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Sorcery Tool for Mythras


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Sorcery Tool for Mythras (and friends)

Sorcery in Mythras (and prior to that in RQ6) is one of the most flexible forms of magic. Because it is so flexible it also has a path to mastery for both slightly mathematically challenged and for those mastering the game for others - therefore often busy. I discovered the so called Sorcerors' Calculus that The Machinerati school of Dark Learners has created to excel rapidly in sorcery. The tool takes into account all the known spell components and the effect of choosing them and prevents the master and apprentice alike from misusing or overreaching both themselves and the laws of magic.

The calculus takes into account how much you can shape the spell components, informs how long the preparation for the spell takes, whether you still have magic points left to do such a complex spell combination. It even can take into account the effect of unenchanted iron that you might wear. It also calculates how much harder the spell is to invoke if you combine spells and readily calculates the reach of the spell and its duration.

There have been many who have exceled with ease using this secret calculus - it is of course desired by the crowds and despised by the masters of sorcery mathematics. There are those who having acquired the Mythras Combat Cards have started to yearn for sorcery cards. 

Any feedback is welcome - as gremlins might have installed bugs in the system


The Sorceror's Calculus in Excel format is here

More tools and charts for Mythras (and RQ6)

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Sorcery Tool for Mithras updated

Sorcery tool described here has been updated based on user feedback. 

The new version of the tool (1.1) contains both the standard durations for spells and the optional long durations. You select as per your GM's choice using the campaing duration rules field. 

The unenchanted iron version is a house rule that is now explained. 

The new version can be downloaded from the same location than before in Sorcery Tool for Mythras (and friends). 


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Sorcery Calculator V2.0 has been released – Favourite Spells and More Sorcery Calculator has a major upgrade. You can now add ten of your favourite spells (a grimoire usually has seven or less) from a selector. For these spells the calculator calculates the effect of your skills and abilities according to RAW. It contains all the sorcery spells in Mythras Core Rulebook. For the description of spells you need to go to the book, all the calculations are here.  Other updates include calculating durations and ranges so you will have 65 minutes instead of only having POW * 5 minutes. Some UI tweaks here and there.  📷 More about sorcery tool here and grimoires here and magical difficulty modifiers here
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There is now a new version with Monster Island spells included: Sorcery Calculator has a major upgrade. Monster Island spells have been now added to spell list. You can select either to have them available or not. For those whose INT is weak the tool now states if they try to add a number of spells beyond their ability to memorise. It calculates also number of unique spells chosen. If you happen to choose a Monster Island sorcery spell the name of the spell is written in appropriate red. For each of the spells chosen it also states the page you can find the description in the RAW or Monster Island book. Some small UI tweaks here and there. The tool also now should work with Google Sheets and couple of earlier Excel versions as they do not work with recent concat function. Works at least with iPad Google Sheets https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/04/25/monster-island-comes-to-sorcery-calculator-version-2-2-released/

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Mythras Sorcery Calculator V2.5 – Mighty Sorcerers update

Sorcery Calculator has been updated to handle invocation skills up to 400% and shaping skills of up to 400. These major skills are usually available with orchestrated casting of certain sorcery schools for the invocation but might be available also for some superbly potent individuals.
This now also includes the alternate names for spells in Monster Island sorcery.
Some of the spells do not have enhanced effect beyond 120 in skill but almost all do.
Protected by minions these highest level sorcerers are truly potent opponents as they should probably also be played like the most intelligent enemies in the realm.
Some spell examples with the skill and shaping chosen
You can find the sorcery calculator here.
Other articles about Sorcery Calculator
Monster Island comes to Sorcery Calculator. Version 2.2 Released
Sorcery Calculator Does Fioricetta, Mythic Constantinople and Goes After the Vampire Wars
Sorcery Calculator V2.0 has been released – Favourite Spells and More


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