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  1. This was a great one-shot, very enjoyable, John Wick is in his element here, and the players are having alot of fun! Actually it was the Geek n Sundry Starter Kit series and this PAX one-shot with I Speak Giant that finally got me to pull the trigger with 7th Sea 2E, and I'm so glad I did! I missed the first edition, so I'm making up for lost time now! I love the setting, and the narrative-heavy gamestyle really makes the game stand out! Thanks for posting this video; 7th Sea 2E just got another fan 😎
  2. I really love 7S, and the 7S 2E books are great. Very high quality production values. I'm eagerly awaiting to add this title to my bookshelf, but it seems unusual that the pdf version has been available for almost a year, yet still no print copy available for purchase 😐
  3. I own The Laundry and feel BRP is a good fit for it, it's essientially a quirky British take on Call of Cthulhu. I really would not want to see it in 2D20 or PbtA, but these are the kind of systems that it could easily show up in. If I had my choice, I would prefer the next edition in OpenQuest; that way it's more or less compatible to an extent with earlier C7 BRP versions. The OQ core engoine would be fine, and any magic, equipment, etc can be ported almost as it is from the previous edition of The Laundry. I think it would be pretty easy to run C7 Laundry resources with an OQ Laundry, and vice versa. Although who knows what will happen with it all...?
  4. I'm unsure if we will see more of The Laundry from Cubicle 7, and I doubt that they will develop a completely new engine for it given that it will no longer be BRP-based. The Laundry licence may well have expired by now, so it could easily just fade away. I'm not sure how the novels are selling these days, but if they are catching the eyes of new readers then we are just as likely to see the rpg resurface as a 2D20 or a PbtA game. Cubicle 7 seem to have trimmed many of their lines in recent times, notably The One Ring, and more recently Lone Wolf. I think Cubicle 7 will be predominantly producing products for their Warhammer and Dr Who licences. I'm happy with that, as both of those game lines are excellent and will further benefit from focused efforts. Personally I can't keep my hands off their WFRP 4E books, so I'm happy they keep going with it as a major line. I'm glad that Cthulhu Britannica has come back to Chaosium, given it is Call of Cthulhu/BRP. The Cubicle 7 products are excellent, but going forward it feels like something Chaosium should be pursuing with CoC 7E.
  5. Rather than start a new post, I just thought I'ld park this here: If anyone has Netflix, then there is a pretty good show called Babylon Berlin, which looks perfect for inspiration if running Berlin The Wicked City for CoC. Just sayin'
  6. Steve Perrin, Ray Turney, Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, and Lyn Willis... These names took on an almost mythical sage-like quality for me in my youth, given my fondness for Chaosium's BRP system, a devotion that remains to this day. BRP is easily one of my favourite set of game mechanics, and my old RQ2 book is a treasured artefact of mine. It would not exist without Steve Perrin. The world feels slightly darkened now that I have just found out about his passing Another great trailblazer of our hobby gone Vale Steve Perrin
  7. I'm glad that someone else thought I was onto something here πŸ˜€
  8. I wasn't going to worry about purchasing the RQG Starter Set, but now it is a different story - I'll get it for the Adventure(s), the Strike Rank counter, and those maps alone !!! πŸ˜€
  9. Wow! Buying both the Magic World core book and the Advanced Sorcery book in pdf format for a total of $6 USD (approx $8 AUD) is a pretty good deal. But with limited promotion I don't think it's going to get too many new sales. Most of us who know of the game already have the pdfs. Unless there are advertisements on DrivethruRPG and various outher forums, then I don't think the sales are going to be all that high unfortunately. But I'll be spreading the word where I can
  10. Watching this with interest, as I really like the simplicity of OQ. This setting looks really good, not to mention great production values in regards to evocative artwork. I just pre-ordered the core book from OSPREY, and will probably do likewise when the campaign book is available!
  11. I think MW mainly failed because it fell short of contemporary production standards, and the fact that there was little to no support for it from Chaosium - one extra book is not enough. It needed to have example settings, adventures, all that kind of thing. Even if it had any of that, it also needed not to look like it was stuck with production values that were a generation out of date. I don't think it attracted many eyes in the bookshelves of game stores, and I never actually saw it in any game stores. Chaosium simply didn't have any wind in the sails of it's own boat. So that's why I think it failed, and it was a shame that it was such an anti-climax. It's BRP and a good game to play, so no fault there with the system. MW feels like a very clean set of rules compared to RQG, so I think it would encourage a different style of game play. It is obviously the preferred version of BRP for those who played Stormbringer over RuneQuest, although new players may be too young to remember the Stormbringer game. I think the vibe of the MW core book hints at a dark fantasy setting, but this needs to be better presented and elaborated upon. I always felt that if Magic World could be rebooted with more of a Grimm Fairie Tales flavour, then it would be something different to attract newcomers. I'm thinking of a setting like Dolemwood, WFRP's Old World, and The Witcher. I would prefer it a bit whimsical, fable-like, with dark woods, supernatural threats, kind of a dark Red Riding Hood kind of place. Full of evil child-eating hags, shadowy villains off the roads etc. Grimm Tales meets The Witcher sounds cool to me. Then the title 'MagicWorld' takes on a different flavour entirely. It would definately fulfill a different niche to RQG, and I think it would gather interest if it was produced with the same quality standards as the current Chaosium books
  12. Dumb Theory: The Red Emperor and the God-King were boyhood rivals, possibly even lovers
  13. hhhmm I'm on the FB Group but must of missed that post. Now that does sound promising!
  14. Sounds good to me, and may fill the gap until more canon is published. It has been 5 years of waiting so far, and another five years could easily be on the horizon for more official Malkioni content. It's entirely understandable, given the amount of content needed just to flesh out Dragon Pass, as I am just as eager for more publications on Sartar, Prax, Esrolia, and also the Lunars - at least Dara Happa and Peloria. So any official Malkioni publications may be some time away. However if it ends up being 2025 then its doubtful what troupe I will have to run it with by then. That would have been a decade or so after the G2G, and even then that may be too soon. Would really love some resources on Safelster, Seshnela, Castle Coast, New Coast, just for starters. Then the Janube Cities etc So yeah, although its not canon, I think Men of the West will fill the gap nicely, and its something I can sink my teeth into before my hair gets too grey.
  15. Yeah I am toying with getting Men Of The West, it does look pretty good. However after changing the Malkioni depiction several times, I really would love to see some more official canon for the Malkioni. I never really get into the debates regarding magic and such, I don't really care if Malkioni use Sorcery or Rune Magic. The later would have been preferable, just to un-complicate matters, but that horse bolted several decades ago, so I just go with the flow. I am more interested in how these fantasy cultures are presented, and what historical civilisations can be considered analogies to be blended together, to give us a sense of how to portray these unique cultures in Glorantha. I'm seeing some Vedic influences at times, primarily with the emphasis of Caste etc which is almost a different sub-culture within each regional culture of Malkioni. I really like the notion that Caste isn't just another version of 'social class', but it encompasses role, magic, destiny, etc. Will be very interested in how far this idea goes with RQG. I tend to view the Horali as being similar to Byzantine and Sassanid Cataphracts. That works for me at present, but I'm interestred where the canon goes with it. It's funny, after reading some Tales Of The Arabian Nights and watching some Sinbad movies, I've started to envision the Malkioni having lots in common with Mythical Arabia. Not sure why, but some of the G2G artwork hints at this as well, and I can easily see Sinbad being Dormali. I also envison some flavour coming from Slavic folkore, especially the colder regions like Fronela. Not sure why, but the Zzubari tend to feel like Eastern European Orthodox scholars and Priests to me. Will be interesting to see what the canon Malkioni are like, but some of the these analogies work for me
  16. Five years since we kicked off this thread speculating about the Malkioni in the current version of Glorantha. Wow time flies...😁
  17. Hmmm I just grabbed Pavis, Big Rubble, Borderlands, and Trollpak. Perhaps next month I might grab Griffin Mountain, Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror - that's my adolescent RQ fantasies covered! Can't wait for them to arrive!!!
  18. Hmm this looks good. Just ordered the pdf copy, and can't wait until I get a hardcover version!
  19. Cool, thanks for the above link! Interesting to see that Greg envisoned Big Sur for the Manirian Coast - I was not aware of that - however, it certainly makes sense It's pretty cool, as when I was last down on the Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia), I remember thinking that this could be what the New Coast of Maniria must be like, well in summer anyway, and it turns out that it fits Greg's vision reasonably well
  20. Yes I can't remember if I read that here or in the Glorantha FB group. Years ago I read that Greg Stafford initially received geographical inspiration for Dragon Pass and Prax from North American terrain, and this has been confirmed many times since. Not to say that Europe isn't a good analogy, the Alps, the Balkans etc. But I do like to keep the Americana flavour for Dragon Pass & Prax, as it makes it feel more unique when you add the ancient world-influenced cultures to it. So I am using the Sierra Nevada range and the American Rockies for alot of my geographical references for Dragon Pass, lots of redwood forests and such, and some of the more dry forest lands as such - this fits the impressions I get of Bush Range and places like that.. Sticking with alot of Arizona (and similar terrain) for Prax. However, whilst Arizona is certainly my biggest reference for Prax, I also throw in some influences from Western Australia as well:
  21. Anyone have any real-world inspiration for Gloranthan terrain? I stumbled across this video, and perhaps this could be the mountain ranges throughout Dragon Pass...: https://player.vimeo.com/video/186483277 Feel free to post pics/videos of your own inspiration for Gloranthan geography!
  22. Not exactly Lovecraftian, but some of the classic Brit Horror is certainly tropey enough to be retrapped for a Mythos plot
  23. Wow, this looks really good - a streamlined version of BRP, as well as a cool setting. Count me interested! 😎
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