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Power gaming!


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When I first started to play RuneQuest, our groups characters ended up being extremely powerful. My character, a yellow elf, started his own warrior-subcult of aldrya, my grotaron friend a subcult of Stormbull and a duck started his own dragon cult in Kralorela. That was when they retired. I do have a natural munchkin inside me, and my characters have a tendency of improving fast - but I now prefer a bit more low level gaming, where those 20 trollkins with slings are still dead dangerous.

Talpam, my first character - had divine spells up to a 100 points, lots of lots of strengthening and armoring enchantments. I think he pretty muched defined the term powergaming. That was until I saw this guy:


He'd pretty much beat the crap out of anything I've ever played! :D


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What the heck is that? And what is with the levels and XP?

Our characters became pretty powerful. Skills got up to 200%+, Divine magic was in the 40 to 50 point range, but we limited Strengthening and Armoring enchantments to double. So a human who just happened to roll 18 Con and 18 Siz would have, at most, 36 general Hit Points. It might get a little higher with an Enhance Con cast on them, but only for as long as the spell lasted. And even then you could only double the Con if you could get enough Intensity on it, which we never did.

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