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Random tables, where are they?


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Thinking how great system OQ is for running old school dungeon crawling adventures, I notice that OQ could use few pages of random tables of goodness :)

I am talking about unexpected effects for fumbles. Melee and range combat fumbles. But most importantly I'd like to see funny stuff happening when magic fails - spell burns! I know sorcery has fumble effects, but there also could be generic fumble effects. Also table of magic item would be nice to have.

So what do you think? Is it good idea for community to do it? Any existing fumble tables out there, that could work with OQ?


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Funnily enough I had thought about doing a version of OQ filled with Old School Tables, not just Critical and Fumbles but also ones for previous experience and event tables like "What happens when I leave/betray my Cult?".  But I'm a bit tied up with other projects at the moment.

I'd say this is a very good idea for the community (as well as more OQ stuff in general).

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Yeah, exactly! OQ could use such optional supplement - many random tables of awesomeness.

I get that general tone for OQ is more down to earth fantasy and I was underwhelmed when reading the "Plunder" chapter. They are good for the style OQ has, but it is such a work with all the cult and creation rules. I want simple list of magic items. The GM can come up with the history and story behind such items by himself.

So giving a thought a bit, I came up with idea for rolling up a magic weapon. Idea would be to have a base weapon model to which a bonus and penalty could be pasted on. Now this is just an idea level. The idea is not battle tested, so it may be way out of balance :)

Magic weapon generation
1. Bonuses
	1. +10% for attack
	2. +20% for attack
	3. +10% for parry
	4. +20% for parry
	5. +1 additional attack, when missed
	6. +1 additional parry, when missed
	7. +1 additional attack always - if no opponent left to hit, hit adjacent allie or roll damage for himself
	8. +1 parry always
	9. fire bonus, when attacking -1 level of darkness; when hitting, 6/d6 for target to catch fire)
	10. glows when underground, -1 level of darkness for weapon reach
	11. +2 POW
	12. After killing blow gain +2 Magic Points
	13. After killing blow gain +2 Sanity (when using Renaissance sanity rules)
	14. After killing blow - make "fair" spell attack
	15. In combat, immune to fatigue
2. Penalties
	1. It heats up.  After 5-th round make normal resilience check, after 5+ round, make hard resilience check.
	2. It changes your personality,  -2 CHA when owning it
	3. When missed attack, -10% to next parry
	4. When missed attack, -20% to next parry
	5. When missed parry, -10% to next attack
	6. When missed parry, -20% to next attack
	7. When in combat, +1 darkness level for weapon reach
	9. After killing blow, -1 Magic Points
	10. After killing blow, -1 Sanity Points (when using Renaissance sanity rules)
	11. After killing blow, make fatigue test


Please feel free to come up with additional bonuses/penalties. Also feel free to come up with random generation for magic armor, artifacts, talismans, etc.

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