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Empires Rising


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The epic fantasy role-play setting Empires Rising is to re-published in a revised and expanded second edition! The new edition will be published under The Design Mechanism's RuneQuest Gateway license, through my own publishing house called Lion & Eagle Press.

Empires Rising is a stand alone fantasy campaign setting for RuneQuest filled with adventure, warfare, conquest and empire building!

Set in the fantasy world of Athennia, Empires Rising is a setting about two new empires: the Commonwealth of Atalansia and the Grydorlan Empire. Both are beginning to take root and expand, and making a mad grab for territory, consuming smaller nations within reach and waging war on their neighbours. In the middle, a group of terrified nations have decided to band together to form The Alliance, a loose confederacy whose sole aim is to make a stand against the ambitions of these two empires. Empires Rising is a campaign guide, and can be used as a sandbox setting in which you to play out your own stories.

The new edition features:

• An revised and expanded world gazetteer. This includes the myths and legends of Athennia.

• Campaign Criteria with complete guidelines for character generation using the RuneQuest 6th Edition rules.

• A rundown of the major cults and factions within the setting.

• Rules governing the use of the five RuneQuest magic disciplines in Empires Rising.

• A complete bestiary of creatures.

• Populus: The capital city of The Alliance and detailed for use as a base for your player characters.

• All the Kings Men: An Introductory scenario to the campaign setting.

The release will be followed up by two supplements:

The first is Tales From Athennia. Six stand alone scenarios are detailed in this book and are good examples of such adventures your characters can have in Empires Rising and can be used as a starting point for your very own campaigns.

The six scenarios are:

• The King Thief

• Curse of the Necromancer

• Pirates of the Black Isles

• Winter’s Song

• Ghost of a Silhouette

• Tricks of the Trade

The second is Destiny of the Crown. This is a full campaign set in the kingdom of Atalansia during a civil war and power struggle for the empty throne. The characters become embroiled in the plotting and scheming between two opposing royal factions.

Release dates to be announced.

As a RuneQuest 6th edition campaign guide, Empires Rising is compatible with Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying & Magic World, Mongoose Publishing's Legend and D101 Games' OpenQuest.

Nathan Baron

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This looked good the first time around, although I'm mostly over the HeroQuest game mechanics these days so I gave it a pass.

(I'll buy Gloranthan supplements in HQ for the narrative, and convert it to BRP/RQ, but won't cross the road for other settings...possibly Mythic Russia, but that's about it!)

However, I have heard a few good reports about Empires Rising, and it does look interesting. I also like that you've got some scenarios lined up, as well as a major campaign. The later sounds great, and the kind of thing I'm after as a GM these days.

If this setting is re-released using BRP-related mechanics, then you've probably sold me! ;t)

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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Thanks. :)

The first drafts of the main ER book and Tales have been completed. I'm also a third of the way through writing up the campaign, which has been play-tested by my weekly gaming group. New interior artwork has been commissioned and I'm already checking out artists to see if I can find one to do a nice front cover for the new edition.

It's all go on the ER front! :)

Nathan Baron

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