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Interesting dice mechanic


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I'm running a casino heist scenario tonight and one of the possible challenges will be hacking the computer security system. However, I want to do something a bit more involved than just rolling a computer skill. I was thinking of something akin to a skill challenge in D&D 4th. (Not sure what it's called but there is also something like this in World of Darkness)

Does anyone have any ideas of an intriguing dice mechanic that could work? (BRP style?)



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Assign a defence rating to the computer sec, say 10 points. Then roll the hacker's skill once per turn (5 minutes). Success does 1d6 damage to the computer sec, special success does 2d6 damage, critical success does 3d6. When the security rating reaches 0, the computer is hacked. Arbitrarily determine a time limit within which the hacking attempt must succeed.

To make things worse, you can assign a "stealth" rating to the intrusion attempt, and a skill rating to the anti-intrusion system. For each turn, the GM rolls against the skill and damages the stealth rating. If the stealth rating goes to 0, the intrusion has been detected, and the hacker located. In this latter case, all rolls may become opposed rolls, if you prefer.

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