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Character Generation - Life Path


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So this is something I have been thinking about for a while. Basically it will go like this:

  1. Roll or Buy Stats (STR etc...)
  2. Choose Culture (Skaerune' = First City, Second City, Third City, Fourth City) Each Culture has a cultural skill
  3. Roll, Buy or Choose Social Faction (Culture dependent, but things like Noble, Goatherd, Farmer..). Social Factions gives the character some initial skills
  4. Life Event 1 - this is a random roll
  5. Roll, Buy or Choose Apprenticeship. This gives some skills, money, gear, potentially magic. While not city specific, each city only has certain ones. A character can travel (% chance for successful travel) to another city and apprentice there. For instance, there is no indigenous Spiral Magic in the Glorious Empire (Fourth City). To learn those skills would require traveling. Joining a specific Cult might require travel as well. 
  6. Life Event 2 - this is a random rol
  7. Choose Profession. This is the last part. Again not every profession is available in every city so some travel might be in order.

The Life Path is noted on the character sheet. Something like this:

Born in Second City, to a family of Shepherds. Learned some of the family business

Sister married a noble. This made traveling or joining the thanes easier.

Became Apprentice Thane

Involved in a dispute with rival family. Captured and ransomed. 

Traveled to First City to join their Rangers. Accepted.

So this young man or woman from the Second City was born to shepherd parents, but trained as a warrior and for some reason chose to join the Rangers and protect the southern forests. Players will have a selection of points to purchase their preferred paths, except Life Events which are random. Unspent points can translate into extra gear, spells, or money once CharGen is over. 

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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