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  1. Cool, thanks for the above link! Interesting to see that Greg envisoned Big Sur for the Manirian Coast - I was not aware of that - however, it certainly makes sense It's pretty cool, as when I was last down on the Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia), I remember thinking that this could be what the New Coast of Maniria must be like, well in summer anyway, and it turns out that it fits Greg's vision reasonably well
  2. Yes I can't remember if I read that here or in the Glorantha FB group. Years ago I read that Greg Stafford initially received geographical inspiration for Dragon Pass and Prax from North American terrain, and this has been confirmed many times since. Not to say that Europe isn't a good analogy, the Alps, the Balkans etc. But I do like to keep the Americana flavour for Dragon Pass & Prax, as it makes it feel more unique when you add the ancient world-influenced cultures to it. So I am using the Sierra Nevada range and the American Rockies for alot of my geographical references fo
  3. Anyone have any real-world inspiration for Gloranthan terrain? I stumbled across this video, and perhaps this could be the mountain ranges throughout Dragon Pass...: https://player.vimeo.com/video/186483277 Feel free to post pics/videos of your own inspiration for Gloranthan geography!
  4. Not exactly Lovecraftian, but some of the classic Brit Horror is certainly tropey enough to be retrapped for a Mythos plot
  5. Wow, this looks really good - a streamlined version of BRP, as well as a cool setting. Count me interested! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. I don't see any need for a new edition of Call of Cthulhu for many years yet. A decade even. But I'ld certainly be happy to see a new version of Beyond The Mountains Of Madness to go with the updated versions of Horror on the Orient Express and The Masks of Nylathotep. I would also like to see a new version of Cthulhu By Gaslight, perhaps covering a wider range of different settings - the default of Victorian England is great, but Gothic Americana could work equally well. I think occasional revisiting and updating some of the big ticket titles is fine, but I wouldn't want to see it
  7. I can use all of my back catalogue with Coc 7E no worries - for the opponent/NPC stat blocks, just multiply the core charactersitics by 5%, and that's pretty much it. Nothing has been superceeded to an extent that it is obsolete, which is really cool.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Capturing Glorantha is a different task. I tend to think of an ancient world setting, steeped in living mythology, with touches of bizarre 'trippiness' and sometimes even a 'western' flavour at times. It's a place where Achilles would be adoredby the public, but there is also room for down and dusty anit-heroes like Mad Max as well. It is difficult to put Glorantha into words and images, so the only way to do it is to approach it as a collage. Films: 300. 300: Rise Of An Empire (especially the later works well for the Lunar Empire) Conan The Barbarian (Arnie version) V
  9. I have been playing BRP/RQ for so long, I'm not sure what are official rules and what are house rules. For me as a GM, I sometimes don't like keeping actions unresolved as a stalemate. So I go with my gut - if it feels like being unresolved is something that adds to the drama and tension in the game, sure, I'll go with it. But if it feels like this will slow the pace down, then I'll push to resolve it by calling for a Resistance Table Roll, and spitball what the relevant Characteristics would be to bring to the roll. It's always seemed to work well. I also use it in combat
  10. I have a lot of RQ2 supplements that I never used. So I intend to start our next RQG characters with much less experience, and set the intial session in Sartar around 1615 or so. The plan is to move the setting to Pavis & Prax, then run the game set in the 1615 - 1620 era. If the game continues, I will skip 5 years and the PCs will be back in Sartar so they can play the RQG era of 1625 +
  11. I find that having the extra success level (hard success) speeds things up in opposed rolls, there is much less stalemate due to this. So I've ported it into any of my bRP games!!!
  12. I heard about this, but never actully saw it before now. That's an impressive piece of work!
  13. I am still reading thru the Red Cow campaign, and I assumed that RQG would be just the Gloranthan timeline a decade later. Cool, thanks for the explanation, this is good to know ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  14. Sorry to digress, but are you sure? The Red Cow Campaign is a current HQG campaign, published after the G2G. I would assume that the first book, The Coming Storm, is part of the contemporary canon for Glorantha... Some of the artwork (not all) in the second book, The Elven Lights, looks more consistent with the previous Saxon-like depictions of Orlanthi (like in the KoDP computer game), rather than the more contemporary Thracian look, but that's about it. YGWV and all that. I would be surprised if the content is not current canon.
  15. I definately agree that Titan is perfect for Magic World, it would be a great fit !!! I've always loved that loose classic fantasy feel of Titan, great for a sandbox, and the kind of setting that Magic World is designed for, Make sure you describe how things are portrayed in Titan. For example, the Dwarves are often eccentric spry bearded gnome-like characters; the Goblins are a cross between Tolkien Orcs and Brian Froud goblins; Port Blacksand is like a rotting Lanhkmar which feels like it could topple over and rot away, all that stuff. Magic is something unusual and often whimsic
  16. Wow, that is very impressive! Easy to see lots of effort went into building your homebrew. Love it!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  17. Wow!!! I never even noticed that archer had pointed ears until this thread indicated that there was an Elf on the from cover of the Gloranthan Bestiary! It reminds me of the original RQ2 art before the Aldryami for more uniquely detailed. They were illustrated as standard high fantasy Elves in much the same way as Mostali were depicted as standard high fantasy Dwarves back then. My old RQ2 homebrew days definately had high fantasy Elves and Dwarves, but all I had was the RQ2 corebook and the RQ2 Companion. It wasn't until late RQ3 and HW era before I realised how different the Aldr
  18. That version of Harrek sounds pretty cool, he also just might make it into my current canon ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  19. Well to kick things off, here is a copy of my post on TBP thread. It's more nostalgia than anything else: A GLORANTHA UNLIKE ANY OTHER... I originally started with Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, so the look of the 'World of Titan' influenced me a bit. I then wanted to get Basic D&D, but my cousin ended up convincing me to get RuneQuest instead. Good decision. I initially had the RQ2 Box Set and nothing else to go on for a year, then I had the RQ2 Companion. It would be at least two or three years before I got the Cults books (which expanded religions and cultures at the s
  20. HOMEBREW GLORANTHA !!! Over the years, many of us homebrewed our own settings from the ground up, and many of us also homebrewed published settings by filling in the gaps. Glorantha is no different, and in fact many of us may still have very different versions of Glorantha. Given the popularity of 'A Rough Guide To Glamour' it is obivious that the indie-flavour of Glorantha has not gone. There was a post over on TBP where people were talking about their homebrew settings, and I posted a rather lengthy description of my original homebrew version of Glorantha, based off just the
  21. OMG this looks great !!! ๐Ÿ˜€
  22. Hi @Kyle As previously suggested by @rsanford, I think that you should just use an online dice roller that has group access, whether by using a dice room site, or using an app. I think they may be part of Discord. If not using Discord, there are other options, such as Dicerooms.com or DungeonZ Dice Calculaor. We have moved our monthly game to online at present, due to the social distancing measures. Even after the social isolation is ceased, we will probably continue to game this way. At least for the 'downtime' sessions or sessions with envisioned minimal combat. Some s
  23. Regarding Feats mechanics, here's some ideas rattling around in my brain at present. May or may not be useful for development with OpenBRP: Suggested Feats Mechanics I don't think Feats have a place in a gritty game, but they can be great in pulp action settings like Heroic Fantasy, Jazz Era Adventure, Contemporary Action, etc. I think Feats should feel very pulpy. Some rpgs have a Talent system which includes lower-range Feats. I don't think this really adds much to the game, and in BRP this kind of thing can be assumed just with Skills. Feats really shouldn't be jus
  24. Cool, thanks. Plenty of time. I'm still waiting to see what you do with OQ3, or has OQ3 become the system for Skyraiders? Because it sounds a little like a streamlined OQ to me ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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