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  1. Here's what I've come up with thus far. Again, open to any and all feedback. Edit: Apologies, somehow the formatting didn't transfer over too well from Word _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Short Fang Spirit Society (Spirit)(Darkness)(Disorder) Minor spirit society established by Ormargarg “Garg” the Twisted, the lone shaman of the society. Ormargarg “Garg” the Twisted, Shaman of Short Fang Spirit Society (Spirit)(Darkness)(Disorder) Garg was born with a twisted left leg and thus was marked to be set aside from birth, in both appearance and social standing. His mother died during childbirth and due to her being part of the dregs of society, she had no real connections and or contacts with whom the child could be raised with, and so Garg was abandoned. No one really knows who raised him and rumors are that he was raised by a giant rat, though this is denied by Garg himself, who remains silent on the subject. In fact the very slightest hinting of the topic will result in receiving Garg’s direct ire. One of the first things that is taught to any new initiate or person interested in becoming part of the spirit society is just that -- don’t ask about his upbringing! What is known is that due to his crippled condition others often tried to take advantage of him throughout his life. This led to Garg learning to stick to the shadows as well as embrace a life founded on darkness, deceit, and disorder in order to make ends meet. Garg is oft heard talking about how divisive and cut-throat society is and how despite all the niceties people are only truly out for themselves and their respective cults and or houses. Harmony is something that is the polar opposite of Garg -- and in turn, Short Fang. Similar to his upbringing, the specifics of the formation of the spirit society is clouded in darkness. Garg simply says that he credits the spirits with saving his life and sustaining him thus far. Associated Spirits: Allied & Friendly Spirits: Ancestors (Dregs of Society), Beast (Rat), Earth (Foundations of Nochet) Neutral Spirits: Serdrodosa (The Earth Witch), Disease, Disorder Hostile & Opposed Spirits: Earth (Societal Rule), Beast (Alynx/Birds/Snake), Harmony (Chalana Arroy) Known Spirits: Spirit of Nooks & Crannies: (darkness) nature spirit augments user's stealth -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat fur or whiskers. Taboo: Never rest in the open. Spirit of Small Fingers: (disorder) nature spirit augments user's sleight -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat claws. Taboo: Never steal from your spirit society. Spirit of Cunning: (disorder) has ability to augment user's deceit -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat teeth. Taboo: Never lie to your spirit society. Spirit of Scrounging: (darkness) has ability to cast "Find/Locate." Taboo: Never throw anything away. Spirit of Pestilence: (disorder) sickness spirit that inflicts victim with symptoms ranging from joint pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, fatigue. Taboo: Never deal with Chalana Arroy cultists. Allied Cults: Kordios -- Lanbril Ring of Nochet
  2. Good stuff! Corrected the write-up. I recall reading what you pointed out on diseases. Thanks.
  3. I like that thought about the houses. Definitely going to incorporate that. I was trying to tap into the disease aspect, so maybe simply stick to that... Spirits of Pestilence: sickness spirit that inflicts victim with symptoms ranging from joint pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, fatigue. Carried by infected rat's urine and similar to modern day Well's disease. And maybe a nature spirit, rat king probably, that can possibly allow domination of all rats within the area to swarm. Could lead to some interesting options as possibly offensive or simply to create diversions. Think it'd be a naturally high intensity spirit though.
  4. Got it. I'll work on fleshing those characters out. Good stuff. Nice to know regarding no city watch. Makes sense about the houses, I'll have to grab all those details you had about the various houses. How'd the spirits look? Sound plausible? I like the Rat King spirit as possibly, more of an overarching (or just very high intensity) spirit with as you said, intertwined motives with the shaman of Short Fang.
  5. Probably more apt to say, "Opposed," rather than Hostile. I could see the confusion. Good call.
  6. I'll check it out. Here's what I've got so far. Again, would love some feedback. My understanding is, there will be obviously a high shaman of the Short Fang Spirit Society, who is in contact with the following "special" spirits that are known. And my initiate would obviously have to earn his way into working with them. At first, I'm guessing the high shaman would assist in accessing the spirit plane as well as acquiring charms/fetishes. _________________________________________ Short Fang Spirit Society (Spirit)(Darkness)(Disorder) Friendly Spirits: Ancestors (The dregs of society), Beast (Rat), Earth (Foundations of Nochet/Old Nochet) Neutral Spirits: Serdrodosa/Earth Witch, Disease, Disorder Hostile: Earth (Societal Order/Goddesses/Rulers), Beast (Alynx/Snake/Birds), Chalana Arroy ____ of Nooks & Crannies: (darkness) nature spirit augments user's stealth -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat fur or whiskers ____ of Small Fingers: (disorder) nature spirit augments user's sleight -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat claws ____ of Cunning: (disorder) has ability to augment user's deceit -- Typically takes the form of charm composed of rat teeth ____ of Scrounging: (darkness) has ability to cast "Find/Locate" ____ of Excrement: (disorder) has ability to apply/cast poison Friendly Cults: Kordios Lanbril Ring of Nochet
  7. Funny enough, my Lanbril initiate has an enemy who happens to be a Lhankor Mhy initiate. This is shaping up nicely! I'll shift through all this knowledge tomorrow and compose some more thoughts. Also bookmarked that tosher article from RPGGeek. Loved the lore of the Queen Rat. Good stuff!
  8. Sweet! Didn't make the connection between names. I'd posted awhile back (ok, like two years ago) on G+ and you'd shared your pages on RPGGeek which I'd bookmarked. Figured I'd read through and see if I could find something more fitting. For runes, I'm thinking (spirit)(darkness) and (disorder). I suppose for the Spirit Society I now need to come up with some friendly and neutral spirits. Also, I'm guessing Serdrodosa would naturally be in conflict as well? Not sure on that one -- I had read that Kolat had blamed Serdrodosa, but can't recall the source. I know I've broken ties with Kolat but think Serdrodosa would be in conflict with another Spirit Society encroaching territory, as well as snakes being tied to Ernalda. Much appreciate the dialogue. Very much enjoying exploring Glorantha!
  9. Was just reading Harald Smith's HQ:G game set in Nochet and came across this: So instead of the spirit society being related to dogs, I'll go with rats. Ties in the direct opposition/hunted aspect by Alynxes, fits better into the city/urban aspect, and ties in the more fringe/outcast aspects. The Short Fang Spirit Society Going to read up on some more published spirit societies to work out some details but I think it'll work -- Rastarg took shelter on a trade ship destined for Nochet and in the process came into contact with the group. Can still mix in the two passions of, "hunted by Alynxes," and "Loves Alcohol" and it seems more fitting than dogs. Thoughts?
  10. So maybe, similar to David's point, stick to a more traditional spirit society but simply have Alynxes tie into the mix due to the background with Kolat/Seven Winds, as in, they are naturally aggressive/hostile towards the character (not sure if this would be in a more traditional sense or simply on the spirit plane). Any idea of what a more traditional, fringe, spirit society could be based around? Trying to go for something that is on underground/fringe aspect, to help tie it in with working with Lanbril. Appreciate all the feedback guys!
  11. Got it -- clears up Bad Man, as I was wondering how that actually manifested. Kolat/Seven Winds would simply be 'enemy' spirits then, having any future dealings with them be handled as such.
  12. Here's what I've come up with -- feedback welcome. Rastarg Oath-Breaker, as he is referred to back in Dragon Pass, fled to Nochet after failing as a spirit worshiper within the Kolat Spirit Society due to the breaking of the taboo, "not to drink." My mind is blanking out at work as to which of the seven winds this taboo is associated, though will fill in that blank during play. + Passion: Loves Alcohol (playing using Mythras) As such, Rastarg was visited by the seven winds and did not amend the spirit in question and so was excommunicated from the spirit society while also being visited and marked by the bee spirit thus drawing the attention of nearby Alynxes. + Passion: Hunted by Alynxes (not sure it's a passion, but intend to incorporate this into the game as well) Rastarg had heard of distant Nochet and so traveled there and was able to come into contact with: The Short Tooth Spirit Society Worshipers of Ensoval, Dog God, pup of Rowdril's, and friend to all those opposed hunted by Alynxes. Short Tooth Spirit Society has loose connections to the Kordios Lanbril Ring of Nochet. I've read Ensoval is the dog god for all domesticated dogs and so feel it fits the Nochet setting more aptly. Rastarg will obviously still need to complete his time as a spirit worshiper and felt that for his initiation to become a shaman/gain his fetch the Bad Man would naturally be Kolat or the Seven Winds, which would naturally oppose him. New to spirits, shaman, and animism as well as have only explored a bit of Nochet in my brief game so feedback is more than welcome! Thanks
  13. I was just reading about the Kolat Spirit Society in Sartar Companion. Could be someone who violated one of their taboos and was visited by the small bee spirit as they didn't amend for their breaking of their taboo and so are now "hunted by alynxes" and so fled to the Holy Country and were recruited by a spirit society in opposition to Kolat. Could provide some interesting twists.
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