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  1. I personally would love to see more setting books using the Mythras or Runequest Gateway license, rather than another d100 game. Just my 10c though.
  2. I could see myself using it to ease players that are familiar with class and level based games into Mythras and also to recapture the retro acquisition style gaming experience. I am also considering it for my kids when I transition them from Hero Kids to something heavier.
  3. This looks interesting, but I am confused by the line: "In this high fantasy Videogame RPG demo," What does that mean? Btw, there is one small type in backgroudn at the end of the third paragraph.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. This looks like it could be the introduction for new players to the world of D100 games that I've been looking for. I am very excited by this development.
  5. Do you think the game will be translated into other languages?
  6. When games, TV shows, Movies etc break physics or their own rules (of Magic), I get taken out of the immersion and lose respect for the property and creators. For example, I never liked the way that dragons in World of Warcraft could take humanoid form. Where did all the mass go? The humanoid forms clearly aren't illusions, so how does that work? The easy (lazy imho) answer is that its Magic. Which as an answer I can accept if its credible. When a property bends physics and establishes their rules of "magic" and sticks to it, then I find I can relax, suspend disbelief and accept. FTL spaces
  7. I'm not sure how useful this will be but, in any ecological system, species exploit the niches and opportunities there. In a steppe or blighted region, each of the ecological layers of the system will have little diversity and mass to support many species above it (see rhs of diagram). The plants will literally be living in the cracks and gullies caused by the topology and the natural water run-offs from the occasional flash flooding. They will have adapted to conserving water and will most likely be thorny and have other natural defences against herbivores and bugs. Few plants will have
  8. Thanks for the link. "Dungeon from a Distant Star" does look fun. Although, my preference (for now) is towards a BRP based game. I think the discussion here has been most helpful and there may well be a chance that I will show my son the fighting fantasy / solo T&T modules to help with his reading and sell the idea to shewhomustbeobeyed that it is good for our son's "edumacation". I suspect part of the OSR and retro-clone popularity of recent years has been driven not only by nostalgia but by the Grognards wanting to re-create their adventures for their children. I imagine rules
  9. This is one helluva necro, but did this conversion of the Enemy Within WFRP campaign ever get anywhere? It would be nice to see one of the best regarded campaigns converted into one of the best game systems ever (any BRP/d100 game).
  10. There have been some great suggestions. I will try and track down a copy of Prince Valiant as it seems like a nice narrative system. I played a lot of T&T solo adventures back in the day and love them. However, I'd rather stay as close to the BRP family as possible, as my ultimate goal is to work towards playing RQ6/Mystra in a few years. Right now, I feel kind of torn between Openquest 2 and Magic World. Both are fairly rules light (but in different ways) and each has its benefits and detractions. Btw, anyone know of any adventures that would be suitable for kids, that could be porte
  11. My kids have been playing Hero Kids and recently my 8 year old has expressed an interest in playing more rpgs. I was looking at WEGS D6 Ghostbusters and Star Wars because I assumed that a BRP/D100 game would be too gritty or complex. I am now re-considering a low crunch BRP/D100 game or one that can be modded or tuned down. As for a setting, I am completely at a loss. I was thinking of a forest world filled with Fae creatures or maybe just a generic rpg high fantasy world. Any suggestions or advice on this are welcome.
  12. Some nice suggestions. Since time is a challenge at the moment and I agree with the above statement, I think Book of Quests will be the way to go. Dependent upon the player reaction, I can take them off to Monster Island, Thennla or continue the Sword and Sorcery them and place the realm in Xoth and run The Spider God's Bride trilogy. I like this flexibility and initial low investment in setting.
  13. Inspired by a revived thread in the Glorantha forum, I thought I'd ask what would be a good starting campaign for RQ6/Mythras? Obviously we have Book of Quests, Monster Island, Mythic Britain and the Thennla books (Shores of Korantia & Taskan Empire) as possible choices. However, for the sake of variety, any D100 campaign that could be easily ported to RQ6 could be considered as well. For example, in the Glorantha thread, a favoured starting point was Borderlands as it had some low level adventures and didn't require the GM or the players to know too much about Glorantha. If the campa
  14. Lords of Tarsa and After the Vampire Wars are missing. Both are a peculiarity. I'm pretty sure Lords of Tarsa used to be on this list but seems to have disappeared. Curiously, it is also missing from the Chaosium site, but still available in pdf and softcover at drivethru: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/132455/Lords-of-Tarsa And as discussed in another forum, After the Vampire Wars is temporary until this gencon softcover, special edition has sold out and/if the revised edition comes out. http://www.chaosium.com/after-the-vampire-wars/ Also, anyone know w
  15. I didn't know John Ossoway also authored Cthulhu Rising. How compatible is Cthulhu Rising/Jovian Chronicles with River of Heaven, in terms of rules and background?
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