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Miniatures for BRP


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Just wanted to let everyone know that Reaper Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign to expand their new line of fantasy miniatures, Bones.

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures by Reaper Miniatures — Kickstarter

They are up to 97 miniatures at the $100 pledge level, with options for 2 fire giants, 2 frost giants, a large dragon or 3 large figs (ettin, ogre and another gnoll) for $10 per option. Also, 2 paint sets (12 colors each) for $18 per, 20 large orcs for $25 and a big hard-shell miniatures case (holds over 100) for $25.

On top of all this, shipping is free to the US and Canada, and doesn't stack for the rest of the world.

It really is a bargain and getting better all the time.

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Update: they're up to 106 figures for Vampire and above pledges, including translucent elementals and fire effects - included!

This doesn't even take into account the extras available, including a dragon with a 12" wingspan for $10, and they've added another pair of dragons for $15 as the next stretch goal.

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For that cost, you could almost buy three Games Workshop miniatures. O:)

That's so funny, and so true!;D

I know cuz I own a Necron army and have started making a Black Templars army!

Though to be honest, I bought my most of my Necron army used and was lucky enough that the guy who had it before me painted them the same base color that I was using for mine.

Skunk - 285/420 BRP book

You wanna be alright you gotta walk tall

Long Beach Dub Allstars & Black Eyed Peas

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The translucent haunts have been achieved, as has two massive demons for an additional $15 (for both!). Next is a free group of six heroes, then another huge (nearly 12" tall) dragon for $10(!!!). Sometime today we should also see what the crypt holds...

So now we are at something like 117 miniatures for $100, plus a horde of insanely cheap options.

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For those not keeping up...the crypt was just revealed. 11 (yeah, 11) Chronoscope miniatures added to Vampire, as well as a Little Death for free, AS WELL AS the Colossal Skeletal Giant for $10 (!!!). I don't want to sound like a used car salesman, but this is really getting insane!

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Here's a breakdown of what's currently available in the Kickstarter to someone who pledges at Vampire level ($100):

Vampire pledge (30 miniatures) 100.00

Now added to Vampire free:


Undead Horde




Klocke Classics



Fire It Up


Mr. Bones


IMEF Marines


Dark Elves

We Be Goblins


Zombie Hunters




That is approximately 170 highly detailed 28mm miniatures for $100. Yeah, about 58 cents per miniature.

You can also purchase extra sets of these:

Fighters 4.00

Undead Horde 10.00

BBEG 5.00

Elves 4.00

Dwarves 4.00

Klocke Classics 4.00

Townsfolk 5.00

Heroes 6.00

Fire It Up 5.00

Haunts 6.00

Mr. Bones 1.00

Chronoscope 11.00

IMEF Marines 6.00

Bedeviled 5.00

Dark Elves 4.00

We Be Goblins 9.00

NOVA 5.00

Zombie Hunters 4.00

Vermin 10.00

Iconics 8.00

Pirates 5.00

In addition, you can purchase the following options:

Fire Giants 10.00

Frost Giants 10.00

Ebonwrath 10.00

Mind Your Manors 10.00

There Be Dragons 15.00

Demons 15.00

Deathsleet 10.00

Mythos Monsters 10.00

Undead Giant 10.00

Clockwork Dragon 15.00

Pathfinder Red Dragon 10.00

Fire Giant Warriors 10.00

Spider Centaurs 10.00

Forces of Nature 15.00

Frost Wyrm 10.00

Jabberwock 10.00

Paint Set 1: Basic Set I 18.00

Paint Set 2: Undead Set 18.00

Paint Set 3: Basic Set II 18.00

Paint Set 4: IMEF Colors 18.00

Orcpocolypse 25.00

Figure Case 25.00

Keep in mind, more figures are being added every day (both free add-ons and optional purchases). You've never seen a deal like this, and likely never will again.

Do yourself a favor:

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures by Reaper Miniatures — Kickstarter

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