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    I am a high school art teacher. I also run the gaming club there. I love heavy metal music, classical music, and jazz. I am a rugby and soccer fan - go wasps!

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  1. I'm going to run "The Haunted" intro scenario for CoC 7th Edition Quick-Start supplement. Using Play by Post at Tavern Keeper. Just opened up a call for players there if you're interested. Tavern Keeper
  2. This from the book (p.90,91): "Only one proactive action may be attempted per cycle." You may use more than one proactive action in a round, but only one per cycle.
  3. I would go with "use as necessary," assuming that insight and conditioning of the Ki or "inner spirit/third eye" has produced a greater awareness of the future or perception of subtle changes in stance/movement/body language and the universe around them. Especially if you labeled them Action Points, not defense points or attack points. Just my take on that. Let them fight dammit! hehe...
  4. The aforementioned "Stark Wars" supplement was an example of how to tweak the system to a particular style of game. Lots of notes in that. and it works....hehe.
  5. Interesting take. You've shed light on character development. Mythras has so much to offer on different levels. I prefer character immersion when running with an experienced group of players. New players tend to lean towards third person references. I mercilessly steer them back, gently of course, but they start to enjoy themselves once they see everyone else get involved, stressing the need to play up passions and character connections. Thanks for the elegant reminder.
  6. As a relative newcomer to RQ6/Mythras I just took Folk Magic as is. Magic for the common folk. Doesn't make them warriors or spellcasters per say. And maybe you only have one or two elders who know a few FM spells, but there is a usefulness to them.
  7. I really like the Hex maps used in Age of Shadow. Lovely maps with hex overlay. For a Hex crawl/Wilderness Campaign it makes sense to me. Terrain maps with hex overlay for battle scenes makes measurements seamless.
  8. I'd like to see something more done with Korantia, I love that setting - I added elves, orcs and savage halflings to the mix. I'm almost done with my Mythras version of Darksun, I left out the Half Giants for several reasons, using Prana for psionics as per Luther Arkwright. I also kind of made a patch for Star Frontiers using M-Space and Luther Arkwright, it felt seamless, we left the albedo screens as is and used the skills from M-space. Oh and a Mythras version of TMNT, leaned lot on Historia Rodentia and Luther Arkwright also patchwork, but again, worked like a charm. You're right, though. It would be nice to have all this work done for you ahead of time and in one nice bound book. Darksun and Star Frontiers I'd buy as soon as it was available. Thieve's World, Elder Scrolls, and First Law would def be on the list as well. Instead of Black Company (although much respect to Glen Cook!) how about Malazan? Perhaps a SciFi setting based on The Expanse? Gamma World? The great thing about Mythras is that it is flexible and well developed enough to handle anything you throw at it. Anything from Gothic Horror to High Fantasy to Historical settings. The more you play, the easier the game mechanics get. I'm at the point where I don't have to look up as many things in the book as I used to and so are my players. I even had one Convert from one of the other "pop" fantasy rpgs. She now sees the error of her...er...um...the advantages of playing Mythras over other game systems.
  9. I have to agree with you Prime Evil. I am still relatively new to Runequest/Mythras being that I've only started to unravel it's many layers of depth since RQ6. The common tendency seems to me that even when the "popular" fantasy rpgs provide examples of Clerics/Priests, they're either draped in obvious cliché or the belief system is glossed over. It was a cool thing when I literally stumbled upon RQ6 and what stood out to me was an example that illustrated the interweaving of religion and culture: "In exchange for an oath of abstinence and faithful service, she [Kara] is inducted into the Cult of Myceras as an initiate. Much of her time is spent clearing up the mess produced by the incessant sacrificial offerings requested by the city’s warriors, yet during the evenings she is taught the ways of worship." It became evident to me at that point that belief was not just lip service for the people of the setting. Myceras was as real to the people as it was to the priests. In another passage, Kara sets a trap for thieves, turning one into a bull and sacrificing him to Myceras as an example of what happens to thieves trying to desecrate the new temple. As far as adult themes go, the level of violence, morality, sexual content, emotional content and graphic detail are elements determined in part by the GM and the Players. Although genre can have a hand in that, it can be a response to the events in a story. Take the Sword and Sorcery supplement "Spider God's Bride" as and example. Although there are many "adult" themes that run through the story line, it is up to the players and the gm to determine how graphic the descriptions get and also the level of immersion in game play. If you're running a game from scratch, then these elements are usually called "hooks" which is something I've not taken a liking to. I prefer motivations. Story building can get really interesting when the characters have an emotional investment in the campaign world and each other. That said, the level of drama is something to consider as well. My advice is this: if you know where the boundaries are, then it's an agreement between all involved as to what level of roleplay the game takes; if you don't know where the boundaries are, it's best to ask before hand so everyone has fun without making it unpleasant for someone else. Great topic. Happy gaming everyone.
  10. True, those Sathar are fairly nasty gits. And that's why you should carry extra seu packs!
  11. Thanks Rod, I will look at these a bit closer later. My students really like the Classic Fantasy and Monster Island combination. They call it the Island of Death. LOL. It's like the next generation's Tomb of Horrors, but better. I was looking into Star Frontiers since it was the only "other" d100 system I had ever played.
  12. you're right, I was thinking about a laser pistol which you can crank up to 10, but you can only do that once so most players use it one seu at a time. About the conversion I'm creating some pre made characters for play test. I'll post them here for anyone interested.
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