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Hi all,

I was wondering when copies of Dead Boarder might be available? I played it at Gen Con, and would love to play it for some novice RPGers at an event this weekend, it would be the perfect match.


Is there any chance I can get a copy in the next few days?



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Hi!  Todd Gardiner actually allowed me and EddyPo to run Dead Boarder at Nexus 2016 (Milwaukee) and I ran it at Gencon - I have handouts with pretty pictures for the original 4 player release and the 6 player extended Gencon release.  I don't see it out there yet - when it does appear, I'll share that out for everybody if they would like to use them. There are both sexes of each character with cool pictures and naming board tents ready for lamination and dry erase.  (I laminate EVERYTHING for reuse. :) )

Anywho - Once it is released (and if Chaosium is okay with it - Todd should be familiar with my kit - please slap me down if that's not kosher :P ), I'll post them.

It's an incredible scenario with crazy events for a memorable time - much recommended!



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