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    I have GMed games from every edition of D&d cause that seems to be what everyone wants to play. I have ran Traveler briefly. Ran or played in most of the White Wolf games. Played and ran all of Palladium games other than there fantasy game. I have ran lord of the rings CODA system. I have ran Shadowrun and played Cyper punk. I am currently learning Basic Roleplaying System.
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    Basic role playing system.
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    I am a story based role player and game master. Looking to get into the BRP system. I like the main book often refered to as the big golden book. I am looking for a system that does modern, near future and maybe sci-fi well.

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  1. I remember something close to that actually I still have a wax d20 that has 0-9 on it twice and I have a d100 as well though I do not use either anymore. They are quite old To go with the d20 wax I also have a d12 wax the others to the set got destroyed.
  2. Yea none of those here. There was one a few years ago they were not that friendly but they had RPG products. But for 5 to 10 years there has been nothing like that here.
  3. I agree with this most people are exposed to a new game from someone that they know that plays the game. I have no idea what a FLGS is and i am rather sure there are none near where I live. All of the roleplayers I know were gotten into the hobby from other people. Many of the ones I know and play with were gotten into by myself.
  4. The problem still comes down to most others systems do not have the resources and push that D&D and Pathfinder seem to have. I agree that a method of both in stores and online is the way to go. Though still without any support from mainstream book stores this is going t be hard to do. Only a large push from fans and the company might get some of these books into stores other than a local game shop. With the fact that many places do not have local game shops the problem then boils down to how to get the books on the shelves. As for most players would not buy a product they can not read first this is not true in my experience either. They want a clear idea of how the system work. So fans writing clear reviews on how a game works would help sale the pdf. The pdf is also a good bit cheaper making it more likely that someone will buy it to try a new system as long as they understand what they are getting first. Even the ability to thumb through a book does not mean my players will like it. So I for one would want to go the cheaper route to get a whole new system for my group.
  5. In the world of open gaming license what company really matters if it shut down. The content for the game will be available else where. Look at D&D it has gone through at least three companies that own it now and it is the most pushed RPG on the market. I learned of Chaosium just recently myself and i have been roleplaying for over 20 years. I learned of it through Mongoose publishing mentioning runequest in it legend rpg. Then again when looking for a game that copies King Arthur and I found Pendragon was made by them. As for the BGB it is a generic roleplaying rule set. These are never meant to get new players. They are not attracted to rules but settings. Then they get bored with the rules of that setting and they start to look for rules they like better then they find generic rules like GURPS and the BGB. On a personal note I quite like the BGB and it is easy from someone new to BRB to use just not someone new to role playing but it is a generic system. I have not yet played any d100 products and I understand the BGB easy as a rule set.
  6. That is true you can eat the roots and the leaves. I understand how good an idea that is it would be awful and by 20 years after they would be every where
  7. I have gotten the monographs for rubble and ruin as well as Aces High they both seem great to me. I mean you can tell they are privately done but they are not hard to use or read. When I read them I think probally could not even do that good of a job.
  8. Yea I live in Alabama I have about 20 arces of land and in just a few years. Maybe 15 years kudzu took over nearly 8 acres and it is hard work to keep it comtained
  9. If the play test is not closed I would like to try this with my group. We are a small group only three to four players but are rather found of Mecha in games.
  10. Yes I am asking what editions of the supplements are the easiest to use with the game. I have a few plans for BRP BGB. One is a near future themed game. The other is an apocalypse setting. For fantasy games I am looking at RQ not sure of the edition yet. In general though I am looking for products that mostly work the same as I like the BRP system so for the different setting I do not have to learn and tech my players new rules. In my years of role playing I always seemed to miss any BRP game. I just found them in a quest to find a skill based game other than Palladium. But in getting to it this late there are so many editions of the games in the system that all have slight changes to large changes. So far I see Strombringer/Elric and RQ2 seem the closest. What I am looking for is what editions of the games are closest to BRP 4th. edition?
  11. I have plans to run it next weekend. I did find some information I could use for the farming. It was easier to get average yield rates than I thought it would be. Not sure I will use them for a while but it is nice to have them. I must have gotten a bad pdf the the text is missing from Avalon. My copy is also missing the table of contents to me this no problem as the index is very useful. Is it possible to get an updated pdf or are they still working on that? I live in the Southern United States so I really like the weed unleashed in the game. We have a major kudzu problem here and there is not a much better way to make land hard to pass and unusable.
  12. Thanks for the replies but does the edition of CoC matter or are all of them basically the same? I have only seen the first edition of CoC and that is where I saw difference. I have not looked at Elric.
  13. I am new here and I just bought this book in pdf from drivethrurpg. Other than the mixing info noted above. As well as there is a heading for Avalon with nothing under it. I got to say I love the book. The clear thought and time that went into was was amazing. The only thing I think it is missing is rules for the farming skills. It says based on success of the skill you get an increase or decrease to base yield. I could not find though base yield rules in the book. The dog rules were amazing some of the best for having a pet I have ever seen. I have not tried the Vehicle rules but they seem pretty good. I am wondering if you will be writing anymore info for this setting.
  14. I have have a rather newbie question. I have The BRP latest edition I believe it is 4th ed book. I was wondering what other books and products are closest to it's rules. As well as the edition of those products. I see that they are all kind of the same base mechanic but what ones require the least conversions? I am not sure I am good enough with the system to convert much at this point. I have looked at some of CoC and there seems to be major difference in them. I do not care about magic systems yet though any additional Psionics would be nice. I would also like good stats for Mech and cyberware if possible.
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