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Monster Planet


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All right, here's a setting idea some might want to run with. First line of the elevator speech: "Giant monsters of the apocalypse!"

The Kaiju: Gigantic, biologically impossible creatures with an endless appetite for destruction. These things are actually constructs of some type. Outwardly each is unique, inwardly they are composed of a yeasty substance a little more dense than cotton candy. Of course 2000 tons of this stuff in a 800 foot tall monster is still something that makes the earth shake with each mighty footstep. Oh yeah, there is is one internal organ, the Toho Nexus, which a produces a slight gravity warping field around the beast; making fantastic leaps, and even flight, possible for the Kaiju.

Humanity: Is mainly underground. There are a few fortress cities, surround by vast defensive belts upon the surface.

These are always far inland, as a majority of the Kaiju seem to have semi-aquatic life-styles. Also, some tribes of feral humans still wander the surface. Most of these of these have adopted one of the Kaiju as a totemic beast-god.

Interestingly enough some shamanesses among these tribal bands have developed a kind of telepathic rapport with their adopted Kaiju totem.

Play: The Player Characters are probably trouble-shooters from one of the fortress cities. There job is track the Kaiju, in order to predict their movements: kind of like of today's storm chasers. They of course have all kinds of neat toys,

vehicles and weapons, to play with. Of course the Kaiju seem to particularly like to smash these vehicles...

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Sounds interesting.

The hard bit will be to design adventures around the DaiKaju without putting the PCs into direct conflcit with them ('cuz they'll get squashed).

I'd recommended porting over that maser weapon (the lightning gun) from the old Toho films. It's about the only thing that seems to work against the Daikaiju consistently.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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