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Shores of Korantia


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This looks really interesting and will probably be the setting I will choose once I have gotten through all the great stuff I picked up from the RQ6 Bundle of Holding deal (thanks Lawrence & BoH for re-doing this).


However, I am curious about The Age of Reason. I assume it is not necessary for Shores of Koranthia, but I would love to know if it is worth tracking down to help flesh out the campaign setting or not. It would appear that neither Mongoose nor Drivethru have the pdf available any more, which is a shame as I am convert to rules being searchable on a tablet. I would prefer not to get the hardcover edition if it isn't essential. Thoughts?




Edit: Any chance of a PDF deal on drivethru for both books and that adventure that Jonathan Drake released awhile back? Speaking of which, what has happened to Jonathans blog?

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