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d100 Magic Systems comparison


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We have had many magic systems in the d100 verse. As a d100 newb, I am curious to know what people think have been hits, near misses and backfires. So, here are some questions to hopefully get some debate and discussion started. Naturally, not all questions need to be answered, just those you feel you have some thoughts on and any extra comments and other would be great:

  1. What systems have you experienced?
  2. What is your favorite?
  3. Do you prefer simple or complicated Magic systems?
  4. Is balance or creative flexibility more important?
  5. Which is the most elegant and simple version?
  6. Which is the most comprehensive yet uncomplicated?
  7. Which is the most fun for players?
  8. Which is the easiest to role out to new players as they get used to the game?
  9. What are the best combined systems from 2 or more existing sources (including expansions and monographs)?
  10. ...

Oh, and please add any extra questions you think are relevant

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1. Ive played with BRP system Magic, Magic World Sorcery, Enlightened Magic

2. Single Skill based system from Magic World is Probably my fav.

3. Simple is better in my games, I don't even use spell components anymore.

4. I enjoy creative flexibility with some balance

5,7,8 . Deep Magic from Advanced Sorcery is probably the simpler of the systems I've used. It's fairly straight forward and pretty flexible. Choose an effect, decide which spheres /Glyphs are likely to create that effect, poof! No tedious spell lists/descriptions /regulations to look up. Imagination (and Magic Points) is the limit.

Author QUASAR space opera system: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/459723/QUASAR?affiliate_id=810507

My Magic World projects page: Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

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I've played the Runquest magic and it works but every player needs to be involved since magic is so pervasive, I've played Magic straight out of the Goldbook and it works pretty well especially in a low magic world, but on balance the Magic System introduced in The Green Supplement -- each skill represents a list of spells is the best I've used for a standard fantasy world -- more variation than straight out of the Goldbook to appeal to the magic-inclined player and no need for all the party to have some magic.

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Guest Vile Traveller

I have never had a chance to play it but just from reading my favourite would appear to be the system in the original Magic World from the Worlds of Wonder boxed set - which dropped through my letter box a couple of days ago! :)


That said, I'm not that familiar with the new iterations of magic in RQ6.

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