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I must start by saying that I have never had as much fun with role playing as with RuneQuest 2 & 3. So I have high hopes for the BRP system. From the games that I've played before (RQ, CoC, Elfquest, Ringworld, Pendragon [if that counts], Drakar och Demoner) I have come to learn that it is an easy system to learn. It's sensible and it feels like your are playing a real person.

But. I like storytelling. So I would like to see systems for that in BRP.

I would like the characters in the campaign I run to be normal persons most of the time. Competent but normal. But at the important points in the story they should be able to shine. And another important thing is that he should be able to shine in a different way each time.

I've had an idea for this like 10 years ago (but I obviously hasn't realised it yet). And it contains all elements that people seem to dislike (cards for instance ;-).

Every character has some “story slots”. They are of 3 magnitudes.

  • Encounter
  • Adventure
  • Campaign

Each magnitude has 5 slots. Each slot can be burnt of to use a special ability. The abilities are also of 3 magnitudes and a corresponding slot is ticked off when an ability is used. Slots are regained after the Encounter, after the Adventure or after the Campaign (that is *never*).

Each character chooses a general area of special abilities. Like: beastmaster, archer, diplomat or whatever. Each area has a multitude of special abilities of the different magnitudes.

Before play the gamemaster prepares a deck of cards with these special abilities. Each card has the full write-up of the ability. The gamemaster then randomly (by some system) distributes cards to the players for the session. The player then plays a card if he wants to use an ability.

This card system has several advantages in my opinion.

  1. The gamemaster can remove abilities that he don't want the players to use. And he can add specific ones for the current adventure.
  2. The players get different abilities to select from depending on the random draw. But he still get abilities in his chosen area (for example: beastmaster). This randomization also promotes player creativity in that he can't always use use standard feat (like in D&D), but must use a ability from one of those he was dealt.
  3. Because the cards contain complete rules write-up there is no need to know all abilites and there are no flipping in rulebooks.

I will try to write something up soon, if I get the time and energy to do so. :ohwell:

The goal is to make interesting and entertaining stories with little hassle. And this is done by letting the character shine with variation.

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