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In opposed skill tests characters with skills over 100% are already considered to have succeeded. Therefore to be beaten his opponent needs to score a critical success. Of course the Master may also roll a critical, in which case the highest roll wins.

The above details a skill roll, but if this was combat, kust to verify, would the opponent still require a Critical to successfully Dodge/Parry?

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You need to read the rules on p46 for Close Combat skills greater than 100%, those rules apply only to Opposed Rolls. Combat which is not an opposed roll is handled differently.

Logically the effect is the same.

Rurik with a Close Combat skill of 120% always hits if he chooses not to split his attack (see p46) , unless his skill is modified down by situational modifiers. So logicically he's only rolling to see if he rolls a critical.

A bit ambiguous I know ( and perhaps something I'll look at in OQ2 ) but that's how it is.

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