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OpenQuest 2 Jule Update


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Great news. I'm waiting for OpenQuest Basics myself, as I have no interest in OQ's default setting, but that will also benefit from quality proof reading.

Newt, with regard to estimated release dates I'd suggest just adding 6-12 months to those in advance. Nobody is going to complain if a book releases earlier than "expected". ;) I've actually been wondering why all publishers don't do this.

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I discovered OQ too late to get in on the backing OQ2 malarky, but having started to use the system in my current games I'm really looking forward to eventually seeing whats been tweaked. Wealth skill mentioned in the preview has me really thinking. Wondering whether it's just a version of CoC's credit rating, while hoping it's a well thought out abstract way of dealing with money, possessions and shopping. :)

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