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International Tabletop Day April 5, Saturday


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I'm planning to go to the event at Guardian Games here in Portland.

No idea what I'm going to do, though. Most of the people there will be playing card games and boardgames. I don't know that there will be much roleplaying there, although this might be an opportunity to pick up some RPG stuff.

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Went to a branch library for Tabletop Day. My son and I had fun playing dominoes and Heroclix until noon, but only one other family showed up while we were there. A mother and son played Magic the Gathering for about 15-20 minutes then left. I had hoped to start or join a pickup role-playing session, but it didn't happen. The library had set aside 3-4 tables for play and had put assorted board and card games on them. But the only other other person who sat at them merely wanted to rest his legs while he made a phone call.

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Guardian was a blast. I didn't get any roleplaying in, but I did win a ticket to PDXAGE, a weekend-long game event in May, that could provide decent opportunities to play stuff.

The latter is generally for the locals and might not be something people want to cross the continent to attend. But hopefully it'll be fun and my experiences will be nice and varied. I did get to play a diplomatic games called Oh My God! There's an Axe in my Head. (properly pronounced OH MY GOD! there's an axe in my head.). Sort of like what General Assembly session at the UN would be like if a troupe of axe-jugglers invited to entertain the delegates had unexpectedly gone berserkly insane and started hurling axes into the audience randomly, yet with uncanny accuracy...

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