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Gloranthan Gateways

M Helsdon

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[Further to the earlier thread about Ernalda houses.]

The Runes important to a culture are often reflected in its gateways.
From left to right:

  • An Earth Rune gate. A lintel can support less weight than an arch; upper levels are of lighter stone, brick or a wooden palisade. This design is common in Orlanthi lands.
  • A Luck Rune. The eastern gate of Runegate is in this form. The slanted uprights can support a little more weight than an ordinary lintel but this form is little used, because Luck can be good, or bad.
  • A Solar arch incorporating a Sky Rune. An arch distributes weight better than a lintel.
  • A Lunar arch incorporating a Moon Rune. This functions as an arch but requires more skill to build. This design is not entirely practical as a defensive gateway but is commonly found in major Lunar temples.


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