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My NPC Builds


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These are the rough attribute and skill point totals I use for the human antagonists in my games.  It is designed with the Legend System in mind, but could be easily used for any other BRP compatible game.


Underling - Rank and file minions.  Underlings use the Underling hit point rules from Legend.  They have hit points equal to half their CON, and are killed or rendered unconscious when brought to zero hit points, or damaged by a critical hit.  Underlings always go last in combat unless they have suprise in which case it is for that round only.

75 points in attributes and skills


Henchmen - The lieutenants or "mid-bosses".  Henchmen have hitpoints equal to their CON+SIZ divided by two.  They are killed or rendered unconscious when brought to zero hit points.  

80 points in attributes, 100 points in skills


Character - These are the minor villains or antagonists.  This is usually the point total I use for player characters.  Characters use the hit location rules. 

100 points in attributes, 150 points in skills


Experienced character - At this level you have a major villain or very important npc.  Experienced characters use the hit location rules.

120 points in attributes, 200 points in skills

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Thanks! I have been thinking about some kind of points buy system for basic roleplaying along similar lines.

One character point buys you:

One point in a attribute

+10% in a basic or advanced skill your character has at the base level.

An advanced skill at the base level.

That covers the Legend system, it is a little trickier with the powers from brp. I suppose I could treat Magic and Psychic Powers as advanced skills. Super Powers are already on a point buy system, one character point would equal one power point. Sorcery and Mutations are the tough ones. For Sorcery I was thinking one character point for each mp that the spell costs. I have no idea what to do about mutations.

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