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A short note on possibly useful tool:

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has grown lately to have quite a bit of new features and content. Content is crowd sourced. So for the hard working GM's there is now an easy way to generate many types of enemies. You need a herd of allosaurs - click, select number press generate and unleash doom. The characters finished them off - need a bigger reserve herd - click a number and generate again. Other beasts got attracted to the noise - perhaps a tyrannosaur - click a number and generate again.

Endless supply of Lunar more what you need - pick from the list - generate again. In units nicely formed of up to 40 individuals - they will march to restore peace and order in the name of the Moon again.

Town guards noticed your character's getaway from the second story job - click a number and generate.

Serpent People to fill your jungle with silent death - select from the list.

A number of templates have already been created for Gloranthan, Monster Island, General Fantasy settings by the users of the system.

Need a new kind of enemy - use the templates from existing races and templates, modify to your heart's content and create away. http://ouropa.planeetta.com/rq_tools.../instructions/

Need new feature that does not exist - there is a discussion thread at the Design Mechanism forum to discuss new features.

RQ Encounters in a recent version

Main new features:

1. You can create and save a party of enemies encountered together. For example "Dragonewts on a Warpath: 2d3 dragonewt scouts, 4 dragonewt beaked warriors - skilled, 1 dragonewt beaked warrior elite, 5 demibirds". Party can have notes as well.

2. PDF export of the generated results

3. Filter the enemies by "All/Glorantha/Monster Island/General fantasy".

4. Generate button to all the template pages.

5. Improvements in printing

Content has also grown quite a bit. Currently there are over 350 enemy templates including 60 group templates for available and you can easily create more from scratch or from existing ones. There are now parties and enemies both for Glorantha, Monster Island and Generic Fantasy. Most of them fit for Glorantha but can be used also outside.

new version and some new features

Able to generate

- Spirits

- Shamans & Thanatari with priest and acolyte templates

Many parties can be generated

- Quiet Night at Gimpy's

- Bar at a port city

- Raiding parties for all major tribes in Prax

- Lunar parties for cities and outside cities

- Sartarite parties

- Morokanth Slavers

- ship crews

- caravans

- create your own

- broos, lots of broos and their Shamans


Many Monster Island parties and enemies added

- Primitive islander hunting and war parties

- Primitive islander village scenes day and night

- Serpent People parties - in the jungle and in the air

The tool is under constant development - random encounters for a region is on the backlog - might come in later.

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RQ Encounter Generator Praxpak meets Cult One Pagers

http://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/201 ... ne-pagers/

RQ Encounter Generator has a major new feature - cults (and spirit societies, mystic orders and sorcery orders) as a first class citizen. Cult is a holder for spells, miracles, sorcery spells and mystic abilities. You can attach multiple cults to a template and all of their abilities will be added to the template at the time of generation. You can have additional spells and abilities on your template to enrich the basic cult.

This will make it easy to create a cult member for your template, just pick a cult/s you like and their levels (initiate, acolyte or priest etc) for your template. You can of course create your own cults as well - either from existing ones or from scratch. As a convention it is useful to mention the name of the order or cult first, then the rank in the cult.

There now exists many cults and spirit societies especially for Prax and sorcery orders for Monster Island. More will come later.

Following cults have been created and appropriate enemies and parties enhanced with these:

Spirit worshipper to high shaman for bison, impala and rhino tribes.

Storm Bull



From Initiate to Rune Lord/devotee


Kyger Litor

Zorak Zoran



Lhankor Mhy




Yanafal Tarsils




appropriate parties have been updated and a few new ones created

All of the above have also the skills based on Glorantha Cult One Pagers

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RQ Encounter generator encounters have tuning related to characteristics and abilities. 

Following enemies have been tuned

Gray giant
Crimson Bat
Greater Slarge Individos
Maslo Elephant
All vampires
Tyrannosaurus Broo
Ouori Mermen
Cliff Toad
Mother of Monster and her brood
Gnydron Wanderer
Sky Bull
Possessed large tree
Dwerulan Mermen
Zabdamar Mermen


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Bring Out Your Dead

In the honor of All Hallow's Eve (long gone now) here are a few new and tuned Undead mostly for Glorantha.  Here are some new or more strongly tuned enemies.
Zombie Sorceror
Zombie Broo
Zombie Bison Broo
Mummy Sorcerous
Zombie Sailor
The usual suspects are there - Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires, Zombies, Ghouls but there are also parties for Vivamort and Gark the Calm and a Hag or two but also some rare ones like the Skeleton of Than or even Firebrand the Flaming Skeleton. There are now Skeletons for Dream Dragons and Minotaurs but quite a few others. Careful with the Zombies as they mostly are of the variety that reproduces well.
On the party side there is also a Ghost ship, Ship of the Dead and Mummy and Zombie parties...
All of the undead can now be found with the keyword Undead on the Enemies or Parties filter.
In addition to the Undead there is also a Lamia looking for more company.
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Your True Friends – the Vadeli and other trustworthy news
Fonrit has long waited for the true saviours to come. Your true friends - the wise beyond ages, the beautiful, the charming, the compassionate, the witty conversationalists have arrived. The Vadeli are finally here - or at least their foreshadowing. Come trade, come dance, come talk with them, come to see and buy the loot from the far northern shores and beyond the seas, bring your gold with you - delivery will be cash only. You will not forget this occasion.
Brown Vadeli Trader, Adept
Red Vadeli Soldier, Adept
Vadeli Party
Vadeli Marine Party
The word has come that there is a new kind of Undead around
- Draugr
From the jungles and savannah's the hunters report that there have been sightings of Savanna Buffalo and Hippopotami
RQ Encounter has a tooling revamp and there now exists weapons categories for Monster Island and Mythic Britain with a full set of weapons installed as well as Mythic Britain names.
Most of the two legged denizens of Monster Island have now been retrofitted with the weapons from Monster Island weapon category and tuned a bit as well.
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Took a tour to Dorastor and created a few templates for missing creatures from the wonderfully unbalanced (in so many ways) from the original book on Dorastor. Some of the enemies can be used outside Dorastor as well though many are very specific to Dorastor. Some of these are quite deadly so take care. 

Chaotic Slime Toad
Triceratops Broo
Stegosaurus Broo
Party: Saurian Broo Party
Slime Broo Shaman
Spidery Slime Broo
Cat like Slime Broo
Stinking Slime Broo
Snail Slime Broo
Party: Slime Broo party
Rainbow Gorp
Sky Gorp
Hellwood Elf, Acolyte of Primal Chaos
Hellwood Elf, Acolyte of Tyram
Hellwood Elf, Aldrya initiate
Hellwood Elf Krjalki - Giant
Hellwood Elf Krjalki - Bagog
Hellwood Elf Vampire, Rune lord of Vivamort
Hellwood Elf Aldrya Woodlord, Krjalk Initiate
Hellwood Elf Krjalki Tentacles
Hellwood Elf Krjalki party
Party: Hellwood Elf Warband
Party: Hellwood Krjalki 
Scorpion Walktapus
Broo - Thanatari Outcast
Ancient Illuminated Ape Shaman
Party: Illuminated Shaman Party
Madman Protector
Party: Howler Party
Some other enemies as well are now described:
Umathelan Malkioni Sorcerer
Spider Spirit Society with spirits, spirit worshippers and shamans
Great Mother Spider
Male Hunter Spider
Female Breeder Spider, Junior
Female Breeder Spider, Mature
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We broke a milestone during the last few days. There are now more than 1600 templates to be generated in the RQ Encounter tool.

Here are a few enemies and encounters found in Griffin Mountain done via RQ Encounter tool. Quite a few of the Balazar encounters already existed but here are a few additions.

For Dorastor

For Uzlands (Dagori Inkarth, Halikiv etc)

For Prax

At the same time made an update to diseases table - all the diseases in Dorastor and in RQ6 and Monster Island can now be generated. Added also Jungle Diseases table for the Monster Island ones.
Updated all skeletons with skeletal suspectibility to damage.


RQ Encounter tool has a nifty new feature for selecting many of the professional skills. It also shows on the template page the number of times the template has been generated. The counting method has been changed so now all the different ways of generating the encounters count in the number of times starting today. Before today only the ones that were generated from the main search pages counted.


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First Encounter batch of 2015 for RQ6. 

Anaxial's Ark has opened its doors and the multitudes of insects, land and sea animals and various chaos and darkness beings that escaped have taken the RQ Encounter tool beyond 1700 template mark to generate enemies from.  There should be now enough insects to feed the largest troll army and quite a variety of broos. Among the latest templates created are the following.
Uz lands
Dark Troll Sorceror
Kozoru, Shadow Vampire
Dehori - Grasping Hands plus tuning of most of the shades
Party: Flying Trollkin
Bison - Chaos Herd
Bull Broo, Thed Initiate
Chaos Wasp
Chaos Wolf
Chaotic Giant Constrictor Snake
Chicken Broo
Cloud of Chaotic Gas
Crocodile Broo
Hellwood Dryad gardener
Horse Broo
Hungry Eater
Krarshtkid Broo
Scorpion Broo
Stake Snake
Land Animals
Fell Wolf
Giant Vrok Hawk
Giant Worm
Golden lion, Male & Female
Great Wolf
Horned Wolf
Storm Tiger
Woolly Serpent
Changa (Giant Cricket)
Giant Beetle
Giant Bloodgnat
Giant Dragonfly
Giant Elkhorn Beetle
Giant Fly
Giant Leech
Giant Peripatus
Giant solpugid
Giant Whipscorpion
Giant Woodlouse
Ham Beetle
Sea & Rivers
Flocks of Piranha (small to enormous)
Giant Shark
Sea Horse
Sea Lion
Dringi, Free Jolanti
Lycanthropy Spirit
Serpent Guardian
Spirit Wolf
It is easy to search for templates you need, just select either home, enemies or parties page and fill out the search criteria by typing a word or words and/or select an filter.
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RQ Encounter is now returning to the roots by taking a trip thru memory lane to Snakepipe Hollow

Back in the very early days there was a wonderful scenario for Runequest called Snakepipe Hollow and then RQ Adventures did a return to the Snakepipe Hollow 20 years ago. For Runequest 6 one would surely need worthy opponents in Snakepipe Hollow. For nostalgia's (and education's sake) added the missing enemies. Many of the ones were already existing and created just a tag for them. Here are few - updated for RQ6 - some of them are somewhat deadlier than in the original.

Both Hands of Chaos are it again.

Clawed Hand (they are almost always encountered singly) and the Left Clawed Hand of Chaos is more often on the move
There is now a Malia Service with Broos and lots of Sickness Spirits. This caused a tuning of the sickness spirits so that they contain now all the information of the sickness spread with the spirit.
Chaos Snakes also have a party now and they have been updated.
Gorps, there are lots of Gorps and also Manlings, where those two exist - Pocharngo is not far behind so updated the Slithering Pocharngo party
Colossal Breeder Gorp
Micro Gorp
Exploder Gorp
Regenerating Gorp
Paralyzing Gorp
Glue Gorp and of course
Diseased Gorp
Giant, 12 meter in Snakepipe Hollow
There are a few obscure ones that have not been seen in publications since Snakepipe Follow like

Chaos Pit Monster
Some existing parties have been updated and placed into Snakepipe Hollow. Use a filter with name "Nest of Chaos" in Party Encounters and press the "Do you Feel Lucky" button - you'll see a party appropriate for the Heart of Chaos in Snakepipe Hollow. It will include among other parties

Broo Raiders and Broos on the Road for Ragnaglar and Thed.
Dark Troll Hunting Party and a war party
Dragonewt Ambassador, Expedition, Revenge Mission and Dragonewts on Warpath
Ogre Trading Caravan and an Ogre Hunting Party
Some desperate Sartarites with Sartar Earthshakers
Scorpionmen Raiding parties
Unruly Giants
Thanatari Headhunting Mission from nearby Engoli tribe
Tusk Rider party and Urain Foul Wind Party


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Uz of Shadows Dance - Trollball and Other Troll Pursuits from Dagori Inkarth

It is time to return to Dagori Inkarth and visit the famed Skyfall Lake and see the Uz at their best - at a Trollball match.RQ Encounter Generator will generate stats for more trolls. Based on "Into the Troll Realms" which contains the two famous Trollball teams here is a way to create your own Trollball teams with the rules tuned for RQ6. Full rules exist in the "Into the Troll Realms" but an abbreviated version will be found with the "Trollball Staff"

Dark Troll, Trollball Blocker
Dark Troll, Trollball Passer
Dark Troll, Trollball Alternate
Dark Troll, Trollball Catcher
Great Troll, Trollball Goalie
Party: Trollball team
Party: Trollball staff
Should you anger your hosts they might set a pursuit pack on you or two.
Troll Pursuit Pack
Argan Argar Troll Hunters
Wolf Spiders
Should you escape the hunters - you might encounter
Troll Caravan that has been expanded quite a bit
Giant Maggot
Superior Trollkin
Food Trollkin
Food Trollkin, Unarmed
Trollkin Warrior - Runt
Fighting Fungus (Voralan)
Most of the trolls have now been updated with the "Hate the Sun", "Vulnerable to Iron" and other abilities needed.

You will find more troll parties and enemies with filters Uz and Uz lands.


Read more: http://gringlespawnshop.proboards.com/thread/410/rq6-encounter-tool?page=2#ixzz3OM9SLd2G

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RQ Encounter goes to town to check out the taverns and bars

RQ Encounter tool has been enhanced with new tools for building taverns.  We received a permission from Johnn Four of the fabulous RoleplayingTips.com to extend our taverns with the tables from his GM Mastery Book Three: Adventure Essentials: Inns & Taverns. He is offering 100% off the PDF version of Inns & Taverns

There is now Tavern Names - Ports and Tavern Names - Cities feature table to provide names for the bars. Room Quirks provide varying quirky rooms and Tavern Themes can be used to set a theme for the bar.

There are now also RQ6 rules for getting drunk in the taverns - this was based on Sebastian Jansson's excellent suggestion at the design mechanism forum.

State of intoxication table has been added and you can see its effects on any of the drunk members in the bars.

Taverns and bars also have a drink menu automatically generated for various strengths of drink.

Tavern Names, Tavern Themes, Room Quirks and many of the added "Activities at bar" inspired by "GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials" and used with permission of Johnn Four of RolePlayingTips These have been tuned a bit to fit a RuneQuest/Glorantha context.

All of the current establishments (bar templates) have been updated with the above

List of new things

Drinking rules for Runequest 6
Tavern themes
Greatly expanded activity at bar table
Tavern names for cities
Tavern names for ports
Room quirks
State of intoxication
Drinks menus provided and can be added to taverns
Drunkenness table for the patrons of the bar
Bars to visit tonight

Bar at a port city
Bar at Fonrit
Bar at Monster Island Settlement
Gimpy's at Pavis on a Quiet Night
Loud Lilina's at Pavis on a Rough Night
There is usually always the big guy to oppose you - the big barbarian in the corner, the bodyguard of the boss, the sergeant. He could be just the really big and strong one the big Wolf Pirate, the blacksmith, the strongest man in the tribe. Now there are templates for a few of these at various levels

Bison Nomad, Storm Bull worshipper - the strongest guy in the camp
Primitive Islander Veteran Warrior, Strong Man
Fonritian Slave Soldier Bodyguard - Initiate of Evukindu
He could be also the guy nobody likes to fight - the unstoppable one - the only undefeated champion in the history of gladiator fights - the Tigris of Gaul, he could be Onslaught, Conan the Cimmerian, Marv in the Sin City, Kull of Atlantis - basically a fighter at the top of his game - does not use much magic but just the physical skills.Here is a version of one such. The version might not fit the power level of your game so tune up accordingly if needed.

Elf, troll,dwarf, dragonewt and eastern weapons (non official versions) have been added to the selection of weapons. Have you wanted to roll a disorder keg down the corridor against the attacking trolls - here is your chance. Volley of blunderbuss fire to clear out the too far extended tunnels of the Sazdorf clan - fire away. Have you wished to bash in the skull of these pesky Mostali aberrations with your troll maul - your wish has come true. Have you wanted to draw your klanth and embed into the stealers of draconic secrets - that can be done now. Have your Vormaini pirates missed their katana, naginata and the long forgotten yari - now they are here. Yari-nage, Chokin, utuma - all exist now. You can select now two new categories in the templates - Gloranthan and Eastern weapons.

The weapon calculations now also take into account the size of the wielder.


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RQ6 Encounter Tool 101 - Finding and generating your enemies 

Created a small visual guide to getting up to speed with RQ Encounter Tool.  This first version is for finding and generating your enemies. 
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RQ Encounter Tool 101 Part 2 - Creating NPC's and Parties

Here is a visual guide how to create NPC's with RQ Encounter Tool.

This second guide concentrates on how to create NPC's and parties. It gives a stepwise example of creating both basic and stronger NPC's for a barbarian campaign. The example is for Sartar and Orlanthi but would be widely applicable to most campaigns.


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Demon Encounters for RQ6
Whereever there are sorcerors there is a pact being negotiated and usually with forces of darkness, even chaos. Wondered what you could evoke with your Evoke spell - here are few possibilities in RQ Encounter Generator.
Demons have been crafted as per Monster Island suggestions. Minor beings will have 100 characteristics points on average, skills are targeted to be on the intensity level that adepts would have. Moderate ones 150 and Major ones 200 with skills that mage's or archmage's intensity probably would be.
For color each demon has a chaotic feature which could also be considered a demonic feature. Demons are tough beings so had each of them to have "Undead" ability for increased resistance to weapons and they have varying natural or other armour.  All of the demons here look different and each of them might have an ability in addition to chaotic feature. This batch happens to four legged ones but there could be other shapes in future.
These are demon warriors - there are of course other kinds as well. Like mentioned in the Monster Island Elric books especially are a good source.
Demons are usually met alone with their master - a sorcerer- or in small numbers. There are also their masters and a sorcerer's party.
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Plants for Glorantha - RQ Encounter Tool study

Sometimes it is good to find enemies that you can actually run away from. Plants usually cannot run after you but they might have other ways to persuade you to stay with them- sometimes forever. The generation will be done with RQ Encounter tool with the direct links below.
Perhaps you want to invoke your inner Rodin Greenbeak - here are few of the plants that he was so fond of studying. This garden has been selected from the ones who have unfriendly instincts towards moving life forms. There are thousands perhaps millions kinds of plants which bear no ill will towards the two or four legged.
Here are plants that have been seen in Prax and Tunnelled Hills but may grow in other areas as well.
Malia’s Curse
Seed of Wakboth
Prax Daily Event contains as additional features Plants - Wastes
Bronze Rust
Bull Reeds
Cherry Bombs
Tori's Bane
Deathspine Cacti
Gagarth's Gifts (Scrub Burss)
Sneezeweed - Blisterweed - Blindweed
Delecti's swamp and many other swamps contain deadly plants. Blackthorn trees have so far been seen only at Delecti's swamp.
Blackthorn tree
Blackthorn tree dryad
Blackthorn tree party at Delecti Marsh
Gas Mushroom
Zombie Reed
Monster Island Daily Event contains occasionally the swamp plants also prevalent at Delecti's marsh. Their effects are found as additional features in category Plants - Swamp
Darkdart bush
Wailing trees
Loral Island or Monster Island has many plants for example
Ivory Impaler
Succubus Ivy
Kulamyu Pod
Kulamyu Pod, Gigantic
Mantithorn Cactus
Vampire Palm
Possessed Large Tree
Possessed Plants
Kulamyu pods and Mantithorn Cacti have close relations to some plants in Wastes.
Sources for the above have been the old issues of Tales of The Reaching Moon, Tradetalk, RQ Adventures and the wonderful supplement called Monster Island.  If you know other sources for plants that you would like to see in RQ Encounter tool - inform me.
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Spirits in The Night - Beast, Darkness, Death, Chaos and Mastery Spirits in AiG

Spirit societies for Adventures in Glorantha was presented in a previous post. Here are the first adaptations of that for RQ Encounter Generator. Spirits in the Night indeed - the new rules for spirits in Adventures in Glorantha give lots of variation for the spirits to the already great rules for spirits in Runequest 6. The aspect of Runes is shown to much greater extent in the new spirit rules. The rules there are not final yet - so they could change in the Runequest Glorantha book.

Spirit combat can look less deadly with the new rules but variation for the spirits is significantly greater. There are new rules there but here is an adaptation of the AiG spirits that can be used both with or without the new ruleset.In this first set there are spirits for just a few of the runes.

You can find all new spirits in the Spirits in the Night Party if you want to generate just spirits. All the work has been done for you - just generate away...

Spirits who are of Grand status are usually intensity 4 which can be interpreted as run away - fast as you can and hope they do not notice you.

For Mastery rune

- Mastery Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Blessing of the Mastery Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Mastery Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler spirit - Mastery 

For Death rune

- Death Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Disease spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand). These are now separate from Sickness spirits. Disease spirits carry only have Gloranthan diseases currently
- Death Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death's Blessing Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death Spell Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand) Larger varieties of these can have Rune spells
- Ruler spirit - Death

For Chaos rune

- Gloranthan Chaos Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Chaos

For Beast rune

- Gloranthan Beast Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Beast

For Darkness Rune

- Gloranthan Darkness Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Darkness

Malia initiate, acolyte and high shaman spirit societies have been updated with the new spirits. You can get the new spirit society into use just by generating any of the current foes who use that - for example: this nice Broo Shaman. The other way is just to attach one of the ranks of Malia spirit society into your template. Same goes for Waha (initiate, shaman and high shaman). With Waha I have retained the earth and law spirit association even though Waha does not have Runes for those. I have also retained the ancestor spirits here for the meanwhile. The rest of the spirit societies will come later.

New additional features

- Spirit Abilities for all the Runes
- Blessing of the spirit abilities for Death, Mastery
- Spells for Death rune
- Gloranthan Diseases contains only the Gloranthan Diseases.


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Glimpses of Count Felagga's Mystic Menagerie - Chaos and Creatures From Distant Lands

Wyrms Footnotes #15 has a wonderful article by Sandy Petersen on a circus with really esoteric exhibits - Count Felagga's Mystic Menagerie. Here are some of the creatures from the Dangerous Animal Section and the Chamber of Horrors fitted with RQ6 statistics in RQ6 Encounter Generator
- Pterodactyl Sorn The Chaos 'birds' from East isles
- Rhamphorhynchus Sorn Smaller Sorn species
- Duocanth The amphibious monster from Kralorela
- Nandi The beast with excellent memory from Kingdom of Ignorance
- Xamalki The hulking chaos monster from Pamaltela and East Isles
- Sparhog The electrifying boar from the hinterlands of Teshnos

Other creatures
- Varanid Semi-intelligent, ferocious lizard from Western Pamaltela
- Dwarf Lion Male
- Dwarf Lion, Female

Part of Count Felagga's Mystic Menagerie stats are here. 


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Lunars have Adventures in Glorantha

Here are the bringers of civilisation, the light of the goddess, the sharp edge of the empire, the thin line between chaos and the world, the word that cannot be spoken, the collectors of the coin that shall be emperor's, the foot that stomps, keepers of order that must be kept, the long shadow of the bat to come. RQ Encounter Generator welcomes the updated Lunar Provincial troops - the troops that stoutly sacrifice all in the name of the Emperor and the goddess to protect the innocent - and protect above all the interests of the empire from those who would defile it.  Convert and serve the goddess - it is in your best interest...

These now take into account passions towards locals and the Empire, expanded skill sets from Rq6 and AiG, the Lunar combat styles (Sagittarian Peltast, Lunar Corps Hoplite, Pelorian Cavalry, Antelope Lancer and new weaponry (Moon sword, Khopesh, Kontos and the new shields)). You can also add to your own Lunars a cult which has the common Folk magic spells for Lunar Provincials. 

You will see these in Pavis, Sartar and Esrolia.  

- Lunar Agent
- Lunar Peltast
- Lunar Peltast Officer
- Lunar Peltast Officer on a city patrol
- Lunar Peltast on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite
- Lunar Hoplite Officer
- Lunar Hoplite Officer on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Acolyte
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Devotee
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Initiate
- Lunar Hoplite on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite, Veteran
- Lunar Hoplite, Veteran, Strong one
- Lunar Antelope Lancer
- Lunar Antelope Lancer Officer
- Lunar Cavalry
- Lunar Cavalry Officer
- Lunar Agent
- Lunar Tax Collector

The parties have been updated as well

- Lunar Antelope Lancer Party
- Lunar Cavalry Patrol
- Lunar Hoplite City patrol
- Lunar Hoplite City patrol - first response
- Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol
- Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol, Danfive Xaron
- Lunar Peltast City Patrol
- Lunar Peltast City Patrol - First Response
- Lunar Peltast Field Patrol
- Lunar Tax Collectors

The rabble and the nobles (and followers of the bat) will likely follow in the footsteps of the forward troops - they always do. 


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In honor of Sacred time here is a Chaos Special

Chaos Special - There Are Broos Everywhere

Here we celebrate the most fertile of the chaotic races - the broo. They bring life to every party. 
Here are a few new ones, of which the weasel broos are likely the only ones really dangerous. 

- Rat Broo
- Rubble Runner Broo
- Dog Broo
- Pig Broo
- Weasel Broo
Here is an assertion of old ones. There are many others, such search for Broo

- Bear Broo
- Bison Broo
- Broo - Desert Raider
- Broo - Devotee of Primal Chaos
- Broo - Drool of Krarsht
- Broo - Focus of Chaos
- Broo - Ragnaglar Acolyte
- Broo - Ragnaglar Initiate
- Broo - Thed High Shaman
- Broo - Thed Initiate
- Broo - Thed Shaman
- Broo - Warrior Novice
- Broo - Goat
- Broo - Mallia High Shaman
- Broo - Mallia Initiate
- Broo  Malia Shaman
- Bull Broo
- Bull Broo, Thed Iniatiate
- Chicken Broo
- Crocodile Broo, Thed Initiate
- Elephant Broo
- High Llama Broo
- Horse Broo
- Krarshtkid Broo
- Rabbit Broo
- Rhino Broo, Thed Initiate
- Scorpion Broo, Thed Initiate
- Shadow cat Broo
- Slime Broo (Bodiless)
- Slime Broo (Cat)
- Slime Broo(Snail)
- Slime Broo(Spidery)
- Slime Broo(Stinking)
- Slim Broo - Swollen, Priest of Pocharngo
- Slime Broo Shaman
- Stegosaurus Broo - Thed Initiate
- Styracosaurus Broo - Thed & Mallia Initiate
- Triceratops Broo - Primal Chaos Initiate
- Tyrannosaurus Broo
- Zombie Bison Broo
- Zombie Broo

Some Broo parties are here

- Broo - Service for Malia
- Broo Infestation
- Broo Raiders - Ragnaglar
- Broo Raiders - Thed
- Broo Raiding Party
- Broo Shaman Party
- Broo Warband, Small
- Broos Ahoy - Sailing ship with Broos
- Broos on the Road - Ragnaglar
- Broos on the Road - Thed
- Mixed Bag of Praxian Broo Raiders
- Mixed Bag of Sartar Broos
- Saurian Broos
- Tough Luck Brothers - Bison & Rhino Broos
- Zombie Broos
- Slime Broo Party


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RQ Encounter Generator Creates Lycanthropes in Glorantha

I was reading the RQ2 rulebook electronic version that I received as part of the Kickstarter and noticed that I had missed many of the lycanthropes in the RQ Encounter Generator. Did a bit of search and found that Sandy had done a nice piece on Lycanthropes in Glorantha (in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha) so decided to add all of those

- Bear walker
- Tiger Son
- Tusk Brother
- Were Shark
- Were Bat
- Were Deer
- Were Spider
- Were Jackal
- Telmori Werewolf
According to Sandy - were jackals do not have a tribe associated with them anymore. All others are Hsunchen

There are other were folk in Glorantha but these are now described.


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9 hours ago, hkokko said:

Did a bit of search and found that Sandy had done a nice piece on Lycanthropes in Glorantha (in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha) so decided to add all of those

Hey Hannu,

First of all, great stuff! I love all the work you put into this stuff -- awesome! I did want to ask however, are you sure you found it in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha? I just read that last night, and must have missed it as I don't recall reading that portion.

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1 hour ago, jholen said:

I did want to ask however, are you sure you found it in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha? I just read that last night, and must have missed it as I don't recall reading that portion.

Thanks. Now that you bring it up: I am not sure. It is just among my recent clippings - and the most recent I read from Sandy was that. It might have been somewhere else - perhaps in the Sandy Q&A session.  Will need to research a bit, cannot apparently trust my memory...

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2 hours ago, hkokko said:

Thanks. Now that you bring it up: I am not sure. It is just among my recent clippings - and the most recent I read from Sandy was that. It might have been somewhere else - perhaps in the Sandy Q&A session.  Will need to research a bit, cannot apparently trust my memory...

Haha, no worries. I really enjoyed the read, and so was curious to hear I might have missed a nugget of information! Some of the details Sandy shared were very insightful, and most just made me stop and think about how BIG Glorantha really is! Cool stuff.

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Cultists and Traveling Merchants in Monster Island – part 1

The cultists in the Monster Island have not received enough attention. They are lovingly if briefly described at the Monster Island book. That will now be fixed – the dream (or rather the nightmare) of full category of cults in Monster Island will be available in Mythras Encounter Generator. 
As a first step there will be four of the known cults in a similar format. When the GM gets the result “Nefarious Cultists” in toolsfrompavis generator – the group of cultists will be chosen those and it will point to appropriate party of cultists in MeG. . You can of course just pick them directly from the MeG itself – either via party or by picking them to your favourite list to generate.
Here are the first ones:
Cultists of Dashatan – the grasping pincer, lord of the seas
  • Cultists of Dashatan party
  • Cultists of Dashatan initiate
  • Cultists of Dashatan, lay member
  • Cultists of Dashatan, lay member, strong one
Cult members have the appropriate cult rank associated with them to make it easier to create additional varieties of the cult. As you might recall the easy way to create cult ranks is to create them as cults in MeG starting from lay member (if needed) or initiate and adding appropriate additional cult rank. As Dashatan only has initiates currently only the Dashatan initiate is available as cult rank created. 
Cultists of OMG – Maestro of battle, drinker of blood – the hyena headed goddess
  • Cultists of OMG party
  • Cultists of OMG acolyte
  • Cultists of OMG initiate
  • Cultists of OMG, lay member
  • Cultists of OMG, lay member, strong one
OMG currently lacks a priest in Monster Island. 
Cultists of Zululun – Guardian of tombs, herald of revenge
  • Cultists of Zululun party 
  • Cultists of Zululun, priest
  • Cultists of Zululun, acolyte
  • Cultists of Zululun initiate
  • Cultists of Zululun, lay member
  • Cultists of Zululun, lay member, strong one
Servants of Jaguar Goddess, Yhounkehd – Prowler of the Night 
  • Servants of Jaguar Goddess
  • Priest of Jaguar Goddess
  • Acolyte of Jaguar Goddess
  • Initiate of Jaguar Goddess,
  • Initiate of Jaguar Goddess, Jaguar Form
  • Fast Initiate of Jaguar Goddess
  • Servant of Jaguar Goddess
Servants of Jaguar Goddess have existed earlier but they have been enhanced and additions made. 
Trading Caravans in Monster Island
For those that are foolhardy enough to wrest riches from the interior of Monster Island by trading a few trading caravans have been created or enhanced. They appear from Toolsfrompavis generator (Traveling Merchant) randomly or you can pick them individually from MeG
  • Afadjann Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast
  • Afadjann Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – one with native carriers and guards from the coast
  • Primitive Islander Trading Caravan – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants
  • Primitive Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants
  • Serpent People Slave Caravan 
  • Umathelan Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast
  • Zerzura Serpent People Slave Caravan Guards



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Cultists of Monster Island in Mythras Encounter Generator – Part 2
Here are the rest of cultists in officially active cults in Monster Island. Part 1 has few more. All the cultists are done in a similar format – cultist party has a link to MeG that you can click. The following line explains the kind of cultists you can probably expect in the party with higher ranks more rare. If a party does not list a rank – it is currently free rank and there might be a power struggle to get the position. All of the cultists can be found with searching the name of the cult or with “cultist” as search string. There might be other cults also in the island that will be revealed over time. Some of the cults are only available in the city, the rest might wander in the jungle to get sacrifices, doing a punitive raid, capture fleeing prisoner or recalcitrant former cult member or acquire substances or objects for cult needs. All of the cults have a chance to appear also in the “Nefarious Cultist” encounter in the jungle. All of the cults have also the rank structure created with appropriate spells as cult ranks in MeG. 
Cultists of Geolok – The shaking one, master of stone
Cultists of Ilioth – Matriarch of love, corrupter of passion
Cultists of Mordiggoth – Ruler of the dead, captain of worms
Cultists of Ojahl – The virgin goddess, mistress of the blade
Cultists of Quatochil – Lord of dust, bringer of decay
Cultists of Thargorgos – Judge of dooms, bringer of catastrophe
Cultists of Thasaidon – Preceptor of secrets, granter of wishes
Cultists of Vergamka – Patriarch of all, inscriber of destiny.
Cultists of Ylila – Queen of perdition, spreader of iniquity
Cultists of Yulkha – Prince of laughter, purveyor of madness.
You will find more information about Mythras Encounter Generator here… and about a typical day in Monster Island here
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