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  1. I'm really cruising along on Tindale. Havent had hardly any "burn out breaks" in the last couple months. Tons of NPCs Side quests Dozens of shops, homes, apartments, temples, guilds, taverns, inns. All mapped, described in detail, and 3d rendered. Figure in another 5 years it will be complete, then comes the editing 😀😀😀
  2. I like to think demons in MW are spirits of shadow, perhaps even Fey, that are given material form through the summoning spell and fashioned to the will of the sorcerer by the amount of magic spent in their manifestation. I do, however, really like the cosmology of old school D&D devils and demons. The hierarchy and ladder of ascension. Even among the chaotic fey there is a lord.
  3. OK Ive got the open air shrine to Brithyllbren done. His culthood is almost done as well. Having fun with this I've made the members who are Shadgwrag through Troutgwrag required to shave their bodies of all hair because the Fish god likes his subjects smooth like fish
  4. Started on this neat idea. I may cut their numbers down a bit tho. Not sure yet...🤔 I MAY use my conversion of Net Book of Witches & Warlocks for this cult EDIT: OK I've decided against using witches for this cult. Keeping it simple
  5. Working on these outstanding citizens now 😎
  6. On a related note, I'm working on an NPC who runs a transport boat from Tindale to Shillingshead to Lashingport. I THINK the average sailing speed in good conditions is about 48 miles per day (?) What do you good people think transport from Tindale to Shillingshead (about 45 miles) might cost?
  7. I'm SURE this has come up. I can't find it in the searches but... I JUST noticed the MW map of the Southern Reaches Scale in Miles reads 0 5 10 15 25 30 35 40 Maybe my cartography skills are lacking but...
  8. LOL. I also note that a lot of the prices, at least around the 1250 years, are quite similar to the MW Bronze to silver ratio and the prices in the MW book, with some exceptions (some extreme) *sigh* I think because I'm making this city for Magic World I'll go ahead and stick with MW pricing and just wing it on some of the items/services/ect...
  9. Ok I went ahead and bought the PDF. QUITE RIGHT! A LOT of work went into this. It's really quite impressive.
  10. I think I even have this laying around somewhere. Thanks.
  11. $30 for a Pdf tho and with no sample pages...ugh...also not sure about one of the writers replies about all coinage being silver. Anyone who has seen a good deal of ancient coins will see a LOT of bronze.
  12. So, on the above topic, I started researching bronze coin and bead usage in ancient middle east, like Mesopotamia. It's a pretty messy puzzle from what I've seen so far. Seems early economics weren't as straight forward as our beloved RPG creators made it in the systems 😀. As I stated in my previous comment, MW has a pretty big variety of pricing, so I gotta think the writers found a decent list of comparisons some where...
  13. Hey guys let's talk "price in Bronze" for a second. While the MW book has prices for a wide range of goods and services (ranging from the cost of eggs to a castle) some things seem a little wonky to me. Working on a city with so many shops of goods and services has gotten me wondering if I wanna use the MW price lists at all or if there's an alternative list you good people use?
  14. Ok so back on topic 😀 With my current workload I'm completing 1-2 Buildings/NPCs/hooks per day, populating Tindale. The job just doesnt let me slack like it use to 😀 Chugging along
  15. OK so yesterday I totally flipped out from not being able to figure out this little problem and decided to roll my device back to win7. Accidentally did a clean install of win10 instead (dont work on software issues while drinking!😀) After the long wait I decided to try and install Neverwinter Nights 2 on win10 again, just to see what happens...and it works flawlessly 😀 I'll never understand the magic of 0010110011
  16. Half tempted to roll this one back to win8 if I dont figure it out soon
  17. @SDLeary I'm kinda holding out partitioning my harddrive for a copy of winXP...might look into emulator but I got it to work on my surface 1 with win 10 a few years ago.
  18. @Nick J. I gotta tell ya buddy, that kinda pisses me off! 😁 I did a straight transfer from both my old surfaces running win8 and win10 neither would work. Then I downloaded the GoG version and still no luck. It's a windows problem for sure or a driver conflict. I got it working on a win10 device b4 but this one is kicking my butt
  19. So I got a new Microsoft Surface yesterday and am having a heck of a time getting neverwinter nights 2 (which I use for 3d mapping) to work on windows 10. UGH. I've done it before on win10 but am not having much luck this time. Might slow down my progress on Tindale somewhat but I'm chugging along on my old surface until then...
  20. OK I think the file may have gotten messed up transferring from a DOC to IPT file. Here is a dropbox link that should work fine. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3utuirebgjpzewy/BRP_Fantasy_Treasure_Generator.ipt?dl=0
  21. NBOS has a funny way of messing itself up. I cant say I've had any trouble with my copy but it may be updated. I'll take a look in a bit and fix if needed. Thanks for heads up
  22. Neat idea! Using this as well! 😀
  23. Haven't worked on the exterior politics just yet. Grains, lumber, fish, and tin will be the major exports. There will be pretty expansive wheat fields and farmsteads outside of town. I've been working on mapping and NPCs more than anything so far.
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