolls using that Rune/passion etc. • Fumble: Immediately lose –1D10% from the Rune/passion etc. I know the Quickstart is only a draft and I guess this has already been spotted and will be corrected, but I'm wondering if, the definitive rules, there will be a difference when augmenting with skills or with runes/passions, and if yes, why ?
  2. How to stat a scorpionfolk Queen?

    There should be one in the Scorpions' Hall Soloquest as well, if I remember well.
  3. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    I'm not sure. Citing the rules : "A Motivation is a short phrase that expresses what your character believes in, wants to achieve, what is important, what haunts his or her dreams." And "“Addicted to alcohol” is not a good Motivation". I understand a Motivation as something which shall drive you doing voluntary something (this is what I mean with "positive"), not prevent you or force you doing something, which is in terms of mechanics the opposite and like would be an addiction or a phobia. So it should be "despite blablabla..." or "tries to overcome blablabla..." instead. And what would mean "activating a Motivation" ? Getting drunk for an alcoholic ? (and gaining Fate Points, as everybody knows that there are guardian angels for alcoholics )
  4. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    Well, I understand Motivation is something positive, which "drives you to improve your situation", like trying to overcome a weakness. As the rule says, "addicted to alcohol" is not a good motivation, but "tries to overcome his addiction" is a good one. In this case, the player wanted a true impairment, like a passion, an addiction, a phobia. A kind of HQ flaw. What about giving a permanent Consequence ?
  5. Suggest a change or correction

    sorry if it already has been mentioned: p. 93, side block "spell singing", there is a reference to POW instead of WIL. At many other places, WIL is written Will.
  6. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    My (late) HR was that you were able to attack and parry if holding one single weapon, whatever it was (1H or 2H). It is another combat style than having two weapons, with different stances and tactics. Not perfect but more balanced and not so unrealistic I think.
  7. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    One of my players wants to give a personality Trait, like "can hardly resist a [temptation]". How do you manage this ?
  8. Gloranthan themed birthday party.

    Do you mean a Three Feathered Rivals Contest ? Fist = Darkness, 2 fingers = wind or lightning, hand = sky dome
  9. Our Last RQ Session

    Very broo-ish, it perfectly suits to Dorastor. And a very successful game : led by very inventive players enjoying the game with the GM as spectator. Perfect.


    Well, I think it depends on the game. If you play in kind of Star Wars game, planets with one single biome, one single land and even one single town is not so much of a concern
  12. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    A big difference is that in RW, the men made the gods and adapted them to their convenience/influences/conquests/culture/whatever. Syncretism is common, especially with polytheistic religions which easily adopted gods from other pantheons. In Glorantha, as well as in most of the fantasy worlds, the gods exist on their own and may not be so flexible! Comparing both does therefore not make 100% sense. Except if in Glorantha, the Mortals shape the gods as well (question for the Glorantha subforum). At a shrine dedicated to one aspect, you are still in contact with the god, so why shouldn't you be able to contact his other aspects ? The other attendants may not be able to because of their particular ties with the deity, but you may. Or does a shrine create a particular channel to the god which only initiates to this channel can follow? But this can be left to the Referee (), indeed.
  13. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    So did I. But since the rules are currently being rewritten, it is a chance to bring clarity.
  14. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    But still to be the canon. We are speaking about two different things: - Glorantha as a work if literature. It is great and plays with complex intellectual concepts, discussed in the Glorantha subforum. - Glorantha as a game setting. This what it is about here, since we are in the Runequest subforum. I’m not found of simplistic settings, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting in these forums, and as I already said somewhere else, I like Glorantha for its complexity. Saying that it may go too far in complexity AS A GAME does not mean that one prefer simplistic settings: pretending this is an excessive reaction. All is not black or white (very gloranthian, isn’t it ? ). It's also not despising Greg's work. We could of course argue about where to put the limit of complexity for the game. It is here a question of playability. In my opinion, as a general thought, in a game setting, you shall at some point stop exploring and start providing answers. And players are free to change them if they don't agree. It is just like writing a historical game (since you are mentioning RW religions): in RW, myths and beliefs don’t have influence on the world mechanics, but they will in the game, so you have at some time to stop scholarly discussions and provide a playable solution "a minima". In RuneQuest for instance, magic exists through the runes, and there are rule mechanics for it. Of course, we could decide that RuneQuest is a game of exploration of intellectual concepts through role playing. But I would keep this as an option only. It may also be that variable runes are very playable, but it should be clearly stated, explained and somehow come with at least guidelines and consequences (game wise), since in a gloranthan based game, it is not just a detail. The Guide to Glorantha has been presented several times as the canon, so hearing two years later that it is only a relative point of view is kind of weird, but ok, we'll go ahead with it. But when players get confused, it shows that something is wrong either in the concept or simply in the way it has been introduced or explained.
  15. New RuneQuest and gods' Runes.

    Glorantha is great and I love it, and I praise the job made by Chaosium's team, but it is in my opinion sometime going too far in obscure metaphysical concepts, which at the end can be seen as trying to cope with inconsistencies in the setting. Sorry, but we don't need quantum mechanics for Glorantha to enjoy it. It is up to the players to make it vary, but the publisher shall provide solid references. Game designers shall first design...a game, and not get lost in intellectual masturbation, as the French say. Qui bene amat bene castigat, I still love playing in Glorantha.