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BRP Mecha: finalization and last playtest opportunity


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BRP Mecha has reached its final stage. The playtest I ran this week did not just go as I wished, it even surpassed my expectations! The story that came out of that session could have been a script written by Go Nagai in the seventies, and the system did a great job of processing player input and incorporating any kind of good ideas with minimal intervention on the part of the GM. We even staged a character-versus-mecha short fight, an eventuality I had willingly left out of the rules, and – contrary to my expectations - it worked!

If you had missed this teaser, here is the mecha sheet for Kootetsu Jeeg, prepared for this playtest.

Some rules need smoothing and tinkering, so I will run a final playtest with the beta rules I used in the last demo, adding only a couple more details for the rules for flight. During this month I can still incorporate player feedback, and indeed it could be very useful.

If you wish to playtest, please send me a PM or email or whatever (quantum brainwave messages accepted). Please apply only if you are interested in actual playtest, not just reading the rules.

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Maybe. I do not have a FG ruleset that can support the game, but Maptools will do. But if anyone wishes to playtest, I will gladly hand out a beta manuscript.

Roll20: Web-based online virtual tabletop for all roleplaying games (RPGs) is browser based and free, with webcam conference function and all. I think it will work for any game type :)

Tea and Madness

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Please do not turn this into a VTT comparison thread. You can open another one to list online tools for playing, and I will gladly participate. Maybe I will run a playtest online, but it is not the most important news. The point here is that the final draft is now available for playtest for volunteers, with me or with one's own group.

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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