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Another Monster---Dragon Turtle


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Hi gang,

Well, looking through the old Monster Manual, I ran across the Dragon Turtle. I like it. Just plain weird. So I worked one up for RQ3.

Prertty straight=forward, I think. Lifted the write-up bodily from the MM, I think. All the weird creatures that don't makje *any* sense to me wind upo being sorcerous creations---an excvellent dodge, if ya ask me :)




Dragon Turtle

An unnatural sorcerous creation, this colossal, aquatic horror resembles an amalgam of gigantic marine turtle, plesiosaur and dragon. Its large, relatively flat, oval body, where not covered by its thick, armored carapace of bony plates, is covered with tough, scaled hide.

A dragon turtle typically has a body length of 6.8-10m, including its short, pointed tail. Its wide, draconic head, with wide jaws packed with rows of deadly fangs, is supported by a long, agile neck ranging from 4-6m in length. The creature’s width, flipper-to-flipper, ranges from 4-9m.

The dragon turtle’s massive, paddle-like flippers cleave the water in powerful, vertical strokes; propelling it smoothly and almost silently through the water.

Dragons turtles are able to belch out clouds of obscuring fog or scalding steam.

A dragon turtle must first spend an entire melee round taking a very deep breath before exhaling the next melee. While inhaling, the creature is limited to only one other action for that round.

Each use of its breath-weapon costs the dragon turtle 2D6+3 Fatigue points, and it may attack normally in the same melee. A dragon turtle can use its breath-weapon once every 1D3 minutes.

Dragon Turtle

Characteristics Average

STR 6D6+62 83 Move 2/ 6 swim

CON 6D6+18 39 Hit Points 61

SIZ 6D6+62 83 Fatigue 122

INT 3 3

POW 2D6+8 15

DEX 2D6+6 13

Notes: The listed DEX assumes the creature is in the water. Should a dragon turtle leave the sea for land, its DEX is assumed to be only 2D6.

The creature’s large size gives foes +31% to their chances to hit.


Hit Location (D20) AP/ HP

RH Flipper 01-02 14/ 15

LH Flipper 03-04 14/ 15

Hindbody 05-10 20/ 24

Forebody 11-15 20/ 24

RF Flipper 16-17 14/ 15

LF Flipper 18-19 14/ 15

Neck and Head 20 14/ 20


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Breath 3 60+6 varies

Bite 3 60+6 9D3

Flipper 6 60+6 1D6+5D6

Gore 6 40+6 1D10+9D6

Notes: Dragon turtles are difficult to kill because of their shells. They are able to retract their heads and flippers into their shells.

The long neck of the dragon turtle gives it a weapon SR of zero. It only receives half normal damage modifier on bite attacks.

A Special Gore indicates victim has been Impaled by the dragon turtle’s horns. If the creature’s STR then successfully overcomes the victim’s SIZ, it will Toss its foe 3 SR later; rolling 4D6 for distance and delivering Knockback damage.

Should the beast’s STR roll fail, the victim remains

impaled, and a Toss may be attempted again next round.

The cloud of dank, clinging fog produced by the dragon turtle blankets an area approximately 45m in diameter, and is almost completely opaque; reducing the Perception skills of those engulfed by the creature’s POW x3 at anything beyond a distance of 3m for the duration. This cloud linger for 1D6 melees before dissipating.

The blast of scalding, shriveling steam produced by the dragon turtle blankets an area with a cone of effect 8m wide to a range of 30m. The initial melee spent engulfed in this burning cloud inflicts 4pts burn damage on a victim. The heat of the steam quickly dissipates, however, lowering damage done by -1 point per additional melee. This cloud linger for 1D3 melees before dissipating.

Skills: The dragon turtle’s body shape removes any negative Agility modifier for SIZ. Dodge 60+13 (only applies to head and neck), Aquatic Dodge 40+13, Scan 60+3, Search 60+3, Smell 60+3.

Armor: 14-point thick, pebbled hide on flippers, neck and head; 20-point thick shell on body.

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Hmm, note to self...DO NOT FIGHT the Dragon Turtle...

Very nice, as usual. Appreciate seeing those wonky MM critters here. Any chance you could work up some Kaiju/gargantua a la the Terrasque or Godzilla?



Thanks for the kudos, Slade.

I'm unfamiliar with this creature you mention... By "Godzilla" do you mean *the* Godzilla? :)

Egads, man, that thing would be really, *really* scary... I'll have to think about that one.

But in the menatime, I'd watched the deluxe 2 disc version of the original King Kong, and found it interesting that Kong varied in height depending on what they had him doing.

Anyhow, taking a noemal gorilla and sqwuare-cubing the thing up to appropriate Kongesque dimensions, I wound up with stats for a Giant Gorilla.




Giant Gorilla

Giant gorillas are jungle-dwelling apes. The are quite large, with strength excessive to even their massive size. Gorillas are quadrupeds, but can walk and stand on their hind legs.

Giant gorillas tend to be solitary, usually only coming together for mating.

Giant gorillas live in more remote sections of Africa.

Male giant gorillas range from 4.7-5.5m in height, are very wide, and may reach weights in excess of 6,000kg. Females are around 4m in height, may reach weights in excess of 2,200kg and have STR 5D6+53 and SIZ 5D4+14..

Giant Gorilla

Characteristics Average

STR 5D6+63 80-81 Move 4/ 6 in trees

CON 5D6+18 35-36 Hit Points 54

SIZ 5D6+53 70-71 Fatigue 117

INT 7 7

POW 3D6 10-11

DEX 3D6+3 13-14

Notes: The creature’s large size gives foes +25% to their chances to hit.


Hit Location Melee (D20) Missile (D20) Points

RH Leg 01-03 01-02 8/ 14

LH Leg 04-06 03-04 8/ 14

Abdomen 07-09 05-08 8/ 18

Chest 10 09-13 8/ 22

RF Leg 11-14 14-16 8/ 18

LF Leg 15-18 17-19 8/ 18

Head 19-20 20 8/ 18


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Bite 6 40+11 1D10+8D3

Wallop 6 20+11 1D6+8D3

Grapple 6 50+11 8D6

Stomp 6 20+11 2D6+8D6

Note: Each melee a giant gorilla may attack twice. It may wallop twice, bite and wallop, or bite and grapple. The attacks occur 3 SR apart.

The giant gorilla’s bite and wallop damage has only half its damage modifier.

If a grapple succeeds, the giant gorilla grips its opponent and does full damage modifier each Melee. It may continue to bite as well.

Skills: Climb 60-2, Dodge 40-2, Listen 25+1, Scan 25+1, Swim 00, Hide 40-13, Sneak 30-13.

Armor: 8-point skin, muscle, and hair.

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