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How Much ENC Can a Wagon Carry?


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According to BRP p. 271, a four-horse wagon can carry 36 cargo.  Page 272 defines cargo as follows:


" The space the vehicle has for cargo, expressed in SIZ. For game purposes, 1 ENC equals 1 SIZ point."


According to this, a four-horse wagon can carry only 36 ENC?  That is very very low.  An average human can easily carry 15-20 ENC without using a wagon.

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Try this:

According to the RQ/BRP SIZ table, mass doubles with every 8 points of SIZ.

SIZ 8 = 50 kg

SIZ 16= 100 kg

SIZ 24= 200 kg

SIZ 32 = 400 kg


and so on.


By that reasoning,  SIZ (=ENC) 36 would work out to about 565 kg (about 1250 pounds)- just a bit more than half a ton. That's assuming the weight is reasonably shaped and can be stacked on the cart so that the weight is evenly distributed.  



IMO, it is a lot easier to work with weight and general bulk in cases like this rather than ENC points. 

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