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    I prefer old school gaming and miss the eighties.

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  1. Has anyone tried creating a Traveller-like Life-path system for CoC or BRP (or is there one published that I’m either forgetting or not aware of)?
  2. So in the ORC license, the items designated under ‘Product Identity’ are the elements that CAN’T be used? Just want to make sure.
  3. The CEO already stated that will not be a free pdf update, it’s a new edition of the game rules (he even used the example of CoC 6th/7th).
  4. The pdf won’t be the full price of the book, but if you buy the pdf now at the pdf price that amount is taken off the price of the physical book when it’s released so that in the end, you pay standard price for the physical book and received the pdf effectively “free”. Just in two installments, and without having to wait for the info in digital form.
  5. And I hope YouTube personalities cover this well and get the word out and drive up the popularity of this system. This should be the premier game system!
  6. OMG! So awesome! I expect the things outlined as off limits in the old OGL (Sanity, certain things from RQG, etc.) will still not be included, but still, I cannot wait! I hope the innovative chase rules from CoC7 are added…
  7. I see I’m dabbling in a bit of necromancy here, but I’m confused. Can the BGB (the rules portions) not be used as the SRD? If not, which parts can/cannot? The SRD is missing a LOT of the necessary systems. Or is this all moot since they are joining ORC? Chaosium *is* still joining ORC I hope?
  8. I hope they do a slipcase set for the Gaslight books! and will the Miskatonic Valley books be hardcover? I hope so…
  9. Has there been any progress working with private individuals getting CoC and RQG packages for Foundry vtt?

  10. Any word on this? Any word from Chaosium on approval or acceptance?
  11. Yes, please! Get Chaosium-approved support for RQG and CoC on Foundry!
  12. Both, but I’ve also got a serious case of Pokémon Syndrome (“gotta collect them all”). 😁
  13. I don’t think normally Chaosium has a ‘product pipeline’ list like Mongoose does. At least I haven’t found one. I just started getting into RuneQuest with the new edition and I’m aware they have a very many of the old supplements available as POD. However, I REALLY don’t want to buy a bunch of the old supplements only to find that new versions are soon to be released. anyone have any info on upcoming titles?
  14. Any word on the PDF yet? I sent them an email, but haven't received a reply yet (of course).
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