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Ep 4 - List of Possible Corrections

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p. 5, col 2, para 7, line 3. (typo) "Matherson stays behind at the farmhouse to set up of his laboratory and to study the mi-go slime."  "of his" should be "her"

Inconsistency, p.9 says Emelda isn't home and p.10 says that she is.

  • p. 9, col 2, para 2, lines 10-13. "Unfortunately, Jethro’s bereaved wife, Emelda Cratchett, has been out of town the last few days making arrangements to move in with some relatives."
  • p. 10, col 2, para 3, lines 1-2. "An attractive woman in a conservative black dress greets those knocking... Emelda..."
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