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Spirit Combat Question


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Page 114: Spirit Combat

“A Bound Spirit cannot initiate spirit combat, but may be attacked by another Spirit or Shaman in the normal manner”

It’s not explicitly stated but, a Shaman has to release a spirit from its fetish binding for it to participate in Spirit Combat?

And if that's the case, how exactly does a shaman get the spirit back into the fetish after it has won a spirit combat battle, what's the procedure?

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The only type of spirit that you would bind,send out to attack and call back using the spirit magic ritual on page 114 is the Guardian Spirit, which is explained in the text.

You could can use the spell to bind a Passion spirit into a Fetish, and break the fetish, to release the spirit at any enemy. In which case you don't need rules to rebind, because the outcome is either i. the target is now dominantly possessed by the spirit or ii) the spirit has been defeated and driven off back to the spirit world.

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Thank you

Page 130: Magnitude

When in a direct contest with other forms of magic, Divine Magic is considered to have double its normal Magnitude.

How do spells’ magnitudes interact rules wise during the game? I know they represent cost in improvement points, but what do you roll to actually implement magnitude in a spell vs spell scenario?

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