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Chaosium is seeking gamemasters for convention gaming!


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As the new Director of Organized Play, I would like to introduce myself and invite you to join me at the game table this year. My name is Todd Gardiner and I am tasked with getting more people to have their first experience with Chaosium games and making more opportunity for existing players to play more in our worlds.Whether it is Call of Cthulhu, Heroquest, or any of our other great games, these games are top notch experiences and we want more people to have a chance to play them.
To do that, we need more GMs running sessions. Both demos and full game sessions. It is our goal to support that effort by GMs. The first step is getting a pool of people who are interested. As our first push in recruitment this year, we would like existing GMs who plan to go to any conventions this year to fill out this survey:

Chaosium GM Info Form

We hope to hugely boost the number of games being run in 2016. In particular at GenCon. Feedback from this huge event says that literally hundreds of players would have played Call of Cthulhu at GenCon if they could have found an event listing that wasn't full. We need far more GMs to meet the needs of GenCon, and likely, every other event this year.
We want to hear where you are going to attend, what support would be best to get you running games, and what systems you are comfortable running. And we want to remind you that Chaosium already has an incentive program. For each event you run, we offer a $3 discount on the Chaosium website after that completed event is registered with us. Your survey response can help us build on that.
Be aware that this recruitment push is also matched by efforts on our end to get to more conventions, to run quick demos on Call of Cthulhu and other games, to have game designers present for seminars and conversations. While we can't reach everywhere, we do want to expand our presence and stand side-by-side with you at these conventions.
Join us this year in sending mighty heroes on great quests, in blasting the sanity of unsuspecting investigators, or in introducing your own worlds built on our systems to new players.
See you at the table!
--Todd Gardiner
Director of Organized Play and Event Coordinator
Chaosium Inc.
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So I responded, but I wanted to pitch an idea that I pitched a little in my response, but will expand on here. 

I was personally involved very heavily with Living Greyhawk and to a lesser extent Living Dragonstar. The RPGA was pretty big and was spread all over the place back then with lots of different games. I am not here to praise or condemn, but I saw what it could do for a game and for content creation in particular. Literally hundreds of 4 to 8 (and in one case, 16) hour modules that could be played at conventions but also played at home. In later incarnations they have focused Adventure League and such on the FLGS, which is fine. It gives a GS a reason to pimp a game or company if they have things that can happen at their store bringing in 20 to 30 new or rare customers. So it works out for everyone. 

And by taking on volunteer module authors, it trains a new generation of potential game designers or world builders and teaches them some of the finer points of writing in someone's world, yet still being innovative.

It can be hell to adminstrate, I won't lie but the potential publicity and ground swell could be enormous. With good GM support, anything is possible.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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