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How well supported will DBRP be?

Shiba Homer

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My impression is that BRP is going to be extremely well supported - not only do we have the 4 (off the top of my head) already-announced supplements and sourcebooks on the front page of this site, but I believe that there are at least a couple of other proposals on Chaosium's desk right now, all for publication in the short term - over the next year or so.

Kick-ass settings and sourcebooks is where Chaosium is going to win friends and gamers, of course: the BRP rules themselves are great, but I'm optimistic that we'll see lots of cool follow-up, both from Chaosium and also with licensed settings. Chaosium haven't actually been in this situation before, with a generic ruleset in the published domain which multiple settings, sourcebooks, and scenarios can be written for - hopefully they'll be lavish in the attentions and permissions they bestow on it!

Spread the word! :D

"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

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