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Gods War - Cthulhu Wars Mash Up

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18 hours ago, MOB said:

Using figures from Cthulhu Wars in The Gods War, and vice-versa!

I think at the moment its only using Gods War figures (Monsters and Elder Races) in Cthulhu Wars, but I'm very hopeful that we'll see some the other way as well. :-)

But there's also some very intriguing abilities that can be brought into a Glorantha RPG game:

The Dragons' abilities:  Black Dragon = Terror; Red Dragon = Fate; Brown Dragon = Rage.  These abilities could easily manifest in Dream Dragons created by them.

Mother of Monsters: a nice host of Spawn (Richard, Karen, Don, Alvin, Melvin, and Ralph)!  And some nice little images to expand on. 

Leviathan:  Engulf and Disgorge.  Beware of it when sailing the seas!

Juggernaut: it's passing is bad enough, but it can literally pull others along in its wake.

and of course:

Ducks: they Flock!  Not to mention it's 'Bad Luck to Kill a Duck"

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