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Roll20 Upgraded Character Sheets?

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(This really applies to all the games, but this is the big forum so....)

The virtual tabletop service Roll20 has recently upgraded their character sheet system. Since Virtuacon will be using Roll20 for most of our games (I'm helping out this year) it would be nice to have character sheets for games people will want to run. Right now the only D100 games they currently have sheets for are the 6th and 7th editions of CoC.

And I personally am powerless to rectify this situation. The new sheets are functional, and those functions require HTML and CSS programming skills I sadly do not possess. There are instructions on how it is done that I cannot make heads or tails of.

I wonder whether anyone does have that knowledge....

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Not sure how important it is to have a character sheet for a d100 game on Roll20. After all the die rolls are not complex

/r d100 in the Roll20 chat window is all you really need.

Alternatively you could put that into a macro called 'Die Roll' and check the In Bar box to have it in a button on the screen that people can click on.

A second alternative is to use the Dice GUI and enter the die size each time but that's laborious


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I've set up a campaign on Roll20 for a D&D game I'm going to run. They dropped the new charsheets in while I'm still in development mode.

They're pretty and nicer to view your character in than some ASCII format.

But as for all the coded die-roll mechanics, I don't really have the patience for that. I can type the roll into chat, or click on a die icon on the toolbar, and that's quite sufficient. Maybe because my games aren't all centered around die-rolling.

But a well-designed charsheet is a joy to behold, and makes it easy to get the gist of a character at a glance. I'm sure we'd benefit from more d100 family sheets in Roll20.

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