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The Last Witness now available in pdf and print


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River of Heaven’s second adventure The Last Witness is now available for sale via DriveThruRpg.com simple-smile.png

Almost a century ago, against the better advice of the Hegemony, the Solar Witnesses dispatched the Revelation – an antimatter torch ship – on a pilgrimage to the Machine Civilisation Polis in the Altair star system.It never came back. That is, until now.You are members of a freelance search and rescue team hired by the Solar Witnesses to salvage their ship, and find out what exactly happened out there.


The Last Witness is a self-contained adventure for River of Heaven, a search and rescue mission out in the black tombs of space far from home.

It uses the default campaign background but with a little work can easily be translated to another setting. While being quite self-contained, it still has potential as the starting point for a campaign.


It comes with six pre-generated player characters



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Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
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